Chemtrails aren't real, goy. That's condensation

Those conspiracy theorists are nuts.

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Unironically take your meds schizo, I bet you also believe the earth is flat to.

t. chemtrail pilot

Tell us how you distinguish contrails from chemtrails.

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Nice try. Lucky for you in a fat lazy asshole, or if flood this thread with so many pictures of lappin grids and patterns inexplicable by commercial flight patterns that you'd have to get a briefing on how hard to shit yourself.

t. Christcuck flatearther schizo.

Get the fuck out of here. Jesus H Christ

Take a mile walk on a cold day. Turn around and look back and see if your breath is still hanging in midair clear back to where you started. Also, it's funny how we have a clear blue sky like this, then pic related happens, and 3 hours later it's grey as fuck. Every single time. That's just my observation though.

They’re poisoning us with chemicals, just not with chemtrails.
Take your meds schizo

What are the byproducts of the reaction when you burn a hydrocarbon fuel in an oxygen environment?
What is the average temperature at 20,000+ feet?

It would appear that I've upset a few people.

>Be me
>old fuck
>interested in aviation from a young age
>fly r/c planes for 30 years
>spend lots of time looking at sky
>planes did not do this in the past.

Maybe I'm just from a different timeline.

>I exhale a similar amount of gas as a giant turbine fan spinning at thousands of RPM

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>planes did not do this in the past

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Watch the sky. You can see trails small trails around 10x the length of the plane without dissipating some 100x and some horizon to horizon.
For deniers to prove thier point all they need is to present a model to predict trail length from altitude and temperature.
If it's simple condensation this should be very easy but they wont

to start try paying attention to something for more than 12 seconds

These idiots think h2o is water. It aint. But youre right about that equation. Some more variables but good enough.

dumbest /x/ larp in history. liked it better when schizos thought everyone was a lizard instead


>Also, it's funny how we have a clear blue sky like this, then pic related happens, and 3 hours later it's grey as fuck. Every single time. That's just my observation though.

I have never seen anything like this.

chemtrail fags on suicide watch

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Comparing your breath at ground level to a running turbine engine at 40k altitude is a joke. Also
it's funny how we have a clear blue sky like this, then pic related happens, and 3 hours later it's grey as fuc
You realize clouds can form, right?

fun fact. I'm an American expat living near an airport here in South Africa and literally 0 'condensation' trails. Chemtrails are most likely a real conspiracy. The entire sky was full of them over my house in America. I can't remember seeing a single one in South Africa.

See If the chemtrails are still able to gray out the entire sky where you live, you need to make a shitload of these. Put them all over your town.

>Turn around and look back and see if your breath is still hanging in midair clear back to where you started.

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Everyone wants to sit at the grown up table as if it's some accomplishment. All you have to do is not be a retard and be self reliant to some degree.

>Correct Terminology



Off you go now.

Yep. Just a normal day of air traffic.

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>I'm an American expat living near an airport here in South Africa and literally 0 'condensation' trails.
>I'm an American
That explains why you're so fucking retarded then. I live right at the foot of the tygerberg hill. All planes landing at Cape Town international airport fly straight over it to land. I watch planes a lot and see it often.


OP is 100% correct - Everything you know is a lie.

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you have probably never left the country you mong otherwise you'd know that a 200 meter condensation trail is nothing like the trails that blot out the entire sky in the US. there are videos that show the difference between the two.

so in this post you acknowledge the existence of contrails in south africa

Take a look at the air quality studies that were done in the week after 9/11. All airline traffic was grounded and this provided a unique opportunity to study the lower atmosphere without planes impacting it.

officially, the massive change is attributed to the lack of normal air traffic. doubt.

h2o is literally water

there is obviously some manner of weather manipulation going on. no one is sure if this is just experimentation or if they're implementing something.

KYS, kike

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They fall and spread wider and wider and some days the same planes will just criss cross the sky.

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chem trails arent even a conspiracy. its called geoengineering. they seed clouds with aluminum and barium particles as a way to reflect some sunlight.
its not poison, but it does fuck up the soil a bit though.

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The secret chemtrail feed line.
>Look Igor this is the afterburner switch, with this you make Americans go insane.

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>no one is sure
we've been using weather manipulation since the dustbowl.
the most common technique is cloud seeding.

Abandon flights goy. Use bicycle

weather modification has been a thing for years and years and years.
I'm tired of tarded normies acting like it's some tinfoil shit

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I wonder if some machinist made this orgone shit up to sell his scrap metal to retards for hundreds of dollars a pound.

Kek, no idea what you are talking about.

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real question is: why is our ionosphere full of strontium and aluminum

I dunno, guess it has nothing to do with the hundreds of fucking nuke we blew in the 50-60'.

and the aluminum, the gold?
>i-it's just light pollution

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That’s not even a real photograph you fucking retard

Large part of aluminium is from cloud seeding.
That's just an overexposed picture of the atmosphere airglow.
>That is here is a knife!

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>That's just an overexposed picture of the atmosphere airglow.
Don't play with me senpai

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You are playing yourself

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Top fucking kek

What makes more sense. Contrails are caused by condensation, or 'the men' are spending billions spraying us with chemicals that are that potent that they work from 40000 Ft.?

Is that you James?

Maybe.....explain more

I work in a top secret science lab underground compound near tel aviv with military guard. We research on particles that have a negative effect on human cognitive capabilities and particles that suppress the procreation cycle of humans. Ama

Are you a filthy jew?

What do you think of Vanunu?
Have you made peace with your god?


I'm a bendi driver if that helps

Maybe this smuck meant hydrogen 2 oxygen

Guys I'm an oldfag scientist and I don't believe in chemtrails because it doesnt make sense logistically, but for real this is a recent phenomenon, if you are under 25 you are used to seeing them I'm sure it all makes perfect sense, but for older people going outside and seeing dozens of lingering contrails instead of 0 is something you notice,

We used to call them "jet" trails, because you only saw them behind military Jets, the trails behind regular commercial jets only lasted a few minutes.

Also there never used to be contrails in movies, so if you want proof, go watch several dozen old 90s movies then watch several dozen recent movies filmed in an appropriately similar setting, there are no contrails in the old movies,

It's probably a symptom of CO2 saturation or something, but there is definitely something different.

No one talked about chemtrails in the 90s because there weren't any...

There were no high bypass engines in the 90s either.

Also commercial planes fly a lot higher than they used to.

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Love your work.

They could easier put it in our water supply. There is no need to spray it 40,000 feet up. Inb4 flouride.

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This is cloud seeding you fucking moron. They literally fly into thunderstorms and drop propane like shit out of a tethered boom behind the plane. The molecules add condensation nuclei into the storm to change the thunderstorms stage from building to a dissipation stage to make it rain so tornados don’t suck up your moms trailer in the park with you in it. Nothing to do with contrails

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Don't look at them too long. Follow the planes back to the hangar.

Not that user but It's weather modification. It's entities fucking with shit they don't need to. That's the reason shit is fucked up now. Too many fuckheads wanting to play God. Doesn't matter anymore anyway. The human race will be extinguished soon, again...