Her kik is Polloaura

Her kik is Polloaura

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so progressive.

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That’s actually a video but wouldn’t let me upload it

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She is beaut, your gf

No some chick I told her I was gonna post her pics well here they are

Great tits and ass

Your right lol

Anymore of her


Yea I’ll post more if you can get nudes from her

is she ok with dick pics?

Idk haven’t tried

You tried?

She looks hot as fuck in the bikini

U got one?

Nah she is stubborn

Polina Sitnova

Not to stubborn

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Very nice

onlyfans com/polinaaura/

u dumb betas

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8/10 body but the brain is 1/10. she's a fucking retard

Whys that lol