One of my teachers in college is so fcking strict and made two students leave and took up a new course because of her...

One of my teachers in college is so fcking strict and made two students leave and took up a new course because of her fcking attitude that demoralizes us every single day but it changed when one of my friend died because he hang himself and he left a note that he cant take it anymore they were fighting the day before he did it.

I dont really want to do this here but you leave me no fcking choice i'm going to leak her photo and hope you guys will show her a lesson

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Sup Forums can't do jackshit unless you give us a name son

gonna need more dude, cant get any data off the photo

You should get the bois together and run a train on that hoe

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Nypa. Asshole

Hit her in the head with a bat and leave her braindead

ok ive done soome digging. the photo has now EXIF, XMP or location data.
using google AI the picture was taken in the "Temple of Leah, Cebu & Tops Lookout"
could just be on holiday or user lives around here. without a name or location i cant do jack

just kill yourself as well fgt

>teacher is strict
>canĀ“t stand it anymore
>kill yourself
Welcome to real life, fucking pussies.

Wow.... If you're having this much trouble navigating safe-space campus, good luck in the real world. Talk to your coworkers like that about your bosses and see how quickly people stop working with you. It's not supposed to be easy or fun, it's supposed to be productive, and if you need a hardass teacher to get you there, thank you lucky stars that you have someone to push you, you degenerate fuck.

A suicidal Asian?
The hell you say.

she fcking killed one of my friend like for real and im not even joking. and her fcking name is janice alivio any ideasnon how to get her fired or send her to thy kindom come

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user got a bad grade, so now he's made up a story to get gullible people to act on his behalf.

If your friend actually died because of a teacher, you would feel the drive to do something about it yourself. Not ask strangers to carry out your business.

Your friend was a faggot and a oussy for killing themself. Fuck you for trying to blame someone just cuz they argued with your bitch ass friend. Also your face is big gay and that's just not very cool

i have the drive ive tried to a lot of times like telling her to stop teaching us that way, and to actually try listen to our opinions but i didnt have enough courage to tell her she was one of the reasons that he died

Imagine you're your friend for a second, what do you think he would want you to do?

I bet he wouldn't have wanted you to complain about it on the internet.

fucking pussy

Agreed. OP is a good example of why Millennials are doomed to failure. This thread is dripping with self-important 'listen to my important and valuable opinions, teacher!' sobbing. Grow the fuck up OP

no shit hes the one who brought me here in the first place now dude would prob scream to why as why im doing this

Not your personal army asshole

do you even think before you respond

So maybe you should talk to your teacher then.
It's not like Sup Forums is some dog you can force to bite whoever u want.

Do something on your own.

lmao Imagine killing yourself because of a strict teacher. Your friend was a fucking pussy OP