There's a 100% chance my gf is hotter than yours

There's a 100% chance my gf is hotter than yours.

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does she have a butthole?

>Having a gf
Let's start there

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nice body but her face looks like 100 iq

It's just the angle. Her face is actually very pretty.

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Nudes or it didnt happen

Nope, cute girls don't poop or fart so that means no butthole.

That's an above average iq for a black person

She's very cyoot

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not interested then.

Ass pics of her please

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You're lucky, don't be a retard and post pics of her online,


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She looks like she'd be the kind of vapid person who has nothing to contribute to conversation and just absorbs attention.

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Not that hot. Need to see more to make sure

That's what I thought too but she's actually pretty fun

Would you mind if I masturbated to her photographs?

Oh wow
Any asshole pics of her please

oo you right, my bad.


She’s hot, but it’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker when she runs off and fucks some inattentive bad boy type

busty brace face is your gf?
>(X) for doubt

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Busty braceface got her braces off? Good for her.

OP’s right....

there's a 100% chance this is some rando you pulled off motherless

For now. She'll get bored of you soon enough

also sage

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If this is even real there's a 100% chance you're retarded

There's a 100% chance my brain is healthier than yours.

That excuse for cunt is ruined her

Lmao this virgin

Dude, until now she was an 11/10
I’m just being picky I guess, but that pussy is not very appealing
If she had little/tight lips or an innie she would be absolutely perfect

Waste of quints
Kys gaywad

Calm the fuck down newfag

I think her pussy exploded

awwww, did baby miss in a roll thread because of this guy?
fucking top yourself faggot

Fucking checked! Now op has to share videos in a vola room

disgusting octopussoir. seruisly id puke if i was forced to lick her octopussoir

At least it's easy to fix that with surgery.

top yourself? are you having a stroke?

All these cool numbers in a dumbfuck post. Such a waste. Checked!


nice body, good enough ass, ugly pussy and avarage face. 7/10

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nice samefagging op. just accept the fact that your gf has an ugly vagina.

22 year old virgin
You win by default

Fucking virgins itt judging a delicious puss when they’re never even seen one with their own eyes. Top kek, keep the comedy gold coming, twinks!

Her pussy isnt hot but to say her face isn't pretty is blasphemous.

i have a wife and all but 1 gf i had had normal vaginas. go fuck yourself with your ugly vagina you lil cunt. not every girl has a disgusting vagina and there are dudes that fucked those people. lil sad motherfucker.

Or some scissors

damn op trying to defend that ugly pussy is.

Imagine one simple word triggering you like this

It's crazy how much I don't believe you. Also her vagina is normal and I think you might be gay.

top kek thats a fucking stingray for a pussy

That would be oddly satisfying.

Agreed user.

That shit is fucking vile. I know women don't get to choose their vagina like men can't choose their dick size but, oooof.

I mean, I'd still stick it in her but I wouldn't stay the night...

So many 14 year old virgins in this thread..

It means kill yourself in other countries
JFC you’re not very educated are you?


dude she's like a 7 in looks
which is still better than average. her long legs are probably her best assets
I'll keep my gf tho, I preffer some thiccness

You wouldn't stay the night with a hot girl because she has some extra skin down there? Really??

Sorry I don’t live in a 3rd world country where they communicate like that. Stay mad, tho ;)

This is my boyfriend

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No, upon seeing that blown out excuse for a birthing canal would cause me to turn 360° and walk away

At least it can be fixed y'know? I feel bad for guys with small dicks cause they can't do anything about it.

>Her pussy isnt hot but to say her face isn't pretty is blasphemous.
you know what "subjective" means, do you? and ye, maybe avarage was a wrong assesment. You are right, she above avarage but nothing special. Especially on her second pic. That really doesn't look special to me

Like England? Cause they say that there you fucking amerifat

There's a 100% chance I would eat that pussy before impregnating her.

Those pictures were taken 3 years ago

Like she’d let you anywhere near her anyway, you pretentious prick

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...360° means you made a circle...

Doubt it, I could be a fucking hand model.

>people dont like ugly disgusting vagina
>hurdur u are virgin huehue

Everyone has their "things". One of mine I discovered after bedding women in my twenties was that I love innies.
Not her fault, I know. It's just a matter of preference.

>inb4 rape

Yikes do they have some blood pressure meds that you can take for your stage two hypertension? Go brush your teeth or something.

please tell me you’re not that retarded

How poor are you exactly? That room says a lot. She cute tho.

is than an alien facehugger? im afraid

Fucking newfags

you really can’t let this go, can you?

I agree user.
I find her face a bit mouse like. Like she's hiding her giant rat teeth in her mouth. It's just.... distracting.


Where's the imaginary girlfriend

Ugly fuck braa

Its not like all girls get hotter as time passes
if you had better pictures you would have posted them already
also her face has a weird shape in how her cheecks are so wide compared to the upper part of the head

You’re the one that’s upset.....and continues to reply.


She is hotter than pretty mcuh every single bird i;ve banged

A genuine 7. Ive done better

I’m not the one you were talking to, I just get tired of seeing stupid fucking banter like that here. So say what you’d like to me, I just want you to shut the fuck up

gargle semen

God damn only fuck her for the heat.oh ya and empty my bag

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You must be killer at parties

this is my gf

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