What's the actual chance your girlfriend cheats on you?

What's the actual chance your girlfriend cheats on you?

I'm very paranoid about this without a reason really. Like, I'm not special in any way, I'm short, really skinny and weak, I'm not particulary good at anything. You can literally find a better guy than me anywhere.

Every instagram follow from a male our age ( 18 ) she gets scares me and every time she goes out with her friends I'm overthinking.
Only saving grace is that she isn't really a slut and neither too pretty, I'm probably higher on the scale than her. Also we've been together for 2 months and she already told her parents about me like 1 month in, say they'd call her she'd say "I'm with user don't worry" or something.

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It's actually really really high.

how do you minimize it



All women cheat bro, my wife was fucking my rental tennet while I was away for work, now they married. Did nothing wrong b bro, all women are sluts, get some when you can bro

i dunno, it seems pretty much impossible for you normie idiots. I just fuck my dog. Never cheats. Good luck paying alimony, and child support loser LOL

If your gf is white then shes most likely taking BBC on the side or seriously thinking about it. Good luck all

>all women cheat
>I know this because of one woman who cheated

No black people around, Eastern Europe bro

Does she know about your insecurities?

Having typed that, I can see that it might be construed as a taunt, but it's a serious question.

There is no "actual chance," it varies from person-to-person. The question you should be asking is "What are signs of loyalty in a person I should look for?"

Truth be told, most people would cheat, given the chance. What Sup Forums refuses to acknowledge, though, is that there are those unicorns out there who won't. I know a couple of them myself. You just have to find someone who has the right priorities in mind.

99% of people who use this site only give a shit about sex and how hot a potential partner is. Personality to them is a cliche meme. You're not going to get reassuring (or honest) answers from asking those kinds of people.

If she's already introduced you to her parents and seems like she genuinely cares about you, take it easy. She could leave at any time if she wanted to, and the fact that she hasn't yet does mean something, believe it or not.

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Lucky you!

Dude I'd rather live in the niggerest hood in America than Eastern Europe.

Ha fuck off cunt, like 70% of the boys I work with who married same shit, some cunt whispers sweet nothings and bang it's your fault because insert bullshit here, go full chad no relationship fuck them all root anything that moves best sex life now lads.

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I'm honestly using the parents thing as a big safety.
I haven't met her parents yet they know of me, they know for at least a month now and she didn't say "I'm with friend" or something when she called them, she said "I'm with user" and also refers to me as boyfriend or user to her parents

I'm honestly using the parents thing as a big safety.
I haven't met her parents yet they know of me, they know for at least a month now and she didn't say "I'm with friend" or something when she called them, she said "I'm with user" and also refers to me as boyfriend or user to her parents

Would someone like that cheat? Would someone like that disappoint their parents

If you're 18 don't be in a relationship. Neither of you are mature enough for it. This position just proves it. Go out, have fun and fuck lots of different girls. Do it while you can. You'll regret that you didn't do it later when you're married.

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The chances are high. Im the same. Average dude, kinda good looking face, good personality, but shortish with 6 inch dick 4 around. My girlfriend is super loyal though. Im very very blessed to have her, but the thought always looms. She wouldn't cheat, she would just leave. Its hard being an average guy. I'm forever doomed to chase short girls. Wish there was a way to make my dick bigger but its just a curse you have to live with. Maybe Ill find an Asian in a few years if my wallet is fat thats literally the only chance I have. So in short you know shes gonna leave or cheat no matter how good the relationship is so just harden your heart and be prepared

Your sample size is your workplace. That's, what, a few dozen men? All employed in the same type of work? Do you really think that's representative of the total population?

She's not 'your girl.' It's just

>your turn

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This. Been with too many girls. Every time I think I’m special and different from all the other guys. Every time I think we’re not like the cheating rest. From romance to fisting and having a travel suitcase full of lingerie and toys for her, pegging, bondage, getting engaged and nude photography... but no matter how special, we break up. You’ll do too.

I don't have any friends to go out with. She's my closest friend.

This is basically what my girlfriend looks like except I'm only like, 3-4 inches taller. Shes not bothered by shit and its weird to me. Then again shes also childish in a cute way pretty innocent. I took her v card, and I don't think shed cheat but its always in the back of an average man's mind. "How can this beautiful girl stay with me and be so loyal?" Its surreal, but Im happy while it lasts. I guess if you know how to treat a girl very well they ARE out there. You just have to be lucky.

That's an immature viewpoint.

lmao trust me dude you didn't take her v card

That's your failure.
And this is me laughing at your failure.

What would you expect from a retard Chad, poetry?

>all women cheat
>I know this because of one woman who cheated

No, he's (we're) right. It be like that sometimes.

>actually, all the time

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I never believed it user but they literally all do it. Ex had complete other relationships during our 5 year one and the girl after who promised she would never do that was messaging countless lads and not coming home from nights out...
Just enjoy your turn mate, plenty more pussy out there after.

