Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time

>Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time
>"Hey Dad meet my boyfriend Byung-Chul
How do you react?

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you doctor boy now?

With considerably less anger than if she brought a nigger home.

ask him about his math scores.
know my daughter is in good hard working chink hands who will do better than me in life

kiss her on the lips

Fuck my daugter hard and made him watch, he need to know who is the boss here.

So she’s marrying a doctor? what’s the problem here

Fuck him hard and make my daughter watch, she needs to know who the boss is here

if its past 3 or weekend id offer him a beer.... you would be busy makin insta should share cuck threads

Fuck myself hard so they both know whose in charge here.

isnt that the twitch streamer that used to do porn and had a weenie in her buns

Ask to see his 2-incher, and immediately lay me 11-inch monster on the kitchen table to show him who’s boss

Be happy. Won't have to worry about economic stability.

I wouldn't be pissed, but I'd know his parents would be soulless pieces of gook shit. If he was Chinese on the other hand, I'd be pissed

My wife is Asian, so fair enough I give back I guess.

I say hello and come to meet him for the person he is and work towards understanding why my daughter chose this person as I love and support her.

I don't think any of you should be parents. I'm not even going to be a parent.

y'all hateful and will just create more little hate babies

imagine buying a wife that barely speaks english

killing your family name to a gook. your father would be proud

>How do you react?

Assume that he is a Chineese sleeper cell or a Triad. Tell him that I ain't no bitch. Threat to whoop his Kung Lee Pao Ass if the facefucks her, treats her like a whore, slut-trains her, forcefully penetrates her over and over again, or if he tries to raw dog the bitch.

Then I'd suggest tag teaming that ass.

those are not nice things to say

You know how I know that you've never had sex before?

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>You know how I know that you've never had sex before?

Shut up faggot. Go suck a cock.

at least it's not a nigger

can you make up another larp about the cock suckening?

Fine by me. Asian dudes tend to be wealthy. And my daughter is the Hitler ideal, so he will treat her like a queen. Why would I care? He's not some pant sagging nigger or street shitting habbibi.

>suggests sucking cock to every dude he meets on the internet

are you a faggot or what

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This shit pisses me off. Look sugar tits, I'm sorry you look different from everyone else. But I'm gonna let you in on a secret, white people ask each other that exact question all the fucking time. When we say "where are you from originally", we aren't implying thar you're some sort of foreign other. We want to know your heritage, and would love to tell you about ours. Nearly every white person I've had a friendly/romantic relationship with has asked me that question.

Hide the dog and cat.