Who are these guys? Wrong answers only

Who are these guys? Wrong answers only.

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Fuck you

they run a christmas gift donations service for impoverished children.

dumb and dumber

The Rock and Kevin Hart.

Bog impersonators

Two men who generously donate their time helping the salvation army set up and break down donation cans in NYC every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Simon and Garfunkel

shekel hunters

Dilbert and the Comedian

calvin and hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Quaid, George and Kuato (not pictured)

fuck u u fucking nigger I said it first and my names are actually capitalized u fucking stupid ass fucking nigger I hope u choke to death on your own semen

ren and stimpy


Wait aren't those the bad guys from home alone?

Keenan and kel

Penn and Teller.

The Dry Gifters

Miguel and Tulio

Bill and Ted

Rick and Morty

Randy Quaid and Danny Devito.

Two rapist.

Hall and Oates

Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin
coming to liberate the shit out of your shit

Opie & Anthony

Ben & Jerry

user and user.

Zim & Gir

Harry and Lloyd

Joe Pepsi on the right
I don’t know about the other faggot

Flip and Fillipoole

Oh yeah i remembered
Faggot on the left is named Excrement Mike

Trump and Pence

a Jew and an Italian working for the mob

Shields & Yarnell

child molestors

The Icky Hand Bits

Garfunkel and Oates

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The greatest criminal minds of their generation

The jew is Excrement Mike and the wop is Joe Pepsi for the record

chill out brah, you need to get that hot sauce sucked out of your bumhole

Jay and Silent Bob clearly

Beaver and Bunghole

The moist intruders

Angry Joe and Pedo Harry.

That's Harold and Kumar

Michel Cohen and Paul Manafort

Cheech & Chong, obviously.

nostalgia critic and danny devito

Starsky and Hutch

The Greatest Christmas Eve criminals in all of history

Obviously north and south tower

Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker

Donny "Smol Hand" Trump and Jeffrey "Under-9" Epstein.

PS. I am a fucking Robot, I fucking lied cocksuckers!

That's ignignokt and err

Tom and Jerry

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2 Pac and biggie smalls

The Wet Shekel Bandits

You're not supposed to name Jackie Chan on here, you should know that by now.

The next door pedo neighbors

Famous Italian Mob

Police officers undercover.

cosmo kramer and george costanza

cheech and Chong

Abbott & Costello

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fucking lol

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menendez bros.

Fat man & Little boy

Brian Thomson and Bill Paxton.

they did a bit together at the beginning of the first Terminator movie.

Sid & Marty krofft

Mark Anthony and Julius Ceaser

fucking hipsters! hate em!!!

Benedict and Cumberbatch


David Letterman & Paul Schaffer

Jay & Silent Bob

Rasputin's cousin and Benito Mussolini

Bodgeit and scarper

Method Man and Redman

They are the villains from the 80s movie "Home By Myself"

Tim "the Toolman" Taylor and Al Borland you uncultured swine

Two coming for a child

The one to the left played the character A.J. "The Reverend" Shepherd, from C.H.U.D. and the guy to the right used to play guitar with Joey Dee and the Starliters

home depot employees

obviously it's Lenny and Squiggy


Hootie and the Blowfish

Pop tarts

They ambush Jack Reacher, but while competing over who should hit him they end up swinging and missing long enough for Jack to turn the tables on them.

well thats scott shriner and short hair brian bell of course

Nick-Nack and Paddy-Whack.

That's nirvana

scott weiland and luis jara

Larry and Mark, the Damp Scoundrels.

nig & ger