I hate this bitch so much I want to die

I hate this bitch so much I want to die

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Is that nudeobama

Post more

Get back at her by posting her nudes

Freudian slip

I’m good. I told her to stop texting me but I want her to text me lmfao

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Post her body at least or iG?

She dump you or sth like that?

Her IG got disabled cuz she’s a fuckin whore and does stupid shit
Here’s her sending shit to her e-cuck ex while we’re supposed to be together
Nah I blocked her on everything last night but I miss her cuz we got comfortable

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Any actual nudes?

Yes I’m not posting bruh

I still dont get why you blocked her if you like the bitch but sure man you do you

What's the point of this thread then?

Idk to vent bc I’m lonely and sad Because she been talking to her ex when she swore she doesn’t and constantly talks shit about everyone and starts fights, all her friends didn’t even realize how she was until I told em ab her n now they all dropped her

>Cuck cuck cuck cuck

Not really, I took her v card when that ex wanted it hella bad so he threw a fit and that’s how I even got those ss

Just drop the nudes already fuuuuuck
She sounds like she doesn't deserve any better anyway

She’s disgusting. She doesn’t even deserve me thinking about her but here I am

She looks like every Latina THOT is saw back in High School and in Community College. Just avoid her. There is no reason why you should intact with her. Sending her nudes would make the situation worse since you posted you're Discord conversation with her.

That’s her n her ex’s not her and I’s

But still, you shouldn't be posting DIscord conversations like that, unless they browse Sup Forums like us. Still though, those are private and you should avoid causing drama.



You’re probably right, I’m being immature but They’ve already caused so much it doesn’t even fucking matter I just hate it all

Why dont you just treat her like shit and use her how you see fit?

My advice, just leave it alone and don't care. It's obvious that there more drama than what we can see. Don't make the situation worse. But hey, you do you.

I wanted to fuck her last time and jus get vids so I have them if she ever tries shit
So just stay strong and don’t talk to her right

She doesnt deserve any respect. She probably will like you better the worse you treat her

I honestly just used her as comfort cuz I’m a very lonely individual

> So just stay strong and don’t talk to her right
Yeah. Pretty much. Dont' waste your time on a THOT. All they think about is who is the next guy to take advantage of. Trust me, talking from experience. Had a THOT almost report me for sexual harassment because I told her to stop being a whore.

In all honesty, you should go fuck another girl, take pics and then send them to her. Give that slut a taste of her own medicine AND show how little of an impact she has on your life.

Nothing gets women interested more than paying 0 attention to them. They get even more interested with the less of a fuck you give.

There are better ways to get comfort. Actually try to play a couple of Video Games or actually do some physical labor or just go to the gym. Also, porn viewing would make it worse since its filled with THOTS and makes you even more depressed.

She’s threatened me with way worse lmfaoo CP n shit but in reality she knows all the names of those lil girls
I could but Wouldn’t that be messed to THAT girl

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we all been there Sup Forumsro. if you could spend the same amount of time on self improvement instead of this hoe you would feel so much better.

also do this

I’ve been trying to start my first business (I’m 16) with e-commerce but I need to hustle for some capital first, I feel very confident that I will be successful though as I believe in the process of success and not the end result, I honestly feel disgusted with myself that I let this thot even get dick from me and get my attention
We’ll see what happens. I know she loves the sex

Dubs don't lie, but they sure talk like a bitch.

If you are trying to take the moral high ground with a Thot, you're a bigger incel than we thought.

Unless that's what you're aiming for?

I think you should sue her if she contacted the police on you for that. But then again, knowing THOTS, they don't know how to talk to a single police man without bringing out the fact that they are a victim of something stupid or doesn't even know how the law works.

so u gon post her nudes here or what


Moral high ground? Idk what that means I do what I want

well I've just gone and fucked myself by getting dubs after calling you a bitch

I really don’t have money to sue but if it came to that I would, she poor asf too but I’d make her life hell

women do it enough, why not OP

We'll see what happens, rn i jus wanna get a vid of me fucking her so i have leverage lmfao

Doesn't matter if she's poor. What she's accusing of you doing is actually a crime. Report if she does contact the police and file it as defamation.


see i actually told her i have an open case w that shit (from a previous girl) soooooo but yeah even if i have an open case with that shit its defamation

So, you can fuck with her that way. File the report and have that THOT rot in jail. Less whores on the planet.

Why would she go to jail?

Usually, defamation this big can land her on jail. She is basically wasting federal and local officials time for something big like CP. You don't mess and waste time with the federal government.

What if i actually have a case open for CP

drop a video i tryna see sum

nno im GONNA do that

then ur fucked bro and making this thread is leaving more evidence of that, You do know they can just request this entire thread at any time right?

mediafire video right now

yeah they alr took my phone and harddrives tho

and you don't think they are taking note of any internet you use until the investigation is done? You are a dingus.

im young asf i dont know about this shiit :( they pressured me

I'd just stay off Sup Forums if I was you then

ok good idea