Why do so many girls have sex with dogs?

Why do so many girls have sex with dogs?

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the knot feels amazing

If they are going to fuck an animal they might as well do it with one that isn't going to end up in jail.

Nearly 8billion people on this planet. 4 ish billion are girls. If 1% are in to fucking animals that's 400000 if 1% of them film it that's 40000...thats why

Like a nigger?

Look guys, he got the joke

Anyone got any good dog on lady hentai/cartoon/comic pics?

To date, I have inseminated 10 women with my German shepherds coom. I harvest it an hour before they come over for hookups. I tell.then it's lube. Kek.

If true.. that’s glorious

100% true sir. All these women are stuck up as well. They probably don't even know dog fucking is a thing.

youre the reason i want to kill myself. you gullible retards make me want to jump into oncoming traffic. thanks

Hey Bros cheg dis shid out pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d66c33614332

It's the knot

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I let my German shepherd fuck me in the ass when I was a teenager but no one cares cause I'm a guy.

women are trash, that's all

Yup. Knot and the HEAT

LOL dogs
>my dad bought me a sexhorse

I would love that

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It was fucking surreal. Couldnt believe what I was doing, yet I still kept coming back for more and more.

That was years ago and he's no longer with me now. I've tried using bad dragon and other realistic canine dildos and it just doesnt even come close. Shit sucks.

Did you get scratched at all ? Any other stuff ? was it regular/ one time thing ?

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stop samefaggoting

Are you a mong ?


Yes. I always did it it completely naked because I enjoyed the feeling of his rough fur on my back and claws scratching at my side, it just felt more...raw. I'd have scratches on my back just like that pic but it wasnt anything i couldnt make a shitty excuse for or deflect away from explaining, as my parents never really pressured me about it or put two and two together.

And it was a semi-regular thing. Only could do it at night when everyone was asleep and mainly on the weekends because of school.

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What island are you on?

Its the Jewish influence

I'm a guy but in my early 20's I was a little twink with low self esteem. I had sex with probably 20 dogs. I would let almost any dog I met just mount me when ever I had the chance. I once had 2 dogs at the same time and boinked a few females

What was your favorite breed?

And what was your first time like?

Kek noice, ever get knotted?

first time hurt he was a lab spaniel mix
sorry i could never get the knott in

Greentext the time you were with two dogs at once

So you fucked 20 dogs, and not once got the knot in?
...nigga you fail at doggy sex.

Not so many. The percentage of women who fuck dogs is similar to the percentage of men who fuck other animals.
Also you should probably know: that a person (not even necessarily a girl) says she "loves" her dog, does not yet mean anything sexual; unless you saw her actually doing it with an animal, she probably doesn't.

You jerk off your dog.

Dogs love unconditionally. They don't care if you're fat, ugly or have small boobs.

No he fucks me and coins in my ass. I then squirt out the coom into a bowl then bottle it in an old ky lube bottle

I was expecting some cursed shit on here, not porn. wth is wrong with you guys

That's not really any better.

U asked a question nigger




It’s an obvious thing to do.

Why waste time in telling us then fuck knuckle?

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Sorry, what are you trying to say here?