Anyone ever hear or see their mom have sex. And with who

Anyone ever hear or see their mom have sex. And with who

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I hear my mom and step dad fuck all the time. He gets her ungodly wet and that makes me jerk off all the time to it.

Both parents dead now.
>Cleaning out Mom's apartment I found a video of them having sex.
>Hotel room
>Mom is drunk dancing in a g-string
>Dad bends her over the bed and fucks her from behind
>He cums inside her then she rolls over onto the floor and rubs one out while Dad zooms the camera into her hairy pussy.

As my father entered her, she looked back at him and smiled. It was the sweetest smile I ever saw on her face. A women in love with her husband who was about to pound her pussy. Bliss
I watched this with my wife. She noticed that Mom's dress was on a chair in the background. The dress she wore at our wedding. This was filmed on my wedding night and we were having sex two doors down at the same time.

>Yes I got a strange boner

Ur mom hot?



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i would bang this
but i have zero standards

Dam she is

I used to fuck my mom.

Damn shes got me hard already

Never seen but heard them several times. There were times I would come home as a teen and hear my parents going to town when I walked in the house I would 360 and walk back outside and go smoke some pot in my truck. Then like clockwork about 45 min to an hour later my parents would come outside to smoke a cigg and I would know that's my cue to be able to go back inside in peace. Also that's how I found out stamina runs in the family.

Also to add to this when I was looking for Christmas presents as a kid I found my moms vibrator. Had the rabbit ear dolphin thing. Idk grossed me out and I never looked for Christmas presents again.

I almost got caught one time. They were just getting started. I can then go over to their bedroom door to hear better. I have tried looking under the door but the angle is all wrong. Anyways im diamonds and will jerk off right there in front of the door. Right after I blew my load all over the floor he had to get up and go downstairs for a new battery for her toy. So I ran back to my room. Thank god he did step in or see my cum at their door. He didn’t…I then went back over and cleaned it up. They fuck 2-3 times a week so its fun for me…kek

Heard my mum getting railed by our landlord a hell of a lot back in the day

Heard my mom many times but saw her and her bf once on the couch when they thought they were home alone. My mom can ride dick.

Saw mine getting fucked like that once, its an image I will never get out of my head.

Did yea watch the whole time or leave

I woke up early and wanted to surprise her because I always slept late as a kid. I opened the door and in the missionary position wall I could see was her boyfriend humping her. They didn’t notice me, so I left but didn’t close the door all the way thinking they might hear me.

Some minutes later I hear her scream “SHIIIIITTTT. FUUCK” I was pretending to be a sleep. I felt her walk in the hallway toward the room I was in and stare at me(this was the boyfriends place). I pretended to be asleep but I could feel her gaze. It was never brought up.

She was crazy single mom and had like 7 boyfriends at any given times. All old losers.

I saw though a just open door when i got home early once, didn't watch it all but didn't leave right away. prob watched for a couple mins before it started to feel deeply weird.

Ever seen her nude

I watched from almost the start. She was sucking dick when I started watching. Watched till he busted on her stomach.

I haven't see her fully nude.... she does have so nice tits though. There was one time her towel went little wonky and i saw she runs a little bush combine that with i overheard him say one time "god i love it when your hair is in my mouth" then she started moaning again

only once or has it happened more?

her btw

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i would watch that all day long...kek

lol tbh was a hell of a thing to see, never thought shed be a rider.

With whom*

Only saw that once. But have heard her many times. Bedrooms share a wall.

she went though the 70's homie....she has done some

is she loud?

lol yeah maybe true, that was her back then

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god damn. Unless that's a funky angle she has some hips!

its a bit of both I think

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Heard them arguing one night after they came back from the bar. The owner had grabbed my mother's ass and my dad saw it. So when they got home he asked "Why are you wet?" She said " I'm wet for you." He got mad and said it was because the owner touched her ass.


Very cool.


Lost count of the number of loads I blew listening to my mom and stepdad fuck. I shared a wall so I'd hear it pretty often but if she was trying to muffle herself, I'd go stand at their door to listen. It was incredible. Thank god he never made a sound though, definitely would have killed it for me.

