When are the "Irrational Republicans" and the "Can't Think Critically Conservatives" going to figure this shit out?

When are the "Irrational Republicans" and the "Can't Think Critically Conservatives" going to figure this shit out?

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Isn't this the 17th thread you made about this? Take this shit to Sup Forums faggot

Getting scared, huh? Daddy's going to jail

On the contrary.
Please keep this shut up.
It pleases me to know Your bullshit will solidify his reelection.

honest question : What SPECIFICALLY did trump do that was wrong? Asking for an investigation into corruption in a country that would be getting aid isn't illegal, it's smart. Just because someone is running for office doesn't put them above the law, right?

lol the left is such a joke

>What SPECIFICALLY did trump do that was wrong?
noting and it’s not going anywhere. democrats are going to loose in 2020 and what you are seeing is the death throws of a party being consumed by its own extremists

I saw a post on FB today like this from someone that I used to respect. I didn't wanna kick the hornet's nest, but I seriously don't get the delusion. I was hoping here that someone could honestly tell me what's wrong with what Trump asked. Most of the country doesn't see it as wrong, why do these people think it is?

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How do you get bi-partisan? Did a similar number of Republicans and Democrats both endorse this circus - did similar percentages? I'm really struggling with how these people are thinking.

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I can't wait until Trump gets re-elected. The dems are making themselves look worse everyday! It's sad.

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pelosi didn’t want to go through with it and she’s smart enough to know it won’t take him out of office. she was forced by the far left and it will cost her the gavel

This puts to words what's been happening quite succinctly. It's sad to watch.

Oh yeah, it was in for a penny, in for a pound with her - I'm talking about the rest of the left. Why do they discredit themselves like this when there's so much other shit that they COULD focus on to attack him? I don't like to say that republicans are right, but honestly, I can't get on board with these fucking nut jobs any more.

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What are you smoking? In the only House vote on impeachment so far, zero Republicans voted to proceed with the inquiry.

Micheal Jackson didn't die, he got a sex change...

> bipartisan
> only vote that was bipartisan was against the impeachment

top fucking kike kek

>find dirt on the people running against me or the US will no long give you money.
The people who work for him who were in the meeting have already flipped on him, even Trump himself has said this is what happened. Quit getting your news from facebook and just read the conclusion both democrats and republicans came to, and If you still don't see the issue with that, you're lost.

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Find dirt? He literally said, investigate Burisma, because the VP of the previous president IN A FUCKING VIDEO INTERVIEW recalled how he used his position as VP to get a prosecutor fired that was investigating his son's company for corruption (exactly what Trump is being accused of - this is the dumbest fucking attempt as gas lighting I have ever seen and I have seen some shit).

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>or the US will no long give you money
forgot the most important part

>>>brought to you by the people who think this is a possible reality.

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>>>*Because your system is fucking corrupt and the money would be wasted.

I get that you think it's important, but so is the implication of giving money to a corrupt fucking government.

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look into a summary of the mueller report. there are several things, but perhaps the most damning is obstruction of justice. trump had an investigation on him, but he actively interfered with the investigation. you're not allowed to make an investigation more difficult, such as by firing and appointing a new investigator, requesting others withhold information from investigators, etc.

even if you would be proven innocent from the investigation, obstructing justice is a crime.

Except that didn't happen

i'm sorry you're retarded. try your best and learn that you're wrong.

Come back to reality. Just look at the evidence and quit making assumptions. It's all out there, all you have to do is read friends.

The Mueller report, where there was no obstruction found specifically because even though he asked for people to keep their mouths shut, they didn't. The report did eventually find that there was not evidence of wrong doing.

And that cum guzzling faggot actually had the audacity to say that he couldn't acquit Trump... The guy investigating the president doesn't understand innocent until proven guilty. Meaning that if there is no evidence of wrong doing, he's fucking innocent. MOVE THE FUCK ON. I'm not even a republican, and I think this shit is distracting from actual issues that NEED to be talked about.

