Femenine boy AMA

Femenine boy AMA

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post your soles

Kys faglord.

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You filthy Degenerate

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have you told your mother that you're a faggot?

Yes, she's not thrilled.

Guyzzz. I'll share nudes if asked.

Why are you gay?

Bi. And it's because I like dudes. Easy

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give the juiciest

Looks like you've got yourself some genital herpes judging by the bumpy pattern on your ass there.. maybe less craigslist dick?

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Making it up as I go.

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Nah chief, that's just me being ugly and uncouth. I'm a total virgin.

Do you prefer guys or grils?
What kind of guys do you prefer, masculine or feminine?

I prefer, uh. I'd say I am more sexually attracted to girls but more romantically to guys if that makes sense. I like my men both ways, as long as they top me uwu.

dont have any toys or anything ?

Poor as fuck

I may have an idea, but could you elaborate on that? As in, you'd prefer to be in a relationship with a guy than with a girl?
Yeah, most bottoms don't seem to care, as long as they get fucked right.

If I had a choice. I'd say girls are more uh, demostrative. So in an ideal relationship in which they don't have any flaws. Id say a girl, guys tend to be more bearable irl tho.

I have trouble getting boys to fuck me. I mean girls too, but at least I've dated a few.

That makes sense. You're both guys so you both have the fundamental knowledge on each other and that makes everything easier.
But if you were with a girl, would want to be pegged or something? How'd sex work in that situation?

Uh, i mean I wouldn't mind pegging!
But like, straight relationships with a female top are a thing, after all. I wouldn't like, fuck her too much tho. Not too much into it.
Tbh I just like females cause they are the sex with the bigger ass.

So, you're more into getting ass fucked by men than fucking women?
>Tbh I just like females cause they are the sex with the bigger ass.
I would challenge this view, with some stuff I've seen.

On average, I mean. And yeah I'm more into first than later.

Okay that's cool. Like, I'm straight, but recently I've drifted more towards fucking twinks than girls. Tits are nice and all that, but some boys can be really cute.