G/fur is the place to be

g/fur is the place to be

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well, then bump your own thread to get it going you silly faggot

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Came here for gfur
Was not discouraged

thats what im doing buddy

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Good :3 Now post some hole, chief

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I don't have many scalies or I'd bump with your obvi interest

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This dude looks like he takes cocks up the ass.

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The pot leaf in the watermark might explain

God fucking damn it, is a large, manly bf with a knot on his cock really too much for a trap to ask for?

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tell the faggot posting hyena to stay in his own threads, thanks

the rest of Sup Forums

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How do these doggies make you feel?

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>We have VR, we must only now neuropathically simulate the knot

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Why do groups of anthropomorphic animal faggots get me so rock hard?

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I'd love to have an orgy one day

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It's about identity. They have almost unlimited sensory overload and their personalities are more present in your head than a dull monkey with no faculties protruding from their face.


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Do you think they have the identity of aliens, or the identity of animals?

I... don't know

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I wanna be a cumslut so bad

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It's Midwest Furfest and I'm going to be a cumslut all con.

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I think if they act less like animals, if you have a nose with ten million more receptors your personality makes you act out more and more while you press your nose into things


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Sou ka?

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Oops that one got tits

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Since when does Timby top?

I reckon this is my favourite gfur pic ever

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I’ve always been a switch i’m just usually not in the mood o:

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>real people

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I can't believe it either!

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Don't know what's going on with that image, it's not the one I posted

Hopefully should be this

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Sly makes me instacum

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