It's under attack

It's under attack,0

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k nigga

bump, join the lulz

The samefagging tranny piece of shit that ruined the postal 4 thread was samefagging the earlier thread. I know who you are. You misspelled swastica twice and were replying to yourself you massive retarded pedo faggot


Fuck this thing

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god i hate gays

and i hate you lol

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The bots still hasn't arrived?

You're the postal 4 thread tranny pedo.

Fuck off

While you babies have been fighting a literal computer for a set of black pixels in a flag that represents a defunct, defeated political party, I've been quietly repairing this trans flag border. It's very thereputic.


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no i'm not
no lol

That's super gay

You wish.

ps. everyone who's suddenly started fighting me, thanks for being dipshits :D
Please do give up precious time for a botnet to repair the centre of your flag



What are the coordinates, sir?

Yes you are samefagging tranny
>You wish.

What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?

i have a dick and i pretend that i do not


based af fren

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Lookslike were losing. Should we surrender?

There are two of us (at least), idiot.

What the fuck would the SS say?

finished an unfinished swastika at,-81

the nazis are weak

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The same fag

literally nothing

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Still the samefag.

Why don't you start spamming the infinite folder of child porn you have? Pedo fag?

This one's much better

Start using your bots again or fuck off

no i'm not trans you idiot there's a trans girl here
if you see vanilla gay that's me posting

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listen Sup Forums, you haven't got a clue what you're fighting, you need to stop making threads where you discuss and get on a discord server where you can organise and make sure the trannies and commies aren't listening it. you need to be told about the history of the site so you understand what you're fighting.

WAAAHHH we couldn't collectively fight a rudimentary auto-clicker!
Let's run away where nobody can find us!


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the nazis fear the LGBT warrior

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As much as I'd hate to admit it our convo being out in the open is dangerous, we need a safer means of communication

Yeah sure sameposting fag.

We made this site faggot and we'll ruin it.

Fuck off

Why does the cooldown period get longer the further away you get from the center?

Again. You imply trans people aren't humans.

Also this fag spams this shit on every thread and the reason you all were seething on reddit.
Also same fag.

When did you join, boyo?

This mofo has been here since zero hour, benjamin franklin and /l/

Anyone want to help me give him a Hitler stache?,-84

>This mofo

Talking about yourself.

Is one main guy holding back the diamond at the center? Someone with a bot?

I see some stray clicks but looks like bot vs bot at the center. Bad news is it looks like the diamond botter has special access to get around the proxy check - unlike us. And since you were winning when the board IPs were at 200 he then added 50 more IPs which is why we see 250 now.

But keep it up! You're just about holding him. And he's a poorfag and can't afford many IPs from what we have seen in the past. And if I could find a good enough pool I'd help with my bot. Looking for good way around the check or good IPs they haven't range blocked yet.

God damn it you fucks, stay at the damned centre, you can make your mini flags and other shit when we're not under so much heavy fire, take back our centerpiece

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with that attitude you can give up now, again, you haven't got a clue what you're fighting


wow this just brought some hard nostalgia

Oh nooo. The beast of pedos grooming 13 year olds to start crossdressing.

Fuck off faggot

Behold, a moron.

It literally means the opposite of what you think it means.

Same pedo tranny fag. Fuck off

that increasing player count isn't more anons, or commies, or trannies. its proxies from a proxy bot that the trannies and commies made, and the site owner will turn a blind eye. so either get smart or give up now dumbass

There's a higher cooldown for pixels that have been edited recently, so please go and edit the centre of the flag and impose a long cooldown on yourself, fight the bot that can click twice a second and fail miserably.

Or like, go edit those bits around the edge to erase the pride flags, or the white dots in the arms of the flag - you'll just give the bot even more time to make his edits at the centre.

>it's smart to setup bots for a pixelcanvas website
lmao imagine caring so much about a pixelshit website

someone should really make a discord for this

So what's the Github for the bots?

We are loosing Sup Forumsrothers

I didnt suggest you should set one up, the proxy bot that the commies and trannies use is public. unless you plan on finding or buying premium unused proxies then proxies are out of the question. so come to think about it, you may as well give up. you wont win
get this up and going Sup Forumstards

they have so many bots, yet the swatiska is still recognizable. it's pathetic how they can't even fully wipe it considering that we use zero bots

i already won, because i had fun.

there are no bots you dumb fucks we just know how to do collective action and work together. the only bots involved were the ones that put down this swastika and all that others shit the other day everything else got reverted at least partly but the swastika stayed because you incels have been defending it enough. but we. the owner got rid of all your bots so now you get to see what you are actually able to dod on your own and its not as much as you think. there are no bots we're just winning. stay mad incels

and suggest some dumbass rich user does buy enough proxies to defend, the commies and trannies care too much about the site to let you win, they'll keep going forever with the help of the site owner who will side with them to rollback and pixels placed by your proxies

>there are no bots
> the only bots involved were the ones that put down this swastika

>you incels have been defending it enough
Bitch, I made a thread earlier today telling people to draw a dick on the swastika. You know what they say about assuming.

and also this one:

Anyone try that one? I installed rogerio bot and tested. Not the other one yet.


Can you repeat?

i didn't think i'd have this much fun messing with nazis tonight

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that's the bot we're fighting but the version on gitlab seems to be broken. it wont do you any good without proxies though.

if you don't covwer the swastika with withe pixels you'll die of sugma retards

Sooo everybody on here "hates fags and trannies?" Then why the fuck this board is full of nothing but traps, and rate my dick pics.

They didn't roll back this time. Seems like some special access fag has access to a large pool of IPs for a day or so. Then he's back to 150 or so IP and why we don't see heavy snow. It's one guy defending our attack.

>we know how to do collective action
yet there is a huge swatiska in the middle of the canvas and zero commie symbols

They're still in the denial phase.
Wait till they hear about the Kinsey Scale.

wait till you hear about 2 genders

the site owner wont rollback anything done by the trannies or commies if it was used to cover up "hate symbols". best you'll get it turning all the pixels white, and that's if you're lucky. 0,0 wont be reset

bots made the swastika all those bots got banned. there are no longer bots involved at this moment

I've heard of two. I've also heard of more.

imagine still being stuck on the le only two genders thing in late 2019. we get it you watched one h3h3 video in 2015 move past it shit man its kinda sad how hung up you people are on that one joke lmao

Fuck it, would a Kik group work?

Nobody wants to be friends with a fascist

Another defeat for woke whites, im depressed. What have we become? A minority? I feel doubts in me. Aryan bros is this the end?

just make a discord server

there are only two genders


I suppose the earth is flat, and there's a man in the sky that tells you what to do too?

youve destroyed me im on the floor bawling my eyes out im a triggered sjw and ur a very cool epic troll boy im literally crying the left has resigned

Hey another of the commies replying here.

You idiots suck at this game.

Just like Hitler sucked at his

You incels are a bunch of snowflakes

ay dont get cocky dumbass, remember leah

you seem triggered about the fact that there are only two genders. how does it make you feel that i will never change my mind because it's true?

Make the discord

>ay dont get cocky dumbass

Lmao you had a fucking huge swastika in the MIDDLE of the fucking game (That had to be built by 2k proxies) and you idiots still managed to fuck that up.

white genocide isnt real but i wish it was

yeah. trannies are SOOO much better

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We haven't been defeated until we give up!

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if anyone still thinks they can win

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I've come to accept some people are beyond hope.

I hope you're comfortable with how angry the words other people use to describe themselves make you.

Words, user.
You're angry at words.

WhO's TrIgGeReD nOw?