Hey Sup Forums I just ordered some devil nuts aka some cheech from india

Hey Sup Forums I just ordered some devil nuts aka some cheech from india
trips decides how many i eat

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what is that OP? my google search yielding nothing useful


what is the significance of these? what is a devils nut?

Ive heard of these devil nuts before they are rare potent extracts pressed into pill like solids and consumed to get high they originate in india and have been on the uprising lately In the US

im reasonably well versed in obscure drugs an dnever heard of them. neither has erowid. any details? no offense or anything, but this is Sup Forums so im considering the chance that this is all just trolly bullshit

potent stimulant from india comes from these red looking nuts and sprayed with other things usually lime to make it go down easier

devil nuts eternal enlightenment permanent loss of ego live in bliss until u transcend incredibly powerful psychadelia brain fix kill frog people from brazil dressed in black

>devil nuts
>Water caltrop
>looks nothing like op's pic
boof the bag


Can’t believe you actually got a hold of some. From what I remember reading it’s some obscure drug made in India. I know it takes a couple devils for it to hit you. But I’m not sure, so eat at your own risk. I’ll try and find the page I read up on them about

blend them with hotsauce and drink the whole thing




What are these called and what high do they give i want to know so can find them on google.

I work with people who go to India can they be mailed to me idk but I could ask for some rn.

Give me deets bro

Don't be a pussy and just eat the whole bag. One by one until they're gone.

The whole bag.

Fucking all of them

So fucking close.

Devil's nuts is faggot nuts. Only thing I can think of is paan but that's not a nut. Fuck you nigger. Link to info or kys

Whole bag up you ass

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Hello OP im from india too eat all of them.



i will be waiting op.



Will do my brother I will enjoy all the cheech NUT DIAAHAH

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i have eaten a quarter of the bag already and its going well besides the fact its turning me red on my brown hands

whats a devil nut

Post pics fggt

My dude... Those are fucking red pistachios get the fuck outta here bitch ass nigga. Lying to us and shit, punk ass bitch. faggot ass nigga.

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Hope they contain ricin

So they're spicy pistachios?

Are these betel nuts?

silly americans dont know the beetle devil cheech nuts bwhahahahawahaha daiaahh what is a pitcohes any way lmao

yes thats what i have been saying cheech nuts

Show us your teeth

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