A Broadway audience was stunned on Friday night when a white woman jumped from her seat and accused a gay black...

>A Broadway audience was stunned on Friday night when a white woman jumped from her seat and accused a gay black playwright of being "racist against white people."

>Jeremy O. Harris was taking questions in the packed theater following a performance of Slave Play, his new play that's been called provocative and uncomfortable. Its story focuses on three interracial couples who are struggling with their sex lives and take part in an Antebellum master-slave role-playing therapy workshop to try to fix their issues.

Why are white people like this?? Equating 250 years of slavery and 150 of oppression to the difficulties of being a single mother. And she complained when the playwright says most white people don't understand racism, way to prove his point

Slavery happened and it still affects us! Our ancestors weren’t given anything for it! We’re still being treated like shit and MOST of this country was built with our ancestors blood, sweat and tears and the slave owners ancestors are still benefiting from it!. We’re not going to “get over it”


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Stfu nigger

It's because she isn't personally responsible for slavery, but also doesn't understand how simply being white in our current system gives her advantages that black people don't have.

She hasn't made that connection between the systematic oppression that still exists today and that simply because she is born into this system white, she is a willing or unwilling participant in that oppressive system.

Or you know, she might just have a shit load of trauma in her life that has fucked her up.

we wuz kangs

Get a job, nigger

lol, I'm white you chud. Nice try though.

My apologies, sir. Go give your job and money to a nigger.

>gives her advantages that black people don't have.

Its called IQ and a generally better work ethic.

After they enslave you, force you off your lands, destroy your culture, degrade you, then assimilate what is left of you. The white people come out and say "hey let's just forget the past". White population drops from 97% to 85%. "holy shit we are be INVADED. our culture is in danger" with nazi flags and white supremacists marching through the streets

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Before 2000 Zimbabwe had food aplenty to export. then they kicked the white farmers off their land, and taking their farms and possesions, even murdered some of them. Now that country has people dying of hunger because the blacks they gave the farms to are to fucking stupid to grow anything even though they had everything they needed when the stole it from the white farmers. Blacks are stupid and subhuman and can't even grow a row of corn to feed themselves, you will always be beneath us.

It's because she isn't personally responsible for slavery or Jim Crow era oppression, and likely doesn't benefit in any way from "white privilege". Calling some rich white dude privileged seems logical. Calling the white single mom who works 95 hrs a week privileged smacks of horseshit. What every one of you retarded intersectional communists misses is that social privilege isn't based on race, at all. It all comes down to wealth. You want proof? Look at the OJ Simpson case objectively. If he had been poor, he'd be doing time for murder.


Then go back to Africa nigger. Nobody is stopping you. I'd actually prefer it

Contrary to what your corporate masters are telling you, neo nazis and the alt right are barely a threat at all. I'd bet there are vastly more illegal immigrants than there are actual white supremacists, but prove me wrong.
Oh, and you were personally enslaved by white people? Where did this happen?

97% to 60%. We are being invaded and we are being replaced. I've had over 40 pizzas in the last 30 days, the day of reckoning will come

Hey look! Here's my white privilege!

>You didn't personally fight in this war

Oh, but you weren't personally enslaved either.. Oh well. Guess I'm a bigot

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So you seriously think you can't be disadvantaged as a black person if you weren't PERSONALLY ENSLAVED?

What about the Jim Crow era of the US? Segregation? The drug war which we know now was a policy designed specifically target minorities and leftists?

I wish you dumb fucking Americans would piss off. Your cultural imperialism and race baiting bullshit is a cancer on the entire world. Literally no one else gives a single shit about how you treated niggers other than yourselves. You're all a slave to an expanse of mostly Jewish nobility, hard fact. Your country houses the Rothschilds, a family that's thrived in wealth for so long they won the fucking Napoleonic Wars for England. It's a systemic, uber-elite tree of kikes and non-kike flukes. It's taking so long for you all to realise the effects of your warped economy have fucked you up far more than racial tensions ever have and ever will.

White people don't care about the plea of black people, because even with the blessed white skin colour, you're still rubbed into the dirt with your toxic cultures, outdated systems and bizarre hyprocrisy. Also fuck China, Russia, Europe, especially Britain, and Australia. But double-fuck America for making race guilt a global issue, when it's so who-gives-a-fuck and so obviously used as a manipulative device to turn you away from the deeper scars.

Why tf are you posting on Sup Forums then start a movement or some shit
You sure suffer a lot from slavery now

The discrimination is based on race, which then turns into a wealth issue.