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I have. The evidence is exactly as much of a nothing burger as the republicans are saying it is.

>mistaking calc for algebra
>assuming no numbers could be zero
Go back to school, nigger.

Trump defiles the constitution: outrage

Fucking annoying pussy ass faggot democrats restrict guns, force licensing, kill Americans in drone strikes: radio silence.

Goddamn I hate you fucking faggots, you're top tier shit human people, so much so you barely qualify as people in my book.

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EXACTLY. There's so much shit that could be used against him, and these fuck holes can't give up on this idiotic impeachment long enough to realize that they could win if they talked about ANY. THING. ELSE.

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2016 was 4 years ago
thats 4 years of you being a cuck and screaming same thing on daily basis.

can have a freedom of not thinking critically when you - the opossition - dont think at all

it's not my job to convince you, i was just answering the guy's question of "what specifically did he do wrong". frankly i don't give a shit either way. it doesn't affect me. i have no control over the outcome of the case. arguing about it doesn't change the fact that it is out of my control, and your control, and the control of the vast majority of people.

a sitting president is not capable of being tried for a crime. however, the mueller report specifically lists (arguably 10) incidences of obstructive behavior. it's the realm of congress to pursue impeachment hearings, and courts later to ascertain guilt.

it's not the job of an investigator to say "this person is guilty or not". that's the job of a court. an investigator just collects information. if you can provide me even one single example of an investigative report claiming guilt or innocence, let me know.

read the mueller report yourself, and draw your own conclusions. or at least read a summary. the thing is over 400 pages. it's a long fucking read. don't take someone's word for it, actually read it and try to understand the material.

there are many summaries, i have nothing to say about the biases in this particular write-up, but the quotes are verbatim from the report:


This is what I've come to expect from Sup Forums
>>Barely understandable english from people defending an orange retard.

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it's tactical. there's a reason they're doing it right now, in the time leading up to elections. if you are campaigning, and you have to regularly be in and out of court, it is very difficult to go to speeches and rallies. even if the charges fall through, it still takes a long time for that. if you think it's anything more than an election winning strategy, you're missing the mark.

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lots of 'would if's in here. Nothing concrete. It all boils down to either hearsay or improperly interpreted intent. They didn't move forward with that 'evidence' because it would have been ridiculed for the lack of anything concrete.

It boiled down to "[Trump fucked up if this was the result]" I would think that if you're investigating this faggot, you'd be able to say that was indeed the result and find some concrete evidence of wrong doing.

It's not in our control, but it does affect the country negatively, because it's serving as a smoke screen for the record number of executive orders and drone strikes that the orange fuck face has used.

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but it makes them look so retarded that they're losing the moderates they need to swing the election. The freshmen democrats getting eviscerated in their 'not safe' districts is telling.

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While you were busy with impeachment

>patriot act extended, majority democrat signatures
>more fundibg for the border wall, minority democrat approval but enough to push it through
>80 billion more for the military, unanimous democrat support minus sanders and a handful of independents

My hatred of the republican party is dwarfed by my disappointment in the democrats.

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I've been hearing about imminent impeachment ever since he got elected, when are they gonna fucking do it already

>lots of 'would if's in here. Nothing concrete.
yeah that's what an investigative report says. making definitive statements is a faux-pas. the way it works is to say "folks are saying bad things about this man, see if there's any merit".
and then the report goes "there could be some merit here". then the courts do the actual real investigation.

imagine like, taking pictures of your wife's car outside some stranger's house. that would be "your wife could be doing something strange, should investigate further". an investigative report stops there.
the courts then actually determine if it happened. kicking down doors, arresting people, etc. that's the distinction. the investigative report lays the groundwork, courts actually finalize it and reach conclusions.

thank you. This is why I vote Libertarian. It doesn't help anything, but voting for either of the two dumpster fires doesn't either and makes me feel dirty.