If I get cheated on once I'll be scared of ever trusting a girl and having a girlfriend again. I can't let that happen.


I just get bored after a while tbh...

3 of my closest friends are divorced due to their wives cheating. The 4th just hasn't gotten a divorce yet though she admitted cheating.

It's pretty much 100%

she doesnt have to cheat on you. she can just break up with u anytime

This. Mine didnt cheat but was talking to another guy before she ended it. She also became a slut instantly after, like the five years didnt matter. Now I turned in to a man whore to cope. Fuck it man thats life.

You make your own reality. But that kind of thing tends to happen. You're quite young. Try not to make a scene when it happens. Use your time to make yourself a better, stronger and smarter person. the bitches come and go. they also sometimes return or want to. just be chill. shes not the only thing in the world

I don't want it to happen, I really don't. Like I don't even have anything to be paranoid about really, she's all loving and stuff but I'm still on the edge.

This. If you did, then she WILL cheat, with the excuse that she wants new experiences.

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst

Give her the benefit of the doubt, if she can tell you're paranoid about it, it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

My ex gf still lives in this house and her bf is on study trip for 4 months. She chills almost every evening with another roommate and I also heard them fucking. On fb she posts how she misses him and he also posts how good she is for her. Fucking sluts rather become a PIMP instead of getting in another relationship. Don’t trust them. Also the guy she fucks in this house used to be my friend. I told him bro’s before ho’s faggot.

jews hate being married thats why jew couples like maxwell and epstein need a constant source of new deviant ways to fufill ones sexual apetite

tldr jews made this thread cause god gave adam a wife and modern women lack christian values

>be a good goy and sleep around with all the the women, herpes isn’t that bad anyway goyim

She posts how she misses her bf that’s on a trip.

You are cuck accept that go cry now

The answer is there is no answer. It's individual.

Listen user I'm 30. I've been cheated on, had plenty of gfs, some didn't cheat. It's entirely individual. But here's what I learned:

Stop caring. This sounds counterproductive, but you gotta learn how to stop caring whether she cheats or not, while still being able to care about her. When you stop caring, women are loyal. If you're worried about it and act erratic and shit, they WILL cheat on you. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Stop caring whether she cheats - treat her kind and good, be a good bf. Some women might cheat anyway, but then you move on and fuck the next one. If she doesn't cheat and stays loyal, she'll continue to do so if you are an emotional "rock" - meaning, stop being emotional. Stop caring whether she cheats, no matter how much she eggs you on, just be a rock. That's how you get their shit dripping and coming back, and how you keep a long term relationship from straying.

It's both super easy and super complicated. We're human, and it's ridiculous to think we don't have emotions just because we're men. No matter what women tell you, they want a steady, unwavering rock to counter their torrent of emotions, and that's what will keep their eyes from straying.

I think I'm actually pretty okay at this.
I can show emotion but still don't show weakness, I'm not crying to her or something. The most emotion I show is say I had a shitty day and that I don't feel so good.

thinking like this will put out an unattractive vibe and your girl smell it on you and cheat. gg user

Haha fuck it just tell her if she cheats you will eventually kill her and the one she cheats with lulz

betas will always be cheated on because women would rather share an alpha with up to 4 other women than have a beta to themselves @rationalmale / rollo tomassi

and yes if you are young go fuck as much as you can im 23 and only fucked 3 girls because i was in a relationship for 3+ years every time. a lot of sex but not enough variety

coming from a slav btw

me too but we are the bottom of europe financially so its fucking hard to get there in the first place

dubs checked, this guy is partly right.
I'm pretty wise, not in my 40s not in my 20s.
I cheated when I was younger, I've been cheated once.
I instantly grasped how I cursed the girl I cheated upon and how I am been cursed now. I completely lost the ability of fully trusting anybody. I just can't anymore.

Several years after I cheated on my first girl, I met her again. She never forgive me, but we're still good friends. I will never forgive myself, I will never forgive the girl who did it to me. My life has been pretty much crippled from these two episodes from this point of wiew, and now I even hate talking about it, even with my closest irl friends.

I think I will never have the pure spirit that I had once, when I was really younger, before doing and suffering this.
I can understand why people does it, but I still think it shall be avoided, just what I thought even after doing so myself. It's a negative experience in life, whatever side you find yourself into. The situation will hurt somebody, there's no escape from that, and people tends to stop trusting even if not involved in that, because they know the next time you could be the one who fucks their special ones, if given the chance to.
And it's fucking true.

I would not stress myself thinking too hard about it if I were you. You're still young and you will have to face this before or after. No point in giving you any suggestions other than the kind user before me gave you, and hope you only meet decent people. Cheaters hardly ruin people for all their lives, but they can make you live some horrible months before you naturally recover from any bad thing, and since they are so incredibly annoying, like a parking fine or a very long queue, are the less desirable beings you wanna have close into your life. ... If I do say so myself.

>mfw sex is overrated
>mfw relationships suck

this is a good thread. will give bump