Ask a tall-ish gay black adult anything

Ask a tall-ish gay black adult anything

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where you from?

Are you from the UK? Can I have your cock please? :3

You look like a gay black harry potter character. Do you take that as a complement or insult?

dick size?

New York
No because you used an emoticon
I'll take it as a compliment. Harry Potter characters are pretty classy. for the most part anyway
A wee bit over 7


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How'd you style your hair like that? Is it just a two strand twist?

I dont like chicken. I'm like that guy from the oscar winning Green book
It is

Stop being an attention whore.

Fair. What would be your harry potter name? Rule is that you are a black knight so you get referred to as Sir ___ ___ the Black.

Hi op

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Top, bottom, or switch?

would date white? u cute

I will in a bit and then I'll shut up forever
Sirius Black is taken so something like Castor Binkly probably

Why haven’t you killed yourself yet faggot nigger

Top but I mean, if someone wanted to breach my defenses I'd let them
I'd date any race. The problem is getting them to date me
KH3's dlc isn't released yet

Sir Castor Blinky Black? Interesting choice. Would you be a good dude or bad dude explain why or ill fucking murder a kitten.

I'm not edgy enough to be bad at most I'll be a good guy who through inaction allows bad things to happen. Probably get a talking to by one of the heroes

Kek I can just imagine harry potter bitching you out because you let some asshole get killed. Also what the FUCK are we talking about man? Im high as fucking shit.

why you gay and not straight? What makes dick better than pussy?

I dont know, I've never even seen a Harry Potter movie
it's like only the top 20% of vaginas like nice while over 40% of dicks look like something that I could be a part od

Well it was fun gay black guy. Thanks for the chat, brightened my mood a little. Have a good day bro.

Aren't you warm? You're wearing 4 layers. Christ.

It's freezing in most rooms of my college

This thread again are you gonna at least show your stomach this time

would you?

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You look good man, get much ass ?

Depends on what the face looks like. Have to see it from a different angle too
You got trips so I'll pull through
Nope. lol
I get sucked kinda often though

Dick pic or gtfo

not gonna doxx myself tho

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But there's so many dick pics on Sup Forums mine'll just get lost
Forgot pic
Well then I wouldn't, esp. cause you're trying to make yourself feminine which I'm not a fan of in guys

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>Well then I wouldn't

what that so hard

Is you retarded nigger baby?

Why did you steal my bike?

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Is you bitch?
Because you're a pussy who wont so anything about it

I feel like your homosexuality does not define the entirety of your personality, unlike most, and for that, I commend you.

How big is your dick?

I dont like the idea of someone knowing I'm gay just by looking at me or by hearing the way I talk so I do my best
7i by 5.5

Can you prove you are not 2 midgets in a long coat pretending to be a tall guy

This is an underated post
This user is based no homo

I showed my stomach, does that count? I have the foot size of a tall-ish guy too

So who do you like better white guys or black guys?

U like white boys best?

If I had to pick between a white guy and a black guy then I'd probably go with a white guy not cause I like em better but because interracial is kinda hot. Any race is fine though

Im not conviced i need a timestamp
This seems more and more like a pair of interacial midgets larping as a tallish gay guy

Has someone ever penetrated your ass

I'd do that but I dont have any paper. Maybe I could make a gang sign instead
No no no

Have you ever had 2 guys wearing MAGA hats throw bleach over you, call you a faggot and put a rope around your neck when all you wanted to do was get a subway sandwich?

>No no no
I thought you were a faggot

Yeah and then I got sued by the city of chicago for all the wasted man hours spend looking for the perpetrators
I'm top flavored gay but i could possibly be vers flavored in the future maybe.

Those mother fuckers.

Do you ever fear for your life or have you been the recipient of any homophobia or racism in your adult life?

I'm from NY too and I think you're cute

I'm straight tho

I have gotten tastes of racism, nothing to write home about just comments about my hair or how I talk. I'm not afraid of experiencing any racism though because I feel like I can handle it. Homophobia I never get because only a select few know that I like guys in the first place.
Thanks man, I'm not gonna bully you by calling you gay by thinking a man is cute but I thought about it.