I would love to hear that. I’ve heard my roommate have sex and jacked off to it. The girl was vocal.

Damn. I was about to talk shit... but in seeing her, I'd have done the same thing.


>I watched this with my wife

she into it?

I don't have too may user. Here is another

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same here. I'm usually done pretty quick so I'm always back into my room by then

What's some of the shit she say in bed? How wet does she get?

Mmmm... diamonds

Not to much talking tbh. Lots of moans though. I have heard her say on a number of occasions "Come up here now and fuck me" and "i cant take any more...fuck me" So clearly he is just going down on her in epic fashion.

She gets drenched user... I can just hear it when he is fingering/fucking her. To a point that i almost want to ask what technique he is doing etc....but i think that would be i don't want to mess up anything up.

I've seen my mom and dad have sex

Also, I have seen her use a dildo.

>tfw I think that's why I developed a milf fetish

those fucked up feet. boner killer

Yeah I came home early once and caught my Mom getting absolutely railed by some dude I never met.

I just laughed, my mom was a total trophy wife and I knew my dad was always off fucking other sluts while he was traveling for work.

Those pieces of shit deserved eachother.

I see what yea mean. Her feet seem fine to me but that angle does show them kinda fucked up'

Ive been fucking my mom for years so... yes?

Pic related (the thin one)

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I have also been fucking this guys mom for years.

shit was cash

Seriously, who is not fucking that dude's mom? I've seen her suck 6 cocks in a row at a party.

My brother used to fuck my mom fairly regularly. Once she started doing the whole "flash the hairy cunt" thing I moved out as quickly as I could and haven't talked to her since.

For the record, it's not that she's my mom that I have a problem with, it's that she's fat and ugly. I seriously have no clue how anyone could stay hard while she's naked

sure you have user

because your brother probably treated her like the whore she is, no need to see her as anything more than a collection of holes at your service, thinking like that will work wonders on that issue you mentioned

you blew it. it was probably grade A pussy

Yes, but it’s a very long and complicated story.

To cut to the chase my buddy fucked my mom right next to me while I fucked his fiancé

So it was kind of like swinging except my mom and I have not done anything sexual and never did.

Don’t feel like trying to explain how this all happened but needless to say it involved wine and a long backstory of how we even ended up in that situation

Yes my mom was and is still married to my dad which is part of the reason why it’s so complicated

This. It’s amazing how many guys think they understand women

>except for not my sweet mommy

Yes every women is a dumb cumslut




How do you know how wet she gets?




This was 25 years ago

Footfags will be the first to get the rope

Anons in here won’t believe it but it does happen

I’d guess like 5% of the male population has fucked their mom. I did for sure, and I had a friend that used to bone his mom as well

I dont get it. I would fuck the hell out of her. That mouth is made for sucking cock.

Not my mom but I have seen my dad have sex.

Me and him would “go on fishing trips” when I was in my 20’s and we’d actually just rent a hotel room and hire some hookers we’d double team them
Sometimes or just both get our own.

Good times


My parents were swingers.
Came home one night and they were naked with another couple in the living room.
My dad bought me a new bike the next day.

I also has sex with this guys dad for years while pretending to be a tranny hooker

Anons daddy knew the whole time ;)

Found a VHS tape of my mom stripping, masturbating, sucking my dad off and then riding his dick.

Showed to my friends as a kid. I only let them see her take her tits out, baby oil them, then work her wand vibrator and dildo. Every boy on my block saw her legs up and back buzzing while she tugged on her tits.

I used to play with my dick endlessly to this.

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There’s a discord for this


Looked around and found the dildo she pumped herself with in the video. Never found the vibrator. She was always pretty careful about being naked out of the shower and stuff but I'd seen it all and knew how to see her when she left. Latchkey kid thing had its benefits.

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Kek I honestly wouldn’t put it past my dad to fuck a shemale

I grew up in a trailer park in Tulsa and every horrible stereotype you could imagine was present.

When I was 12 my “stepdad” (just moms long term by at the time) had 2 of his friends over and my older half brother, who was 11 years older than me; all smoked meth and made me smoke meth

I then watched as they gangbanged my mom for what felt like hours.

