That time again. Reply with a pic of your wife/gf/ex and I’ll show her off as my lock screen

That time again. Reply with a pic of your wife/gf/ex and I’ll show her off as my lock screen

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My gf

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Cute ass! (Even cuter as my lock screen tho)

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Bumping once before throwing in the towel on this thread

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Nice. Leave her on your phone all day.

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She looks lovely

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Your wife has nice tits! Kik?

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Kristina makes a good lock screen~

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Do u ever save the lock screen and leave it for days?

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Nice thick brown ass on her~

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I agree! LoL

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I just might~ love to see more if you got some

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Love it

Very hot. Would love to see more of her

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Nice~ what a hottie

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Sometimes yeah if they’re really hot

Glad you like her

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Damn she’s fit~

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Kaylas nice round ass

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Damn this one’s just a stunning picture~

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Love her~ especially now that I’m seeing more of her

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I normally only talk about how hot girls are as my lock screen, but fuck. I would definitely blow a load on Kayla’s ass

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She’s fucking sexy.

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Cute face but there’s definitely no way I can lockscreen that and make it look good lol- got any others?

Hot wife~

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It would be hot just knowing that anytime you have your phone out anyone could see the nudes that’s a whole higher level of exposing

Knew she’d look good on my phone and she did not disappoint

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Fit bitch looks good from behind too!~

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heres my wife for ur lock screen

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All these asses look so good on my phone

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Yes more of her fuck

Cutie alert~

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Dying for nudes of this bitch!

Lol just leave her tits on display

Your wife’s puffy nipples look good on my lock screen, don’t you think?

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another of her

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mmm they so do, this her pussy will look just as good

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Damn, now I’m actually getting hard

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Awe~ cute panties

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Cute, but man the face looks dumb as my lock screen lol.

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want more of her ass or something else?

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P sure I’ve done her before

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Thanks let me know if you want more

Turned out about as well as expected

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I’d nut in your skinny wife over and over.

I think she fits well on my phone~

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I’ll take whatever you got of that hottie~ (This pic definitely wasn’t good for a lock screen. Still hot tho)

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try this one

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Tough to fit the whole thing in, but definitely better~

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but her sucking cock is gonna be the best

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same girl

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god id love to watch u use her and nut in her pussy hole

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She looks like a natural~

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Unf~ I’d tap that brown ass for hours

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Keep her on your lock

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Daaaamnnn- you didn’t tell me she was cute from the front too!

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I’d really stretch her out. Then flip her over and enjoy her ass too.

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Spread view

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Mmm~ that backdoor’s looking pretty tempting too, you know~

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see if this fits - same girl again

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