Fuck that Greta girl why aren't you eating deer meat right now

Fuck that Greta girl why aren't you eating deer meat right now

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looks like shit according to the thumbnail

looks like a turd

if you think a steak off of a hunted deer looks like a turd I've got bad news for you, you have never had food outside of a grocery store in your whole life and you really suck as a person

>not eating shit means you suck
ok shiteater

Literally go stick to your impossible Whopper and suck a fat bag of vegan dick

Kek loves hunters

so someone can be poor city dweller who cant afford organic hunted meat and that makes them a bad person?

It's called venison,you dumb nigger.

What exactly makes a person "really suck" just for never having consumed food outside of a grocery store or restaurant, etc. in this modern day and age?

Wow. You absolutely destroyed that fine piece of meat. You should be ashamed. I know your parents already are.

If you are a poor you could be the person who hunts the meat

If you're going to put venison up as a good alternative meat, in the future you should take care to cook it a bit better. You've cooked it to hell and have no crust or sear on it at all.

Bitch please this is a steak off of a hindquarter

>Fine piece of meat
Guaranteed it was shit in the first place, and user found some roadkill and was like meh free food.

Enjoy your CWD OP you faggot

Enjoy that well done meat.
>if such a thing is possible

Please Greta, spare me from licking your sweaty feet

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Cause I haven't drove to my friends to get some loin yet. He's killed 3.

If you live in the Midwest some deer are infested with a disease that acts basically like Mad Cow disease.

Yes, from the well known herds of deer all around Los Angeles

I marinated this in Worcestershire and black pepper for 2 weeks to make it to my taste now I'm sorry if you have little bitch taste and you have a soyboy beard but this is how we do it where I live

Tuberculosis as well.

You're a big pussy now. Congratulations.

Have you considered hunting humans for their meat as an alternative?

Kill the planet

Eat turds


>if you don't ruin your meat you're a soyboy

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Look at the fags crying while I eat

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Imagine thinking beef cooks like venison!!!!!
Go kill something faggot.

What it means is that you need to learn how to cook meat properly. Your tastes are shitty, as only that would cause someone to dunk steak in a salty marinade and ruin the meat like that. There's a reason classics are taught. It's because actual chefs learned how to cook steaks well, and it makes you a faggot to ignore this and ruin it like that.

And you've overcooked it completely...

this and a marinade Worcestershire sauce In black pepper for two weeks before I even touched

Jesus christ if you like a well done piece of venison learn to reverse sear

Because you’re a rawst nigger

Sounds tasty.
I'm talking to the other user who was talking shid. Eat up champ.

Oh I'm sorry maybe you wanted some deer jerky I make that too

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Because game its too expensive for my broke ass also i hope you dont use the sauce next to it, also make some side that go along with it you fuckin sham

>What I meant to say was that I stick my turds in plastic bags!

what he said lol I mean dont get me wrong, I love fresh home made (im croatian and dont know the translation for domaće) and hunted meat but after a transition from the village to the man city center apartment I cant really afford that shit because its overpriced and not really good.... my whole life I ate like a fucking very rich white suburban mom and I took it for granted.. I would literally kill something to eat it if I could but guns are expensive and there is no wild life in which I can hunt. quit your bullshit nigger

Stoopid poop isn't food, tendies and dip is food!

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I've been hunting, had plenty of meat outside of grocery stores that I killed myself: Duck, Deer, Pheasant, Turkey, Hog, etc. If you're implying you're some kind of "alpha male" for hunting....It's just a fucking activity that bears no weight on whether someone "really sucks" or "is a big pussy".

Guess where I buy most of my food the rest of the year outside of hunting season? The grocery store you gigantic faggot. People who aren't into hunting aren't automatically shitty people. The "big pussies" are usually guys like you who think there is some kind of bravado in being a hunter. Let me guess you think it's a "lifestyle" too, what a fag.

Looks like putrid anal shit

>Marinate venison
what is this? Op are you a nigger? what the fuck!?
You marinate shit meat, why dont you slater this in ketchup and mustard while you at it and be like "wow this meat is so good i can really taste the wild note"

Stop embarrassing yourself OP. Any chump can buy venison from a supermarket

Get a 22 caliber air rifle and hunt small game if you can't kill deer

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ITT: guy brags about eating shit, says everyone else sucks because they don't

Maybe where you live Hitler dubs

What the fuck did you do to that venison. I've cooked it tons of times and its never looked like a putrid dog turd. Learn to actually cook before you go back to waste another animal holy fuck.

Oh look kek says trips of Truth Nigger

I soaked it in a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and black pepper for about 9 days because the other roasts that I cut off of the hind quarter that I got what kind of gamey. Yes I already know about soaking it in milk.