I didn't say that. You said, "after they enslave you", this implies you've been a slave. If you weren't enslaved, why act like you have claims to that victimhood? As for Jim Crow, were you alive then? What legal rights do white people have that black people don't. List one. As for the drug war, there was a time that was true. Now however, that has mostly been amended. But go ahead and name the law that specifically says "fuck the darkies". I'll wait.

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>After they enslave you, force you off your lands, destroy your culture

yeah really sounds like he was talking about himself personally. I bet he hasn't even owned land, ha! got em

No, you can be disadvantaged as a black person, in the same way white people can be disadvantaged. Being black or white doesn't make you privileged or underprivileged. The way people treat you is constantly in flux depending on who you're talking to, how you dress, how you look, how you act, how much money you have.

>name the law that specifically says "fuck the darkies".
You know, for some reason the "fuck the darkies" laws are not so conveniently named.

I'm from NYC so I'll give you a local example...
How about stop and frisk in NYC that was in the very recent past? A vast majority of those stopped by cops were black and brown.

Also do you understand the idea of generational wealth? My parents were raised by pretty poor immigrants from Italy, but they busted their ass and my parents were well off. My parents did really well for themselves and now I'M well off. I graduated college with $50k in college loans, but my parents had the money to pay off most of that up front so I didn't have to pay the absurd interest, and I just paid them back out of my pocket with no interest. That's generational wealth. Black and brown people don't usually have that same degree of generational wealth because they were literally slaves and after that they were literally second class citizens.

If you think discrimination is the leading cause of disparaged wealth, you're a fucking idiot. Race war is purely a scapegoat to hide the rigged economic systems set up in every major country for nigh-every citizen not born into wealth.

Couldn’t have said it better myself

Oh and also how are black people going to create generational wealth when they were overwhelmingly targeted for drug charges? Can't make money when you're in prison.

I think the point is that often times black people are living in places where pretty much everyone treats them like shit and it's hard to get ahead in life. If you live in some backwater in the deep south its going to be hard to let your entrepreneurism shine and open up a local buisness when you got nigger on your face.

I'm inclined to agree to a point but if you think discrimination is completely divorced from disparaged wealth, you're also a fucking idiot.

This angry user is based and teetering on the edge of an advanced anarcho-communism with a wave I could actually ride. Pure fucking truth.

where are we going to get all that free labor without throwing niggers in jail for smoking pot?

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isn't anarcho-communism an oxymoron or something?

i look at posts like this and feel sorrow for humanity; I feel confusion, and empathy for the people trapped in an endless cycle of anger

then i see replies like this and I feel a little better inside

It's easy to tell who the real degens are

>If you live in some backwater in the deep south its going to be hard to let your entrepreneurism shine and open up a local buisness
The white people don't do much better. Poverty is rampant in those places whether you're black or white

Of course it's not. But money always comes before everything. Before war. Before politics. Before race. One of the biggest reasons blacks can't get ahead in your dumbass country is because their demographic had been originally planted in shithole states that've since been stripped of their industries and community.

>especially Britain
Steady on old chap

I know right? I can't wait for black people rise up and kill all the privileged whites.

Sounds like a codeword for "murder all the rich jews at all cost"

Fuck off you Orwellian nightmare. We all laugh at China but in another decade the UK will be a European puppet state with the same quality of surveillance and state-influenced media. Hold onto your top hat, Jeeves.

OK boomer. Being white only keeps me behind. If I was a nigger I could do way more. Typical cuck thinking right here.
Okay cuck, ever been around a nigger before?

You're not wrong but that makes it all that much harder for someone of African descent. On top of the economic hardship that the whole town suffers from, blacks also have to contend with open animosity from a large portion of the population which further complicates the task of escaping poverty.

The concept of privilege is only used to extort and attack people for being born the wrong color. I'm not going to play their game, when black people aren't on my side and would fuck me over given the opportunity

thanks, user. =)

Where they will remain because the majority of their populace believes that someone else in the world should come and solve their problems in life because great great grandpa supposedly picked cotton and big bad mean internet man wont stop saying nigger. No one will respect the black race in our lifetimes. Too many bad examples, yes there are many good black people but far more bad ones.

I can't really find a flaw in this statement. Except that my country is dumb. You're dumb.

No... no it really doesn't sound like that at all.

White privilege my fucking ass.

Don't you try to subvert my thinking, shekelstein.

