My ex-fiancee from Moldova, Marina. She worked as a model in Moldova and in Seattle after getting a green card...

My ex-fiancee from Moldova, Marina. She worked as a model in Moldova and in Seattle after getting a green card. Now she lives and works as a model in Mexico. Haven't spoken to her for at least 5 years. Please tell me how is the life in Mexico and what is her perspective there. Recent pic related.

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I've heard there is pretty rough in Mexico, cartels and shit like that... Is it really so bad?

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so bad not even the military there could control it

I really hope she is fine and didn't get into trouble.

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dont worry Op. I'm sure your "real" ex-fiancee is probably some druglords trophy. He probably uses her "real" decapitated head to satisfy himself while he snorts tons of coke before busting a nut on her corpse.

Go fuck yourself, she is sometimes posting on her insta. And yes, REAL ex. She was way over-average here in eastern europe and I understand her value out there in your jungle. But I still am in love with her and I care about her. I really hope she didn't get into any trouble. My fetish is still sharing her beauty around the web.

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Iv been a few times when i lived out in Cali... it is bad there. but mostly in certain areas which seemed like a lot. I had a taxi driver that did not want to wait for me at a certain spot on the beach because i was lighting fireworks off and i wanted a safe ride home. i gave him an extra $20 to wait and i said id give another $25 when i come back...He pulled away after i got out and gave him the money. I also saw Atv's with wetbacks riding them with guns mounted on them, driving down the street in traffic. this was clearly a makeshift rigg and not law enforcement. i saw naked familys bagging for money on the sides of the streets. i had kids run up to me and my friend trying to sell slingshots and one almost pickpocketed me. yeah it's a crappy place but still has its rich areas were they have to hire armed guards. Maybe she is involved with drugs.they are cheap and everywhere down there. anything you want.

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Yes. I'm sure stealing her pics from instagram means she was definitely your "real girlfriend." Sorry your fake slut is busy getting dicked down by jungle savages and desert monkeys because their drug money satisfies her better than larping in your mum's basement.
To be fair I would pound her too but she's probably busy slaving for some drug lord so...


There are spots where it's pretty fucked up, but tons of places where things are fine. Certain groups have a vested interest in making it sound like Mexico is a constant warzone, so the bad stuff gets a lot of emphasis.

You will never ever find this pic anywhere on the web. She is in the middle . I took this photo. So fuck off.

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Nudes or gtfo

Thank you!

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No. Most I can share.

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Bull shit. Show moar

You will never ever find this pic anywhere on the web. She is in the middle . I took this photo. So fuck off.

I never said i didn't believe you just telling my experience in Mexico...

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Now with no clothes

I can make a vola but most you'll get is pro and personal pics in bikimi and underwear.

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How do you not have nudes?

I do have (stolen) from her laptop, she was pretty conservative back then 5-6 years ago. Became open to shit like underwear photography and shit recently. Always been conservative and skeptical when we were meeting.

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have you not moved on? why do you care what she is up too? I have an ex fiance that's 3000 miles away and i couldn't care less what she is doing. honestly im curious.

Post the nudes

I am obsessed with her. Never met or even thought of having someone more attractive than her. Our relationship was a gift for me.

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he's full of shit. pathetic larper creeping on her instagram.
Or maybe
legit thinks they were together in his own pathetic world. pathetic beta fag

Sorry, can't.

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proof he's legit stealing photos from her ig. what a faggot.

well she is beautiful clearly but if you landed her you can land another hottie that wants to be with you. i was hung up on my ex for awhile but it was not meant to be. find someone that has her qualities but will always be by your side.

fuck, this is some old copy pasta

You mean Sad Romania?


Post nudes or gtfo

Nope, same admin here.

Never could in the past 6 years. I am still shocked I succeeded with her. She is insanely hot but also kind of strange from the point of view of tastes.

gtfo yourself. I don't hold here anyone.

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FU. GTFo of here, You won't see nudes in this post today.

"succeeded" if by "succeeded" you mean she accepted your follow on IG and snap then congrats faggot.

Guys check out this picture of my girlfriend. She just can't get here today because she's actually on vacation in canada much like op's is in Mexico

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i don't really give a fuck on what you say. if you find anywhere on the web, on her socials or anywhere else this pic of her, I give you her contacts from Mexico.

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oh damn she's getting kidnapped. Sorry bro. she's about to become one of two things.
a) a mule
b) a sex slave.

also seems like you give quite a fuck what I say since you're mad I'm calling you out. Otherwise you'd have nudes faggot.


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sorry bro. Hopefully she likes Mexican aids and getting fucked by donkeys

is her name, Nikita by chance? I hooked up with a similar looking girl before.


not aware of donkey shows. a lot of tourists get kidnapped and sold into donkey shows where they have sex with animals for some tijuabucks

no Marina. She is from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

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yeah, right ))

Post a vola with some candid pics


I'd send you vid links but not sure how many are still up

cute man. I can see why you'd miss her. she's pretty

fucking Christ!

yeah. ngl if I ever went to Mexico it's definitely a must on my to do list just to watch but at the same time Tijuana is pretty bad from what I heard and I don't want to get murdered


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have you talked to her or been seperated for awhile?

She looks really different. Did she get a nose job?

talking from time to time but very rarely. She barely answers.

Yes, when she was 20, but it is barely visible. Just a slightly one, when she was in Bangkok with job.

damn sorry bud. Hope it all works out. If you don't mind my asking did ya'll seperate for a reason or was it just her work?

You're a liar and a faggot. Go fuck yourself.

Work. We separated before she got Green card, and she went right after that to US, to Seattle. Last time we have chatted , she was in Mexico.

Mexico life is fine.

She's actually kind of below-average for Moldova. I don't know wtf is going on with that place, it's just loaded with hot women.

You'd have to be a complete moron to get murdered in Tijuana. Maybe don't go drinking there if you're incapable of handling a city.

are you from MD? than you could know her, she was in Aridon advertising here once

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Pic from a local bar in Chisinau ;)

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>haven't spoken to her in 5 years
>I am obsessed with her


Clue for you. She didn't goto Mexico

I mean personally, in real. Chatted few times during this time on fb, nothing more. She is now in Mexico City, working and living.

ahh okay. sorry man. it's tough hopefully you pull through.


I can handle drinking in a city. I do all the time. However, even the Mexicans I work with tell me Tijuana is a shithole and pretty dangerous. So I'll take their advice and just find a donkey show that has a bit more lighter traffic.

kill yourself you weak fuck

wtf is wrong with you? are you friends or smth?

I hope she is in the good part of Mexico.

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old copypasta... and lame

nope, same admin, it was me back then

bullshit. go fuck yourself

Tijuana /is/ a shithole, but not that dangerous. Looking for a donkey show seems like a good way to run into the more dangerous side of it, though.

What is the chance of her getting involved in some sort of this shit out there?

100%. No foreigner goes to LIVE in Mexico unless they absolutely have to (eg for business). Since I assume she's not a businesswoman she either is or will be involved in shit like trafficking over the border etc

She is modelling there. Got a contract in Mexico.

Probably just a cover for her to smuggle coke in her holes. Unfortunately not joking really.

lol, big potential with such an ass... But I hope not )))

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