New shouldnt share

New shouldnt share

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Looking for more of this married slut

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wish making webms was easier so heres a ss instead

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Gf sitting next to me

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Any interest?

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Does she know you’re doing this? I’ve put my girl onto it she actually likes it


Photoshooting the GF did as a gift for her fuckbuddy

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fuck she's great

Latina side chixk

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Interesting. More

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Nah she doesn't

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Average college gf

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Did she pay someone to take the photos? Any zoomed out?

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What if she knew? Also take a photo rn

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wow.... more?!

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ran out of pics since it's mainly just vids - new girl

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wow what an ass! more ?

Is this the married slut? How did you start fucking her?

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It has been a professional photographer, so I guess she paid him, yeah.

Unfortunately she sent me just a selection of the pics. She did show me all, there were a bunch of zoomed out ones.

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lmk for more

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She'd be irritated /embarrassed

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any nude?


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Wow any more?

It's so sexy that she only showed you several zoomed in pictures. But her fwb gets to enjoy the full beauty of her. So fucking hot. How many fwb orbit her?

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her ass? thong?

>my favorite

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More like this

wow ty! youre lucky man

You have kik would love videos , either way keep going

don't blame you

She showed me all, but sent me very few. She made it very clear that they are not meant for me...

2 fwb that I know of. I do not know them for real of course, never met them.

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U like my gf tiny butt?

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More tits or more in white?

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Mine. Wwyd ?

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no kik sorry

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partial face?

Ex gf, def should not be sharing.

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like this? got close up tits too if you want that

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Holy shit! Full frontal w face please. Also any feet pics, or bent over and spread. More snapchat with dirty talking please.

Does she tell you where she's going when she fucks her fwb? Does she send you pics and vids of her being railed? I fucking love that her fwb will have these full pics of her. So fucking sexy!
That's so sexy and so hot!

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Sure, just all you got really

Middle one

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just what i could find off the top for dirty talking

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She loved anal

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Nice man, any makeupless nudes?

Show us some nudes

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more like this!

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She does tell me, yeah. We live together and we are very open with that. We have to be.

No, she does not send me pics or vids, but we do talk a bit about it when she comes home.

Gotta leave in a bit. Text me at nightwatch3r at protonmail if you wanna know more.

Fuck more

Bro I would get her pregnant. She’s made for that

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i dont have any more of her with dirty talk that i can find rn so here's a diff girl

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God more

Wasn’t a thong in that pic. She does wear them sometimes though

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Turn her around?

more of her face and tits

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Any requests?

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Any takers for petite?

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Moar of her!


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