So if these things haven't happened to him personally, then why is he claiming them as personal oppression?
So then there aren't any laws specifically written to target minority groups? Maybe there is another reason why certain laws disproportionately impact minority groups.
These people were enslaved, over 150 years ago. The last slave is long dead. The last of the people truly impacted by Jim Crow are in their senior years of life. At what point does personal failure cease to be the fault of past oppression experienced by ancestors? At some point you are responsible for your own problems. By your logic, white poverty shouldn't exist.
As for stop and frisk, why wouldn't a law designed to stop violent crime disproportionately impact minorities, black men specifically? Black men commit 40-50% of violent crime despite being six percent of the population. Fix the plank in your eye before commenting on the splinter in mine. Also, can you prove the intention was to target minorities, or was that the impact?
Don't want to be targeted for drug offenses? Don't get involved with drugs. You are assuming those charges are false. The overwhelming majority aren't. I agree that drugs shouldn't be illegal, but that doesn't change the fact that they are.

>Okay cuck, ever been around a nigger before?
not him but yeah, I've been around niggers before. Despite their skin being all black and scary I actually discovered that they're just regular jackoffs too. Mind = blown?

Haha, nah niggers are niggers. They are the worst and deserve the worst that comes to them. Stay blinded cuck

One of the Watergate conspirators admitted it in an interview. It was to target leftists and minorities.


>So if these things haven't happened to him personally

read the post again. he's comparing (in general terms, not individual) how white people dismiss the oppression of black people, but get upset when their birth rates decline and complain that whites are being oppressed. Not saying I agree, that's just what he wrote in more plain terms

>So then there aren't any laws specifically written to target minority groups?
So then maybe you're a little thick? I thought it was okay to use an iota of subtly but I guess that's lost on you. The laws that are made to target minority groups are worded in a way that encompass everyone but are, in practice, only used against that intended minority.

It's a pretty complicated concept so don't strain too hard to understand, I doubt you can.

Haha, nah black people are people. Some are bad and some are good just like everyone else. Stay stupid, hillbilly.

Silly user. Lefties don't have jobs.

The watergate conspirators. Seriously? That shit was in 1972. That was nearly 50 years ago. Are you going to tell me policy and enforcement haven't changed in half a century? Go ahead and demonstrate that.
My point was that comparing oppression from the distant past to current events is foolish unless these things have happened to him personally. Odds are none of those things have happened to him or his parents or possibly his grandparents. He doesn't get to claim those while attacking white people for noticing things around them. Can you demonstrate a law that is only enforced on minority suspects? A law disproportionately impacting minorities doesn't necessarily make it oppressive or racist. Especially when weighed against the fact that those populations tend to be disproportionately criminal.

Fuck off nigger. Your race is better off dead than slaves you useless subhuman fuck.

Yes. The war on drugs has not changed since 1972. We still have harsher sentences for crack cocaine, a cheaper drug used by minorities, than we do for regular cocaine, used by more wealthy and whiter people.
Dude, weed is still a schedule 1 drug. How out of the loop do you have to be to not see how archaic our drug laws are?

Only now are things starting to turn around with legalization. Many justice-minded people believe that we should be creating programs that give African Americans initiatives to own and operate dispensaries so they can make money off the system that was previously used to oppress them. I think that's a great idea. It's better than some bullshit corporate entity doing it.

I hope you're reincarnated as a nigger. Shit would be jokes. Too bad reincarnation isn't real.

Nothing you said is wrong but it could also be said for white people living in majority black neighborhoods. Which brings me back to my main point of the concept of privilege being useless because it's situational.

I live in the city. I used to think the way you do, ignorant when I was young and growing up in a small town. Then I got out, saw the world and most black people are niggers

>Can you demonstrate a law that is only enforced on minority suspects? A law disproportionately impacting minorities doesn't necessarily make it oppressive or racist. Especially when weighed against the fact that those populations tend to be disproportionately criminal.
Stop and frisk was a good example. Also I don't think you understand what disproportionate means. I don't feel like explaining math to a retard on Sup Forums though so go ahead and declare yourself the winner and fuck off.

See you're attributing the behavior to their race rather than their economic conditions. Why do you think we call people white trash? You think they're like that because of their race or because of their economic conditions?

The behaviors we use to call people white trash are the same ones you use to call black people niggers. You're just blind to the fact that all people are generally the same and want the same things. Safety, security, happiness. Not having those things warps people's behavior and minds.

