Someone got the video?

someone got the video?

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So name or story, how did she end up like that?


The curry was too spicy.



Muslims done it, they gang rape and murder Hindu women all the time in India. Only China knows how to deal with the religion of peace

Yeah, that's where the fire started.

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Hope this will happen to your gf, sis or mom...

Not likely. I don't live in a shit hole country that's overrun by Muslim scum. I also don't eat curry.

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Its their own fault. Indian society prefers men over women, so they selectively abort female babies. The next generation rolls around, there's a massive shortage of women to marry.
Pajeet men are not in demand overseas, so they have few options. There's rape, homosexuality, jacking off to internet porn or fucking animals.

Except it wont, the butthurt is real with this one.

in india lot of women burn them selves to death or the inlaws do it. It's horrible but it does happen

Oh, my sides

could be this hindu nationalists are known to go around getting dalit women and raping them then putting petrol in there vagina and burning them

rape is a big crime in india so they do shit like that

Can you explain user is it their culture/religion just like islam has suicide bombings

Priyanka Reddy. group of men gang raped and burned her body

Ooh look, chinese government propaganda is getting more creative

sad story she was a doctor apprently and got gangraped and burnt

Its more cost effective than Matt Damon movies.

>I don't live in a shit hole country
So you don't live in the USA?

wheres the lie tho

Islam and Christianity both exalt martyrs. The terrorism shit started after WW2 when Otto Skorzeny went to Egypt and taught people the tactics and shit developed for Operation Werewolf and it spread from there.

it's kind of shameful and rage inducing

what happens is the grooms family might ask for dowary the wifes family might not be able to aford it so they still get married once she's married and is in that family the inlaw might ask for more money if she can't aford it the grooms family might make her life hell which might make her kill her self

it happens a lot in india

some of the women might also just hang them self just google dowary india bride deaths

Correct. I live in Kekistan.

>save our race from extinction.
Spoiler: you can't.

It's not really about Islam. It's ethnic cleansing of people who aren't Han Chinese.

Nope and nope but they can't even beat the Cantonese

India has some really fuck up backward shit no wonder why they are trying to come to the US I knew some indian chick that had a sexy ass and perfect tits in senior year and freshman in college no wonder why she was trying to ride every non indian dick

>homosexuality, jacking off to internet porn or fucking animals.

Average btards then...

East Turkmenistan ever had sharia nor most turkmen nations. Made up more believable shill facts that a Google search can't debunk next time han slave.

Are you ok?