WWYD if you were at the club taking a piss at the urinals, and this guy walks in, stands approx 18 inches behind you...

WWYD if you were at the club taking a piss at the urinals, and this guy walks in, stands approx 18 inches behind you, unzips, and starts pissing against the back of your legs?

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Fuck him

Whip out knife grab his cock and slice it off then get the fuck out before police show up

I'd turn his lights out.
If he were really tough, he wouldn't have to put on such an act with the shirt, tats, and hair-do.

grab his balls, twist and pull down.

Punch him in the fucking sternum

I'd turn around fully erect penis to the wind and say "that's quite the way to introduce yourself"
He gives me the most playful, sexy grin I have seen on a man in my entire life "Yeah, I just saw that cute butt and I realized I had to claim it some how"
My dick quivering and my face red all I can let out is a faint "come and get what's yours then". I then proceed to pull my pants down and make an offering to the blonde god; my entire body from queerboy rump to my cock loving guzzler.
He smiles "with pleasure"
then he fucks the shit out of me lmao

Put the death into his homo crew

>>grab his cock
haha fag

Pull out the pistol i always carry with me and blast his cock out. Done

In a real situation I would beat the shit out of him. Obviously there is the possibility of him taking me out, but I wouldnt even stop to consider it, for someone to do that probably means he is drunk af, which gives me an advantage. Otherwise he is just being an ass and deserves to get fucked up.

i wnat to look like that guy
t. virgin neet faggot

Turn and plunge my fingers repeatedly into his eyes while trapping his right arm by rapping mine around it.

Not perfect but he's not gonna be feeling very good when it's over. Even if he is some bad nigga who can suddenly kick my ass.

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what an complete and utter faggot. being ripped doesn't help if your aesthetics scream redpill-hipster

probably not do anything and wash my leg off in the sink after

I cant pee in urinals without pissing on myself. I guess I would blame him for the mess in that situation.

drop my trousers and BWRAAAAP his urine back towards him with the force and sustained power of my foul gas, so not only did he just piss on himself I farted on him too

That seems like a really specific situation, OP. What did you do?

He looks like a bitch, I’d probably beat the shit out of him

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This is a fake ass pussy faggot wannabe pretty hipster. Would put him in a coma.


I'd give him AIDS

cringe reddit tier meme faggot

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Smash an elbow into this hipster faggot’s nose without even turning around. i wouldn’t even have to look to know where to aim; I’d gauge where the piss was hitting my leg, and then quickly figure out the height of his cock and balls from the angle the urine would have to fall to hit that area of my leg and the force of the pee against my super-sensitive and ever-prepared skin. I’d leverage the distance between his cock and his nose using my superfast calculations on the length of his skinflute from the time it took to piss to leave his cockslit and make contact with my leg, and then use his dick’s length to work out the mean average size of his body and cause the bridge of his nose to explode out of the back of his cranium. Considering the hypothetical setting would likely indeed be in a club, I’d pull the nearest hand-dryer off the wall and, with my amazing flexibility, squeeze like an octopus through the gap and use the hole to reach the outside, tunnelling with my bare hands if need be. The next person to enter the room would think the faggot snorted so much cocaine that he inhaled his own nose bone through the back of his head, but not before throwing a rager, pissing all over the floor and dismantling a hand dryer.

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help his drunk ass to the urinal next to me and then make him buy me my next round as an apology for my pants

trips of destruction



piss on him back

pull out my glock and shoot him in the dick

start jacking it cun hard and squirt my jizz in his eye and give him the aids

kick the shit out of him, he has little bitch boy arms and like 25% body fat

Shoot him in the stomach, then leave.

red-pill hipsters are possibly worse or at least equal to regular blue-pilled ones. and they both reek of soy