I guess but I assumed we where talking within the scope of America. Isolated majority black towns are far and few between in the land of the free and the brave. Yes it's situational but in America the situation is blacks are still stuck in southern towns and inner cities because they're too poor to move and too black to make enough money to move

Their economic condition is because they're niggers. Don't be so retarded, 80% of what effects a persons IQ and intelligence is hereditary. Its why the black/white IQ gap never went away. Its why rich niggers commit more crime than the poorest whites. Blacks are trash and anyone not fucked enough knows this

Or maybe, just maybe, crack is more potent and dangerous than cocaine. Thus resulting in harsher sentencing. Not that I think drug users should receive harsh sentences in the first place but I don't think the logic behind it is "lol fuck black people"

You lived in the city where there where a bunch of crooks and gangbangers. If you and been in an Irish ghetto almost a century ago you'd say all Irish are scum.

all races are equal it is only our perception that is racist, or why would more white people kill black cops than the other way around

slaves were compensated. They were give food, clothing, and a roof over their heads but ain't it a God damned shame that they had to work for it huh? niggers should be thankful for what they were given. they could be back in sudan right now eating mud. There should be a special holiday for niggers to give appreciation to white people by cleaning their house or washing their car or something. If I had any say in it there wouldn't be a single nigger outside of their native land. so shut the fuck up and count your blessings shitskin

Oh... you're one of those people...
Ok bud this conversation is over.
I'm not about to start arguing with someone who believes insane racist eugenics.

Please refer to image on the left. You're welcome.

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Sure is pretty convenient how they decided on that sentencing though huh. It's "more dangerous" and it just so happens it's used more by minority groups. Putting the chicken before the egg.

hahah fuck the liberal USA, everyone hates niggers WORLDWIDE. Go to asia and you'll see that they hate niggers far more than whites, go to the middle east where they still have black slaves and treat them like filth.

Just accept it, you blacks are fucking hated everywhere, literally. USA niggers are hated the most because they feel so fucking sorry for themselves, typical nigger thing to do.

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I'm going to assume this is an IQ map based on region.

Have you considered that these IQ tests are developed by the western world FOR the western world and that different cultures may assess thought differently due to their language or cultural backgrounds? Probably not because you think IQ is somehow this rock solid test of total intelligence.

Right, race is just skin deep right? No reason why east Africans are great at long distance, Nords are amazing at weight lifting or west Africans are quick short distance. Only skin deep.... Right?
Imagine being this retarded
Even the worst Irish is better than your average nigger

>systematic oppression
Citation required.

Nah man. Crack is 1000x worse than coke. The sentancing is correctly just

>go to the middle east where they still have black slaves
I dislike arabs as much as I dislike niggers. there's not much of a difference in my opinion

you're fucking stupid fuck outta here, back 2 tumblr

I mean, it's true though.
Convenient that the 80% hereditary IQ factoid being brought up is the moment you decide "Ok this has gone too far! I'm out!" ...

It is more dangerous though. It's stronger and hits you immediately. Making addiction and overdose more likely

This whole thread is TL;DR race bait.

The fact of the matter is that in America, blacks have way more privilege, way more rights, and way more leverage than white people. The fact that they're still so inept, just like everywhere else in the world, is a sign of their inherent faults, not everyone else's responsibility.

At this point, they literally have more rights than whites in America, when you consider Affirmative Action, Hate Crime laws that ignore offenses against whites and countless other privileges, such as able to join an Ivy League school with failing grades literally just because you're black. Literally because you're inherently less intelligent and capable, and so having failing scores while being black means you're an above average black because you're in school in the first place.

The idea that whites have an advantage in any legal or political sense, is rubbish in today's world. The advantage that whites have is the same advantage that Asians and every other race that left Africa has. They are humans and not their primitive ancestor. It's like wolves and coyotes. They can interbreed and have viable offpsring, but coyotes are so fucking feral that wolves usually kill them on site. It's neither the wolves nor the coyotes fault that the coyote is inferior.

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haha it's almost like people have completely forgotten that blacks enslaved eachother and then sold the slaves off to europeans



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while looking at that pic
remember that you get 200pts for being able to get your name right
and you get 200pts for being black

>Even the worst Irish is better than your average nigger
wow you missed my point completely. You must be spectacularly stupid.

Nah, I got your point, you're just being a retard and nitpicking points

IQ tests are developed by taking random shape-pattern tests, each with a unique 'most directly correct' and 'fewest abstractions required' answer. The incomplete parts of the pattern can be correctly deduced from the given pieces. The questions are designed to be non language-specific, and to focus on logic in the universal languages of visual shapes and patterns.

Each question is ranked in difficulty by testing many people and comparing the number of correct answers to the number of incorrect answers.

The interesting thing about IQ tests: if someone were to take an IQ test, and score in the 50th percentile, very interestingly, they will ALWAYS seem to score very close to the same percentile regardless of which specific IQ test they take. That is, the people who get one right seem to ALWAYS get the highest score, no matter how many or which test they take.

There is also a strong correlation between your scores on IQ, proclivity to crime, and life success. In fact, in the social sciences, it's one of the most reliable tools there is.

Hopefully that dispels some of your ignorance of how IQ tests work and why they're a big deal.