This is Taylor Swift, and proof that she right now is the most attractive woman on planet

This is Taylor Swift, and proof that she right now is the most attractive woman on planet.

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You're just horny.

Correct, she’s a pretty cool chick as well.

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carpenter's dream

>flat as a board. easy to nail.

The photo retoucher and photographer did a good job of hiding her close-set beady eyes, forward neck lean, and womens NBA physique.

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she is a trator

No tits. No ass. 8/10 face with makeup on. Certainly does not add up to "most attractive"

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Cool socks

too tall, not enough boob, body has no curves, and “she” has adam’s apple

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I was about to tell OP she’s too skinny but then I found this


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Thick taylor is best taylor

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i would give deep bjs for her daily just so i could cum on her feet

She does have fantastic feet

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Not true, that would be your mum, but only cuz I only think girls who will have sex with me are actually hot and I she's sweet on me because I goat-fucked her all last night tit-fucker, give your balls a tug.

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Yeah.. those feet

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TayTay likes black guys now though.

She looks like Leonardo DiCaprio when she's not wearing makeup

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oh damn. she's improving like a fine wine.

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So, you want us to believe that you’ve personally surveyed the other 3.5 billion chicks in the world?

the definition of beauty


She’s a waste of space, just like you, OP.

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Sup ForumsTrap Queen Forever.

She’s a coal burner you faggots.

oh boy so edgy.

She also used to frequent 4chins

Why is their a rumor she has a smelly vag? How is that even possible at her level?

i love her ass

How is this known

In your eyes op

on the contrary. her big toes are very bulbous and unattractive. I consider her feet her greatest flaw. Other than that, if she was just a tad shorter and gained 5 pounds, she would be heavenly

wait what?! god damn I always thought she was attractive but now that she has some meat on them bones she's getting closer to a nice breeding sow.

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posting more of tay.
huge fan of her legs

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Not a big fan of her latest magazine set, it's massively retouched and hardly looks like her

It’s a meme,

Started with a brilliant troll who did things subtly....then reddit found out and non-subtle copycats ruined it and the original person quit.

All posts in this screengrab were the original person except for bottom left corner which is autistic fanfic

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I wonder if Harvey fucked her.

Very seductive angle. Can't say that she's THE most attractive, but she's damn close. Beauty is so subjective but to my eyes Tay has only gotten better over the years.

Manlet detected

This. Her feet remind me of james coburn's hands

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