Sick of Tinder threads? Introducing Muzmatch thread

Sick of Tinder threads? Introducing Muzmatch thread.

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fuck off

A BBC would look good up her ass.

Unlucky on the quads

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Lucky number dubs

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This is hilarious

You don't get it, we are not sick of the site itself. It's the fucking mongoloid shit skins spamming

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this one is cute

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Shes a bit crazy

could a white male non muslim, find a nice muslima to fuck on there?

i find muslim chicks to be much better in the bedroom because they make up for all of their insecurities via their oral skills

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Thanks for making me aware if this site OP. I love muslim chicks especially in hijab and abaya and such. Any good finds in that catagory on there?

a ton

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Dayuuum, downloaded it and went on but seems pretty much you have to be muslim. Sucks a little but its interesting. Muslimah are beautiful women afterall.

Put yourself down as a 'convert' and let the right swipes roll in. I've matched with over 20 chicks today. Not even muslim bro

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Oof maybe then, just learn the basics and fake it i guess? Sadly most the ones round me had their images private and it tried to get me to pay so i decided to uninstall for now but thanks for showing it me. I will deffo come back to it!