Imagine having meat so bad you have to soak it in sauce, spices, and pepper for over a fucking week to get rid of the natural flavor

By the way as OP have you noticed how many dubs and trips I got in this thread so please shut the fuck up kek wills.

Jesus. putting venison in something so acidic for 9 fucking days? Refer to my last post and learn to fucking cook holy shit.

Oh my God I'm talking to gorgeous Ramsey the transgender general chef of fagg's r us.

Get basic photography lessons. All of your pictures are complete and utter shite and do nothing to support your argument.

>getting so owned you don’t even reply to people anymore, just try to jebait

You’re a faggot.

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You're absolutely right I don't start with raw food and then learn how to paint it with dye so it looks proper

Someone who knows their shit calls you out on your shit food and that's all you can muster. Your venison is shit now fuck off.

I'll look the whole entire fucking crew of CK showed up like all five of you

And by the way retard venison just means wild game meat in general it doesn't have to be off of a deer it could be from a moose or an elk or anything so shut your fucking mouth when you try to talk to me boy

This is the funny part with a little bitch boy falls back to his discord channel and starts asking questions

Those all are in the deer family you fucking retard. So that's why it's all called venison. Rabbit and squirrel aren't called venison. You're seriously as retarded as your initial post implies with your over saturated and over cooked lump of trash meat.

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No you are just a backpedal literal Nigger

You are a moron. A complete moron.

op that looks fucking disgusting. if you're gonna go through the trouble of hunting down deer, at least learn how to cook the damn thing too. looks dry as hell, overcooked, and no sides either.

What kind of degenerate eats a chunk of meat WITH a knife and fork, but WITHOUT any garnishes or sauces or sides?

Where did i backpedal? I didn't back pedal on shit. Also your english fucking hurts as much as the images of your trash food yet you try to call me a retard. What have you accomplished with this?

I'm sorry I was a little busy enjoying my fucking deer meat exactly the way I like it what were you saying?

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Oh look I got dubs

That is the plate of a homosexual. Not judging. Just saying.

I would find it funny if someone beat her. Her and a lot of these liberal faggots need to have someone they care about shot to death right next to them so they can hurry up and stop having weak, stupid opinions that don't reflect the reality they live in.

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Considering this thread was started 45 minutes ago and you're just now posting it almost done, I'm assuming it's so fucking dry that you're taking 10 minutes to chew each bite so take your time. I can wait.

The problem is your over cooked the shit out of it retard

>Not even the balls to (you) the guy in question
dear god you beta fag

Thanks for showing up Greta


I forgot about it in the back of my fridge for like over a week I was making jerky out of it and I got too lazy to do anything else and I didn't want to make jerky again so I thought I would just eat it as a roast so please go ahead and fucking sue me for not wasting wild game

that the way you like it is an affront to god and you should be smited

Well either way thanks for the (you)'s. Proved my point so I'm over this. Enjoy your overcooked turd.

Go ahead shoot me for not wasting food while children are starving in Africa

you need cooking lessons. get steven rinellas big game cook book

Does everything you eat resemble shit? I eat venison on a regular basis and it doesn't ever look like that.

Yes it is a little dry I never said it wasn't

Did you know her second name is Tintin?

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how the fuck did the whole like eight people who post in CK show up in here at the same time and just start busting my balls

I made jerky too so let's talk about how dirty my counter is instead of I don't know like the quality of the meat

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Here's a picture of my foot why don't you tell me how thats overcooked too

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I literally have a flock of people who work on nothing better than a food truck telling me that I don't know how to cook and that is the funniest shitt I have ever seen in my life

My friend tried to kill me.

Well now that is an interesting story please greentext it if you have the energy if not I understand

Dude's still here. I'm a professional chef and have a culinary degree but ok lol.

Who the fuck even has time for your bullshit

Ieperfest if you ran across Gordon Ramsay he would tell you your skills are shit

Look at Captain special faget he can chop a carrot faster than you can blink your eyes except like nobody cares as long as the food comes out right and if it doesn't then you get a free meal

Oh my God he's still trying to think of a reply but supposedly he can whip you up a salad in 30 seconds

Compared to famous chefs I am shit. Never claimed to be amazing but at a minimum I know my shit. Just unlike you I can handle the possibility of someone completely shitting on something I do.

0 go ahead Captain prep cook tell us some stories

Nah just moreso I only care enough about this thread to reply so fast. Meanwhile you sit here triggered as fuck and spamming because I said your food is shit lmao.

Yep totally not laying in my bed I'm totally triggered

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