Hey guys need your help

Hey guys need your help.
What's wrong with my asshole?

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It's a little chap, put some chapstick on it

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hemorrhoids, pretty developed ones I´d guess. You may need surgery.

hemmoroids, get preparation H wipes and witch hazel on it and they will shrink

next time don't take the cock without lubing up first

What are H wipes.
Kek, never took a dick, I'm not gay afaik

Have them since I'm 16 or something. They just bother me when I have to Shit, takes me like 10 Minutes to push out the whole log

Pro Tip: Put water in a condom, tie that thing up, put it in the freezer. You can then place the frozen water condom **on** (not **in**) your asshole for relieve.

Looks like a pink walnut. It sore?

> **on** (not **in**)
Clearly a bruh moment
Thales for the advice

hemorrhoid wipes. what he's referring to are wipes that contain some sort of astringent or sympathomimetic to vasoconstrict blood tissue around your sphincter

then don't shit so hard. you got them from straining too much. either you pushed too hard or someone fucked you too hard, they don't just come out of nowhere.

third option is you're morbidly obese and carrying the massive weight of your body caused them. (pregnant women can get them this way but you're a guy so the only way to cause it is too many big macs.)

dont use your ult when pooping

Nope it doesn't, look following


The third option sounds familiar to me.
I was observed since I was a kid, the highest score I reached was 130kg
Now I go down to like 90 kg.

It’s not a million miles away

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why does pooping feel so good

I ment the sore not the object it looks like.

Pushing a dick out of your ass feels better

You got the roids user. God help your soul, I'll be praying.

Thank you, hope a priest can help me

I have the same thing, but I’m a fag who takes a fist in his ass weekly—so I enjoy the purple flower

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If expelling poison every day felt bad that wouldn't be a good thing

ur fat gross die no one likes fat fags

Why is there an entire sub culture called bears then?

You don’t have to like it you gross twinkthot, like I said I get plenty of action.

How do you manage to get ur fisters if you're fat? ?

didnt know bear meant fat fucks

some people are just prone to them, especially if you sit all day.

doesn't have my dick inside

Post more

You photographed it and put it on Sup Forums. And that is what is wrong with your asshole.

it's sick of your shit

Low quality bait 1/10 for making me reply

Kink sites and apps, local fetish groups, bath houses.

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