Billie eyelash thread

billie eyelash thread

billie eyelash thread

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She's dead inside, those eyes man

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I can't wait for her to turn 18 so you fucking weirdos will stop obsessing over her and move onto the next pedo shit. This girl is fuck ugly, and annoyingly hipster.

I just wish she would stop singing. I hate her so much.

only 14 more days, boys

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Does she sing?

Well they banned the mbb poster so....their trying something less creepy cuz 16 is fair game in 90% of the world

how about little sweet bea, greta's sister? she just turned 14

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Why does the older one look younger, and visa versa?

greta is autistic

Because both have tardations

Is this guy the lead singer of a punk rock band or something? He looks stoned as fuck or has a touch of the downs or something.

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I bet she'd be a boring af lay, like she'd just lay there like a dead fish while pondering what color to dye her hair next

>or has a touch of the downs

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>Is this guy the lead singer of a punk rock band or something?
Even worse, nigger mumble rap

Yeah, I don't get the fascination Sup Forums has with him, he's not even a trap

its just for show. some emo pose

That sounds terrible lol

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Who that is woe?

does anybody have some good pictures of this whore that I can cum to

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