No YLYL.. you laugh you looze efition

No YLYL.. you laugh you looze efition

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Cursed image

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>hahahahaha those men's pants are hiked up too high hahahahahaha

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Only a bulldyke or faggot would find this funny

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but who was phone?

Why are you not buying more corn?

This is from Encino Man

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this one makes sense

Heeeeey! Who thought he was behind that?

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>raining outside
>walk in straight to bathroom
>take a quick piss
>decide to tug on my jacket to get some of the loose water off
>realize it looks like i sprayed piss everywhere
>been hydrating like mad so my piss is clear
>pee a little on the toilet paper because maybe someone will think its just water
>go eat my food without washing my hands because my dick is clean

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Holy fuck user, thank you! I’ve been looking for this image for years!

someone robbed that retard? that made my saturday


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You're welcome, faggot

what. the fuck.


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the original story hehind this pic is fucking insane and you are ruining it with your meme faggotry. kill your self, retard

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have a laugh here:

The dog seem pretty happy

Proof the left doesn’t understand how to meme. They probably think it’s hilarious. I felt like I would be laughing if it was 1999 and someone gave me some racy edgy images on a Zip 100 disk

they also had to go through all the trouble of finding gay sex sims mods just to do this. lefty memes are just psychotic rambling that points out how fucked up they are

Fuckin lost oml

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not that poster but what's the actual story?

>ow the edge

>be black caretaker of autistic teenager
>autistic teenager has a fit in middle of the street
>kid has a toy car
>people think it's a gun and call the police
>explain the situation to the police
>sitting right next to the kid on the ground
>hands held high
>pls don't shoot, it's a toy car
>get shot
>why did you shoot me
>i dunno, lol


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>*he says in minecraft villager*

can any army anons actually tell me what she's doing wrong? Don't like being ignorant.

she's pointing a loaded pistol at herself

This destroys the white race.

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black cock shit? butt plug in the middle? can someone explain

Queen of spades. It's a cuck thing

I'll kill myself if you kill yourself first

thanks for translating that queer shit

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i'll probably do it anytime soon, i'll give you a shout in a ylyl thread then

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Sounds like a plan. I'm with you. What will be your vehicle of death?

The Sims has really improved in later releases

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I don't get it

She has that face. You know, that nigger-loving face that nigger-loving bitches have

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OH. That's a pistol.I thought it was the barrel of a rifle pointing outwards.

Thank you for politely answering user. Sorry I am the dumb.

I bet he got a great deal.


pretty shit thread so far


nobody is as dumb as the user directly below this post

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violent blunt crushing force