Is there a way to kill your soul as well as your body? I wanna an hero but don't wanna wake up again

Is there a way to kill your soul as well as your body? I wanna an hero but don't wanna wake up again.

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Not to worry, once you are dead it is the end.

No mind without body. Where were you before you were born?
If you burn a book, the book is gone.

So just find a good way to off yourself and you will rest in peace.

You can't perceive what will happen after the same way you can't perceive what it was like before you were born


Good luck with that, OP. You don't get a choice about whether or not you have to exist. Unless you can make decisions about existing before you exist.

Dunno, maybe try become a TransGinger?

Literally sacrifice it to Satan or some other shit like that

Your soul cannot be killed, it is eternal and part of the Devine.
Your only hope is to reach ‘enlightenment’ in this life so your soul can transcend the cycle of human reincarnation.
Up to you whether you take this advice or not but this knowledge is at the heart of most ancient spiritual teachings.

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There’s a picture of a rat smoking a cigarette

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High proof spirits will kill everything we know of, might as well start there.

The compulsion to come to Sup Forums is killing my soul bub

Nope, the assholes judged not to be worthy have the soul thorwn to the ALL Consuming fires of hell.
Nothing of you exists there after, not even your history, you never be, was or will

Take a Motrin, just one, b.

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You have to kill your soul while you're body is still going, but it sounds like you're doing a pretty good job of it? So... keep up the good work?

.... no the point of hell though is torment, not oblivion. Do you know how many people would have gone straight to hell looking for that if that were the case? We'd have murderers jumping off of bridges left and right...

We did until the Roman Catholics said it wasn't ok.

Some cultures believe death by fire destroys the soul, wouldn't recommend it though


Just like you then.

/thread my soul is dead and (You) killed it.

You're retarded, clearly.