What's your relationship with your father like?

Why are you black?

Ever fucked emos/arthoes?

how tall are you

I haven't talked with him in a long while and he doesn't know I like guys but to other than those two very bad things it's not that bad.
my mom likes Prince so and wanted me to emulate him
No but I wish. I wouldn't mind banging it out to Numb/core
5'11" and a half. Just 5'11" is what I tell people and they get the extra half for free

Is your name Max?

why don't you never start conversations with me on wickr?

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also how's your cat

Ever had an experience with a woman?

Cause you usually messaged me first so I assumed that if you dont message then you're busy, cause one of my other friends is like that. Plus wickr isnt on my home page so I be forgetting that I have it. Hey man. Cat's fine, how's the bird?
I've been forcibly kissed by one but otherwise no

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Do you think you'll ever bottom? It's kinda nice

Why do black people hate gays so much? It seems like they hate gays more than any other race.

Your eyes. I think I love you

It seems like a pain in the ass
I think that after surviving a generation of Tyler Perry's Madea movies, black people just dont want to see a black guy act feminine in any way.
I just got lucky, they usually dont look so nice


that's fine, i am almost never busy tho, feel free to message me when you want to, if you want to. Bird's fine i assume, i freed him some days ago, forgot to tell you about it. He was really healthy at the time so i assume the best.

It only hurts if you don't prep. Fingers, and a toy. After that it feels like heaven and honestly feeling a dudes desperate selfish monkey brain thrusts are fucking sexy.

To each their own though.

Show lips? Odd request I know but my favorite thing about black guys is their perfect kissing lips.

You're pretty cute

You play any vidya?

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Switch here, bottoming actually feels really nice, but I think I might just take to it better than most people

Why did you choose to be black?

Dun have it.
I actually didn't think you'd be releasing it so soon but then again it is a bird I guess they mature pretty fast. Props on you for doing that because I probably wouldn't have been able to take care of an animal so impromptu like that. Least of all with a cat in the house.
Soulcalibur and final fantasy pretty exclusively these days


>too lazy to copy and paste link lol


Join this discord server for some awesome porn and lit tits and shit.

I heard they were more athletic and I was struggling in gym class. But then even after becoming black I still sucked. That's a gay joke.
Uhhhhh alright.
That's what I figure

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it was a bit soon, but he was already pretty healthy and if i kept him too long i wouldn't be able to release him, his place was with nature and i am pretty sure i saw him flying by my window some days ago, which makes me happy.

do you like this song:

you ever seen a man with a vagina? there was a dude on here yesterday with androgen insensitivity . it means that your body doesn't respond to testosterone. since the body starts as female, and becomes male through testosterone, even though this guy had XY chromosomes, he had tits and a vagina.

Well that's a nice ending.
Yeah just change the word pussy to bussy and switch Misty from pokemon with Kiba from Naruto
I have seen cuntboys but I missed that thread. I'm not into them, just in case you were curious.

1st: Are you same guy that keeps making these ama's
2nd: Did Jeffery Epstein kill himself?

Also good hairstyle, most black people have that shitty short haircut

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yes it is him

Yeah I made one yesterday and then a few weeks ago and etc. I'm not the introvert one but thats kinda obvious
And no he was killed. Also thanks, I just like having long hair

Ya cute OP!

can you post your (bare) soles pls? :3

y r u gay?

ur wrong about him being killed. dude wanted himself dead as much as anyone else did.

Are you a top or a bottom?

Whoa! Thanks!
No, bare feet are gross
I was gonna say that actually. Remember the episode of Futurama where Bender went into a suicide booth but then was killed? It's the same thing.
Because guys have a thing to them that women don't.

>Because guys have a thing to them that women don't.
is it a penis


am male, have a penis. Can confirm

Yeah you're a good kisser.

"You got a pretty mouff, boi"

Wait so you're the gay one right?
Then again OP is always gay

I am the gay one, but I dont like traps