I sat in the room and jerked off as they all fucked her and she sucked them off.

He was our if the picture a year later and my half brother died of an overdose, my teenage years there was a revolving door of men from kids probably my age (16/17) all the way up to old men. I don’t know for sure but I’m fairly certain most of these guys were paying her for prostitution not a whole lot of repeats.

As soon as I was 18 I left and haven’t spoke to her or anyone else in that shithole since

what kind of bike?

fucking kek...

>nice dubs

Nope but I did watch my best friends mom and dad knock it out once in an RV.

> Brezking bad plot twistttt

That sounds awful user

Once when I was 10 yo I caught my mom having sex with some guy late one night while Dad was out of town for work. Mom didn't know that I saw and I have never told. I had to get up to take a piss but on the way to the toilet I saw them fucking on the lounge room floor I stood frozen watching not knowing what to do as I couldn't get to the bathroom or they would know, I stood there totally shocked for a couple of minutes then went back to my room. Thankfully there was an empty coke can in my room that I pissed in then went back to sleep.


>being a poor fag with a one bathroom house

No wonder your mom cheated

what happened to the coke can?

I didn't hear her fucking but when I was 15 I walked past my parents bedroom door and heard my mom say "I actually got my period this morning but you can still do my ass if you want?". I wish I could erase my memory on that one.

Your mom watched you jack off?
She trailer park fat?

Imagine being a middle aged married man and still not having period sex

Unless she is at peak flow it’s not even that much blood

I don’t have any pics of her I haven’t spoken to her or seen her in nearly so years

She was chubby yeah and she saw me jerking off sure but she was too busy blowing the guys to really notice plus she was all drugged out. She probably doesn’t even remember

Back in college two of my mates took my mom to the back bedroom and double teamed her while me and some other friends kept my dad busy out back.

We all jerked off to the video countless times, sadly it was vhs and I lost contact with the bloke who had the only copy

How did you set that up?
Need some details.
What was on the tape?

My mom was with a lot of different guys growing up so I definitely heard her getting railed a few times. I never saw anything though. One night my younger sister and I were staying sleeping on the couches at her boyfriends house and my mom was being extremely loud. The door was basically right next to us. That one was more awkward than anything but I did have a couple faps throughout the years.

So my dad was your pretty classic schlubby beta bitch husband

My mom was unhappy thought she settled with a go getter but his career never really took off so she was fucking around behind his back I always figured my dad put up with it because he wouldn’t find anyone hotter/better.

I hung with a group of absolute degenerates at the time all we did was party and fuck chicks, not hot ones either just low class chubby chicks, easy prey. Little did I know at some point one of the guys who was my friend but not like my best friend, was banging this milf. Long story short eventually comes out that it was my Mom, had to admit that my mom was hot and I wanted to see pictures, (old school developed pictures and digital cameras with low res back in the old days of 2002)

Anyway this dude had my mom as a fuck buddy for about 6 months or so? The stories were bad man my mom was a WHORE. To the extreme. He would push the limits with her and got her to double be double teamed with another one of my friends.

Anyway fast forward some weeks later I throw a party (living with parents at the time) mom has no idea These dudes were coming. Her eyes absolutely lit up when she saw them and of course they were chatting her up for a while.

The main dude that was fucking her got a couple of us and concocted this plan to double team mom again upstairs but we had to distract my dad, I had a small camcorder so I let them use it with a blank tape, we went out and distracted my dad with a drinking game while the two guys took mom upstairs and did the deed.

What was on it? The quantity was kinda shot but blow jobs and various Mmf sex positions

Yeah I heard my parents fuck sometimes it was a small house


Yeah I saw my parents fucking through a window once when I was a teenager. She had pretty nice boobs for an older lady

Bump these stories have me hard as a rock

I was fucking an older lady friend on her couch and her song came in from the garage with an ice chest full of meat. She stopped and fully nude, put all the meat in the freezer then talked to her son for few minutes. After he left she bent back over the couch and told me to keep fucking.

It was fairly strange.