If you're a white Male it's already too late for you

If you're a white Male it's already too late for you

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this is true but I can make your entire exstance on this planet a living hell

o rly?

yea bro look what I did to your country

says the POC who wants us DEAd

But you'd also vote for the guy who feeds you even if he's going to keep feeding you until you die of old age. Right?

> now trust us


If sheep could vote they'd pick the guy who feeds them even if another guy was trying to feed them ten feet away

You should save the sheep analogy for arguments that say everyone does the same thing without thinking. You don't have to be sheep to vote for the guy who you think will serve your personal needs the best. Everybody does that. Some people think their needs can only be met if someone else ceases to have his needs met and that's not true. People are stupid in lots of ways that sheep aren't stupid.

what country is that?

if sheep could vote..

sheep : stop boning me already..


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I know niggers and kikes don't know shit about plants and nature but just so you're aware a few hundred malicious Johnny Appleseed types could cause a trillion dollars in damage in about 3 years without ever getting caught; Whites are really good at building successful societies, if we just burn this dead and failed society down around us yeah times will be harsh but we'll be the ones to survive and rebuild it, kikes will flee with their money, niggers will starve and get goodified, spics wont care to come here any longer and all the others will rally around us for protection and civilization and those that act out will face expulsion and worse.

With just a little bit of effort we could anonymously destroy the roads, highways, most public spaces, walking paths/sidewalks, dramatically increase the rate of poisoning deaths in people and animals by a fair margin putting undue strain on the medical system and ruin housing prices and force ghettos and low rent neighborhoods in being condemned, that's just with plants, with silent commercial goods we can pay cash for and leave no record we could absolutely destroy the electrical grid and put it in a state of national emergency considering low production rates for replacement parts.

Whites choosing to become ungovernable could demolish the civilization with just a few thousand participating, a few million and we could probably collapse the whole system anonymously in under three years.

This is before we pick up arms.

All of them.

the chinese would roll in and enslave everyone

>If you're a white Male it's already too late for you
Yes and it ended in '45.

Fuck you nigger we survived a thing called the Black death (which was the hardest working and most hardcore Black ever) which killed 60-70% of us in one generation stronger then ever. History has proven that White man can survive and thrive from Black anything.

what about when all white women are brainwashed into avoiding all white cock? they're already being bred out faster than ever before

Well fuck.

At least we had a good run, boys!

Question....have you actually ever seen pussy? In real life? That didn't involve over priced drinks and a stack of singles?

Ah, fuck you....

Any white male that keeps identifying himself predominantly as white is usually a dumb fucking redneck anyway.
Im gonna commit interracial sexual relations whether you like it or not and none of you can stop me.
I dont give a shit about what colour my offspring will be, only that theyre intelligent enough.
Whiteness isnt going to magically make my kid a genius, whoever thinks that is an idiot.
The future will take the good things from each race and culture and melt them together over time to create something new. People WILL race mix, no amount of right wing ethnic propaganda will chnage that.
If you really care so much about your whiteness, just realise youll be dead and buried by then.

Ill let yall stormfags in on a secret.. The dumber you fucks behave, the more youll push wellthinking white males into actually wanting to try interracial sex.

Ever read any reports on birth rates? Can you refute the numbers?

Ever seen any pussy?

See, we covered this already....no less retarded the second time you say it. ;-)

If you're gonna use race as a basis for intelligence then those fucking little Koreans are the master race.

insightful reply user. i expected less of you. shame.

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Kikes are white people silly and if push came to shove the leftist likes would either die where they stand or try to make up for it. The rest of the Jews already are conservative and look white and would be of great use.

That's what I thought. You respond to facts and numbers with emotional outbursts. I have won.

Why do you assume they would? Have you ever asked any about its opinion?
See, that's the problem. Well, one part of the problem. You extrapolate your own imagination to the entire society, consisting of millions of completely different people.
Another thing is: I'm wondering how many of the people who were executed have voted for politicians supporting the death penalty.

We built everything, the most successful civilization ,I can piss and your ancester without being cocky

White people would do a lot better under Chinese rule than they are doing under Jew rule. 24/7 anti white propaganda, anti white government policies generally called affirmative action, laws specifically preventing whites from disassociating with non whites, mass immigration etc.

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The problem isn't that white women don't fuck white guys, studied show that white guys are the most preferred for among all women. The problem is they use protection unlike POC who have hoards of babies at really young ages.

Imagine actually being a stupid racist. Imagine unironically thinking anything matters because when you die its over. Get a life faggot and stop looking at loli porn.

What exactly is racist about that?

China would do all of those things + executions for dissidents.

whites have the lowest birth rates by far - they're not even at replacement levels

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Not as a result of intermixing, but as a result of birth control and not fucking like rabbits at 12 years old.

China does not do those things, so what the fuck are you talking about? They can execute all the dissidents starting with the fucking rioters who burn down cities every time a cop kills a black criminal.



They constantly have anti-american propaganda and they execute at will. They would enact affirmative action but only for chinese. Others would be punished.

I agree but the end result is far lower birth rates. Whites are done.

Anti american propaganda has nothing to do with race. They have done nothing to indicate what you are claiming. You are pulling all that shit out of your ass. All indications are that they are far more logical than emotional which makes them immune to the anti white tactics of the left.

This would be hot if they were anthropomorphic or humans that have animal traits like fluffy hair for the sheep

I've known people who live in China and this information is not hard to find, jesus fucking christ do you live in a bubble? And yes they are so logical they disregard human rights at will.