Go to Walmart, see this what do ?

Go to Walmart, see this what do ?

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Buy in bulk obviously.

>all shaved
turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away from that gay shit

Buy my batteries and leave


Start going to Walmart more often.

Ask if I can try a demonstration of my new cooking appliances

At a walmart? Add 200lbs to each of them and it might be believable

eat ass, ask questions later

t. sasquatch

>Run over to pharmacy (with a small shopping cart) and grab all the Viagra from behind the counter.
>On my way back I'm picking up 2 or 3 of the "Caution, Wet Floor" signs as I'm passing through by departments. (Safety first)
>As I pass by the Checkouts I stop and grab a redbull (to down all the Viagra with) and 2 or 3 bottles of water just in case.
>Down all the Viagra with a Redbull.
>Grab the "Caution, Wet Floor" signs and put them up about 10 feet in front of the group of girls, and the other about 10 feet behind them (safety first)
>Proceed to fuck them furiously over the course of however many hours until I die or am arrested by the police.

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>Go to Walmart, see this what do ?

notice walmart's automotive department got a 4 stall lube dispensing station upgrade.

wonder why walmarts 4 new price scanners get items all slippery & don't go "beep-boop" when I swipe an item past them.

We need a thread for these kinds of pics.

they're lined up in order of how meaty their pussies are kek

Everyone has been switching over to the chip these days. It's a common mistake, no big deal.

Hmmmm...who thinks was him..?!!

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Why the fuck would you see that at Walmart retard

ask the manager what kind of tread life warranty they offer on these.

it's the new "buy 3 get 1 free" holiday sale.

look for price tag, looks like a set, hmm, milk or sex dolls?

hummmm, the new mattress toppers look interesting. one even comes with a massage feature.

what size gravy bowl was I supposed to buy for the christmas dinner?

ask why they are keeping the butterball turkeys in the bedding department.

>what do ?
work on bowling ball grip for 300 game.

call the manager over and ask him: when did Walmart start selling used goods?

ask if they do a BOGOF

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the new ramen noodle bowl flavors are in stock.


Can anyone give names of 3 & 4?
I need to bust a nut to them

>take time to type out greentext
>think its funny
>absolutely isn't funny

why would I see this at walmart?

????, Piper Perri, ????, Kenzie Reeves

OH God all the tiny queens!

Thank christ it's not yet another faggot posting their asshole on Sup Forums

Dont forget to slit your wrists after user for being such a queer little bitch

check price on one on the left