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that's burning a vote. we have a first-past-the-post system. voting for anything but the first two parties may make you feel good, but is arguably the worst action you can take, even more than doing nothing, because you waste your own time too.

Trump is a Jew shill. You’re on the wrong side, bud.

They aren't - it's like this guy saidIt's not really doing anything to keep Trump off the campaign trail, but it's a fuck load easier than coming up with anything of substance that might swing moderates around to feeling less disgusting about voting democrat.

It's really just making the dems look bad.

it doesn't matter. people don't pay attention for long.
rather than beating the guy in a fight, just make it so he can't show up. real fuckin hard to win if you can't even play.

yes. Burning a vote. That's the fucking idea. It's better than doing nothing since I at least get to register my disgust with the only two 'logical' choices on the ballot.

why do most jews vote democrat then?

partisans are disgusting and deserve the cross.

Yeah, that says all I need to know.

people who didn't see this coming didn't read the mueller report which was pretty damning to say the least
sad to me so many people still haven't read the mueller report and get their news from left or right biased media sources
we'll see I guess. Clinton got impeached for getting some oval in the office if you catch my drift

if you are implying that i am either foreign or uneducated, the jokes on you. i’ll have you know i am an oxford graduate and road scholor

>road scholor


2016 was 3 years ago.

The election is over, you lost.

We are not now nor have we ever been at war with Russia.

This will be the 5th or 6th major scandal that is going to finally "bring Trump down"
My question is this. If you are wrong again, and nothing happens...again...what are you putting up as collateral.

What are you wagering if you lose yet again, because I cant't keep doing this with you.

You come to me with these wild sensational scandals but nothing happens. It costs you nothing and me quite alot.

Do you understand what is happening? You are wearing out your credit on conspiracy theories. You are spending your political capitol on impeachment pachinko and will have nothing left for the elecrion in 2020.

While you were glued to the impeachment preceedings:
>the patriot act was reauthorized with majority democrat support.
>funding for Homeland security, and subsequentially the wall was increased, it has moderate democrat support
>military spending was increased by 80b, with nearly unanimous democrat support
>tax cuts for the super wealthy were passed, it had a dwmocrat majority and it cut 1.5 trillion...almost enough to cover student loans

Im sure the impeachment is very important and orange man is indeed very bad. Maybe he will get impeached, maybe a democratic preaident will win, maybe congress and the senate will turn blue.

And then, when youve qon, and the repubilcan party is made illegal and the entire moddle of the country is sent to reeducation camps...

Then will you do your job. Then can we end the wara. Then can we stop the police state. Then can we start a jobs program. Then we can rebuild our infrastructure. Then can we sign a treaty with Mexico and Canada. Then can we tackle chinese aggression and human rights, and opioids, and medicare, retirement, brimg the troops home.

When we finally defeat Donald Trump do we get to be family again?

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>oxford grad and "road scholor"
>doesn't capitalize "I"
>doesn't put apostrophe in "joke's"
>wastes time arguing in threads on Sup Forums
Okay buddy.

i regret spending time on this

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>reeducation camps

Funnily enough, in the original the guy is disappointed she's got a vagina because she's got such a man-face

Trump had full authority under the constitution to fire mueller and shut down his entire "investigation" and jail everyone involved for sedition.
>but obstruction
Trump was Mueller boss. Obstruction simply isnt possible.

>it's tactical
It probably is, but its also a fucking disaster for them and the country. Either they are too cocooned to notice, or just want to watch the world burn.

yeah, he could do that. and as soon as he was no longer the president, he would be tried for it. the president isn't capable of breaking the law, while he is sitting as the president. he could kill the entire senate if he wanted to, legally. however, as soon as he was impeached, or after his term, he would be tried for those crimes. that's how it works in america. that's why nixon resigned, that's why clinton was impeached. a president cannot commit crimes, the man who is the president however, can.
maybe you weren't around at the time, but google the impeachment of clinton, and read about it.

