What to do if I am rejected by everyone?

What to do if I am rejected by everyone?
Is is okay to kill myself?

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lul wut?


At least you ask them out, I’ve never asked a girl out in my life.

If you live for no other reason, do it for spite

don't kill yourself that's cringe


I accept you OP.
Suck that faggot, no suicide for you.

Of course not. Kill them first.

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If somebody rejects you, it’s their choice and possibly even their loss. Move on, and think nothing of it. Work on building self-acceptance.

No it's not. Stop wallowing this deep in self pity, it literally kill you in your case.
Keep trying, or see if there is something with the way you approach others, or if the people you are choosing just aren't genuinely interested in you. There are many things I can say but I don't have any idea of who you are or who you are going for.

Stop being such a bitch, people have it worse out there.

Also by keep trying I mean, just try on asking out others, not the same person. That sounded like scary advice.


life is objectively shit for everyone
women have as much of a right to decide who they want to date as you do
rejection, in many cases, just means you're not that person's type, not that you are not worthy of someone's affection

I've been told I'm a solid 8-9/10, have done various modelling gigs, am in an ivy league institution, spend about a hundred bucks a month on beauty products, am extremely body conscious and still face rejection
the difference is I keep trying

Are you paying for these modelling gigs or are they pay you cos something definitely aint right here.

modelling gigs were at small fashion colleges, students need semi-decent looking people with interesting faces (I've got a very greek profile which a lot of people like), and are willing to buy me some lunch if I spend 3 hours taking photos in their clothes

It's not only girls y'now. I don't have friends or anyone who I can relate to(a soulmate).
Parents think I'm a fag.
Profs in uni believed i'm dumb af(dropped out).
I don't have any motivation to move forward, to accomplish things.
And I'd like to talk about it, but eryone just turnstheir head.

Wow guys, thanks for so many replies.

No, you pathetic little shit. Don't be a bitch and take the easy way out. If you're rejected by absolutely everyone, then figure it the fuck out and make some changes.

Keep marching on there's more people in this world, rely on your self because that's all you can do, even if it seems hopeless struggle on it's worth it we'll all make it one day

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Why do they choose to continue suffering? Because of instincts?

who the fuck cares? I sat through a 2 hour lecture about a foreign country I won't name from a dude who had multiple degrees from Yale / Harvard, asked him one basic question about that country's society now and he spat out a bunch of total fucking nonsense at me
I looked him up, he never once lived there or spoke the fucking language yet claimed to be an "expert"
Professors are just shitheads who received pieces of paper from other shitheads
Academia is a total fucking joke these days, don't listen to what any of those fuckers have to say

Also, you don't have friends? Go fucking join some online communities with meetups near you, take a shower before you go meet them, listen to what others say more than you speak, nod and make sure they see you're listening, and ask them questions that build upon what they said, that's how you make friends. If they're good friends they'll let you speak and do the same, if not, move on to the next person

I don't belive that i'll get there, only the lucky ones do.

I live almost literary in a shit hole, there is no one around.

What for?

It would be nice if they at least hinted me what's the problem. But they don't, even if I ask...


if these people turn their heads; they aren't worth of your time.
To find people you CAN relate to I would suggest going to events or to gatherings that you enjoy. Break out of your shell and talk about the thing that everyone there is into (airsoft, D&D, coding, painting, martial arts, etc)

To help you mental I suggest working out. Start in your own home if you are shy. There are lots of great places to learn. Youtube buffdudes, You don't have to get jacked, just workout for you, it REALLY helps with mental health.

Fuck what your parents think. Do your thing, man.
Your motivation is to be your best self. Look up Rick Alexander - Morning Coffee, he explores these awesome self topics and you can really put a mirror to yourself. They're super short podcasts that leave you with a question/idea to ponder throughout the day.
Motivation is built through momentum. It starts with one good day. Keep it going and make day two a good day. Every one gets in a rut, your job is to keep it going and keep it positive man. Happiness IS a choice.

There are a few books I would suggest:
Extreme Ownership
Burn Your Couch
Fuck Your Feelings
5 Love Languages
How To Win Friends And Influence People
No More Mr.Niceguy
Jocko (podcast)
Morning Coffee (podcast)
The Red Pill (subreddit) be very careful with this one. I don't necessarily recommend it in this stage and I suggest you only keep to reading the side bar stuff. But I do think you should know of that resource.

Fuck man. The best stories out there are of people that raise themselves from utter shit and make themselves awesome (in their own eyes).

Lastly. You cannot do this alone. There is no such thing as a self made man. We're criticized chastised, and learn incorrectly that a man shouldn't reach out, or is weak for doing so. Seek therapy if you have no one else to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Best of luck my man. I want to know how the fuck you're doing a month from now and so on. Make life your bitch, mold it.

I went to gym while at the uni, but it was so long ago... And last time when I tried to code it went kinda ok, but then my hd died, and with it my hopes to finish that mame emulator.
Got a peek at the Carnagie book while at school, things he describes definetly are not the kind of relationship I'm looking for. But I'll check the other recomendations.


I've been wondering the same thing

What's your story?

You're not being rejected, you're rejecting yourself and more than likely attempting to force yourself into situations/places and then, shocker, you'll feel rejected because your actions are desperate, not genuine

Have you tried self love? Its really effective unless you enjoy hating yourself

good user

i agree with this guy

fuck em all and do you nigga

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Wanna stop trying to be dependent of everyone first?

No one tackled the uni thing so I’ll bite
OP try working with your hands somehow. I was trying to get a chem degree and realized despite how I’d like the prestige and status in that field that I like getting into the niddy griddy and doing shit physically. Construction, plumbing, electrical trades are just a start, there’s a world of trades that exist that I had no clue about. I was discharged from the army with no clue what do to with infantry skills so I went towards trades. Ended up in land surveying somehow, and now I make plats and blueprints for a living. I can’t say it’s something I imagined but I leave work with a smile on my face sometimes because I can say I don’t hate my job.

What is a "self love"?
Maybe now my actions do fall into "desperate" category, but they weren't alway like that, yet results were.

vote for Bernie Sanders and then you can kill yourself faggot

But I know that I want to do science. Is there something else as meaningfull?

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