How many is a good amount of men for her first swingers event?

How many is a good amount of men for her first swingers event?

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Thinking around 5 or 6 guys.

Wife and I started with only one other couple. But the first "event" we went to had 6 guys including myself.

All of them


We been with other couples already. Was your wife ok with 6 men?

Could be around 25 men going.

She didn't have sex with all of them that time. Just 4 including myself. Since then we've been to larger events and I think the most she has had in one night is 8.

My then wife had over 10 guys fuck her at her first event.

8 is alot. Is it OK seeing her with all those guys as I'm not sure how I will feel.

Damn that's loads.

Yeah I was fine. We went knowing that she was going to be getting a lot of dick. And it's not like I didn't get anything. There were more than 8 guys there but 8 is what I counted with her. Quite a few single women as well. All together it was about 40 people.

That's true. Were all 8 with her at the same time? There's about 40 to 50 going to this one. I'm thinking as she's new she will get alot of attention. I hope she's ready for this.

Will you join in?

Not at the same time. Two at a time at most. Mouth and pussy. She only does anal with a few people. She has gone airtight, just with a smaller group. If I count how many guys touched her or how many she felt up the number would be much more. I'm just counting cocks that entered her.

Yes I hope if I can get near her. It'll be abit strange especially if 2 or 3 are fucking her at the same time.

Just makes sure she is capable of stepping up and saying "I'm done" when she's at her limit. There's a pack mentality. When guys see that a woman is DTF, they can swarm. Some first timers get totally overwhelmed.

Wow. That sounds hot. I'd love to see mine airtight as she's only small it will be hard to see her like that. Yes she does anal aswell. I think I will just stand back and watch her performance if 3 inside her at once.

OP, how many of the men are part of a couple? are you doing some of the women of these men? does she enjoy seeing you do other women like you enjoy seeing her do other men?
do you have hotter sex together after? do you talk about what you have done later after the swapping?

Yeah that's what I'm worried about as she's new to this. I can see it could get out of hand very quickly. I will say if uve had enough just tell the guys otherwise they may all try to fuck her.

I've never seen guys get rough or mean, but at my last even, they all just waited in line patiently for their chance to fuck the one DTF girl. It got to be 2AM and they were shutting down the party and those guys were PISSED that they didn't get their chance.

She just needs to remember she's in control. She should do it until it stops being fun, then she can stand up, take a break or go home.

It is hot. There have been times when I've just watched because she was so into it it was hard not to enjoy the show. One party we were at she went to another room with a guy. A few minutes later me and another woman we're headed to the adjacent room and stopped to watch because we heard the noise from my wife. Watched for about five minutes while the woman I was with stroked my cock. Only thing that pulled me away was the woman I was with gently tugging my dick to follow her

Most are couples yes we like watching each other fuck other people. Only been one on one so far. So I'm looking forward to seeing how she copes with a group of men. It will be hot swapping stories and we will be spent after I'd say.

Went with my girl friend and her best friend. My girfriend only had sex with me and women. Her best friend however was with about 10 over the course of the 2 day event. Girlfriend and I had probably a dozen 3somes ffm

I think it will get intense I can't wait. Sounds great fun.

In a swingers event you should have the same amount of women as men.

That's amazing. We may take another couple it will be great to all fuck each other.

Every one I've been to has been strictly couples or single females.

This might sound silly, but try to plan to do something lighthearted either afterwards or the next day. Go get ice cream or have dessert ready. For us, it always helps with that transition out of "swingers" and just back into being a couple, otherwise the event lingers on and kind of becomes the only thing we can talk about.

i have never done swinging. would love to have a girlfriend that is into it. would love just two or three couples total where everyone is attracted to everyone, and everyone likes and has a good vibe with everyone. Love the porn NaughtyAllie. Not so sure I would be into "events" where there are dozens of people, where there is less "connection" with people.

Thanks Yeah she's sensible she will just stand up and say give me a break guys.

Thanks Yeah great idea.

Yeah. I'd love to go back. I guess the people that set them up quit doing it. There was 204 couples at the last one. Plus quite a few single ladies.

Give it a try.

This user gives good advic. We always do some 'couple' thing soon or right after. Doesn't have to be big, but something that is just you and her.

Omg that's loads of people. Must be hard to organise.

Cinema or swimming something like that? What happens if we meet a swinger in daily life that we've fucked?

Yeah the events we were going to started Friday night and ran to Sunday morning. We'd go out at some point on Saturday for lunch or dinner. Hard to transition back to real world. I'd catch my self looking around the restaurant like wonder if they wanna play...

I can see that happening. Was it inside or outside and I suppose it wasn't worth getting dressed for 2 days.

What is age range at these things, and general level of physical/personality attractiveness?

They would rent an entire hotel. Everyone running around naked and having sex. They had massage room orgy room dungeon. Freaking blast!

I've seen 18 to 85 and hot as fuck to not so much

Something like that. The point is it's a couple activity between you two. Running into someone could happen but don't make a big deal out of it. We ran into a single woman we play with at the mall with one of her friends and just said hi. My wife gave her a friend hug and we talked for a minute and went about our day. We go out of the area a lot for events and live in a large city so not a huge chance of running into someone.

All ages really and all shapes and sizes. My wife was early 40s and had 3 late teenager friends all fucking her.she lived it.

But majority was 35 to 50ish

We went to young swingers week in Jamaica in 2017. It took real effort for both of us to snap out of that mindset after being in the middle of it for an entire week.

That's good to know. Thanks

Amazing it must of been hedonism?

Nice! We stayed next door but girl I was with at that time was a bit of a prude. Didn't wanna go down to the beach because all the women were topless or nude

I'm guessing condoms used?

is the herp prevelant? obviously i assume rubbers so little chance of other stuff.
do most women/their men rule out cumshots/facials from other people or are most allowing what they would do with their partners anyway?


Yeah 100% as far as I saw. I assume some people that know each other may not

They were topless at minimum everywhere. My wife brought a top with her but never put it on. She only took one pair of 'normal' clothes. The rest we're like a cross between club and stripper clothes.

I was nude for 7 days straight but couldn't get her out of the bikini except in the room and about 30 minutes over on the little island when no one else over there

Where is this event?

Opposite here. I wore shorts on a few occasions but my wife was either nude or topless the entire time. Except for when we went to get food.

do you guys have the herp now? is there a lot of herp in this lifestyle?