Wholesome Loli Thread (Last one reached limit)

Wholesome Loli Thread (Last one reached limit)

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What does "wholesome" mean?

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wickr me :3 write fag looking for the goods. ERP, curate, and hopefully some invites!

which artist is this? I really like the style

Filling both holes when you and your buddy are having sex with a cute sexy loli.

(Honnryou Hanaru)

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veranoicarus is my wickr!

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You're very welcome~

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Literally me.

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You want to be bent over taking it?

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real lolicons self-insert as the lolis so it's okay if you do

I know I wish I was that loli

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Is this from a game?

What sort of homosexual wouldn't?

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I think some dude just makes these

"Custom Udon" on pixiv

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you got anymore of this

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filesize is too large to post

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that's a boy

Stop pretending everything is okay.

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That doesn't really make sense unless you mean we're pretending sex with children is ok. There is no opportunity to pretend in this case as it plainly is.

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Shit like this makes me realize I look at the threads out of more than just morbid curiosity

If you still have the choice, you should probably leave now. This shit is intoxicating.

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So is this

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I like boys. I recently read a super good hmanga involving them.

1: nhentai.net/g/172608/
2: nhentai.net/g/173892/
3: nhentai.net/g/175038/
4: nhentai.net/g/188188/
4.5: nhentai.net/g/254961/
5: nhentai.net/g/255138/

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That's way too big for her.

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Love finds a way

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and that way is masturbating because none of her orifices are big enough

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With a little elbow grease and a lot of patience even the smallest hole can serve its function.

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I came to it. What do about sick feeling

idk, make sure you're fit so you can jack off until you're 70

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Accept it. Start a loli collection and keep jerking off its already to late if you came.

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If I had a child bride, I'd hope she'd let me brush her hair! ^w^


You don't brush your brides hair. You brush your daughters hair.

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I feel you. That's why she would have to let me silly.

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I do not know who you are , but that's some great taste dude, keep it up.

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might ditch soon

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Oh well, then that's that. Have a good day user.

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Shuna Kagami.

cute irl loli

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That’s gay

>I like boys

>That's gay
Well I do like boys

Boys and girls aren't so different at young ages. Take a look at the magna I linked

Is he about the choke the shit out of here?

>Well I do like boys
I like boys but I’m not gay, it doesn’t count as gay to like little boys since they aren’t manly

perfect logic

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They're less well behaved and more physical in their meanness. Boys are for violent rape only.

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in my experience, boys respond so much better to authority than girls

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>I like boys
>I'm not gay

Pick one.

Cute! Love it when lolis hug teddybears

If anybody wants to swap girls or guys wickrme: scribeal

What a hero

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>Boys are for violent rape only.
Nah, it's way hotter to mold them into being eager little buttsluts.

Ngl, I'm new and I'm getting into all of this, where would one go to find more loli?

Pixiv and exhentai for starers.

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inshallah may allah have mercy uopn your soul

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Weak ass bait, try again

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One of my faves right here

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Your local kindergarten

i love the tiny pubes

What if daughter is bride

death penalty

Who better to teach her how to take a dick than her daddy

I may want more loli, but I want anime, not irl bs, where can I find more loli?


>I like boys
>I'm not gay
Blow your fucking brains out