No. All mueller's authority was derived from the president - trump. Saying trump obstructed muellers investigation is equivalent to saying trump obstructed trump's investigation. Its utterly nonsensical.

>2016 hey look trump is president wonder how long the retarded ornj man bad threads will be
>2019 lol still going strong still gonna vote for trump again

dont know how far back the current archive goes, but he started 2 days ago archived.moe/b/search/image/umUUUIuJKRigZ8wba263ZQ/

meuller was an agent of the special counsel. he can only be fired by the attorney general, legally. trump can do it, he's the president. he would just be breaking the law.


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lets see how many republicans are for voting impeachment. you scored 0 last tally, and even had 2 dems say no.
(he'll get impeached anyways, but it won't be by both parties)


>Can't recognize bait
Enjoy your (you), retard.

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The special council office, like the attorney general, derives all of its authority from the president. Absent a revision to the constitution, that is simply the way it is.

So, the dipshit that made this image clearly doesn't actually understand what 'bipartisan' means, but we're supposed to just go ahead and swallow the rest of it as true? Nah fam, think I'll pass.
Is this one of those Warren Meme Machine productions I heard about? It seems like it would be. Either that or a false flag meme made to illustrate how fucking retarded the left is. This pic is truly cringe inducing.

(a-b) = 0
Division by zero is undefined.
Algebra cuck.

... a-b = 0, the last operation is invalid

fuck yourself op, if you don't like the current president fucking leave the country you needle dicked fag

this chick doesn't have the brains god gave the bluefish, she is a puppet.

you are a fucking idiot and the whole thing has been a DNC and DOJ scam from the beginning.

Conservatards can't false flag meme

you are a fucking idiot, please leave the country.
oh, I forgot, you cant, you live in moms basement.

i don't know what to tell you, friend. just because it's the executive office, doesn't mean the president has free reign to do literally whatever he wants with it. he's not legally allowed to interfere. if he were to, he would face obstruction charges, because that's what obstruction of justice is.

i don't know how to break this down further for you. if trump attempted to do so, it would be challenged in court, and overruled, because he doesn't have the power to do so.

do you mean the "unitary executive theory"? congress has specifically imposed limits on the president's ability to remove an inferior executive officer. there are multiple cases of this, dating back to 1988.

"in Free Enterprise Fund, the Court also assumed that the president may exercise the requisite control over inferior officers he cannot personally remove by ordering the principal officer vested with the appointment and removal authority at issue (here, the acting attorney general) to remove the inferior officer who is neglecting his or her duties"

Free Enterprise Fund v. Pub. Co. Accounting Oversight Bd., 561 U.S. 477, 484 (2010)

Supreme Court explained that although “the Constitution has been understood to empower the President to keep [inferior executive] officers accountable—by removing them from office, if necessary”, limits can be placed on that power.

the president cannot directly remove the agent, he can ask someone who has that power to do so. congress decided this, and the supreme court agreed.

because they are suicidal and have been for centuries.

> DNC and DOJ scam

Legit wondering when people were gonna start realizing that both Democrats and Republicans don't like trump. Its just specifically a group of people in his financial circle defending him at this point.

I didn't read the entire post so please excuse me if this has already been said. I'm a Republican and I love Trump. But, I would like to see a fair fight. To all Dems out there. Who should you choose? At least Bernie has never wavered. Then you got Joe? And wtf with Bloomburg calling Trump a rich elitist when Bloomburg is worth 40b and Trump 4b? Dems should be ashamed of themselves for being such hypocrites. Most dems just want a beard and penis to be able to call themselves a woman. And thanks for fucking up California. It used to be the pride of the US. Now it's the laughing stock of this great nation.

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I forgot to say fuck off. Thanks

site some evidence pls

>congress has specifically imposed limits

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don't know what to tell you my dude. let's wait and see.

Oof, then that would mean that this is legit a libtard meme and further evidence that... Yeah... The left can't meme.

Holy fuck this smacks of desperation. Stop it weirdos.

>trying to be cordial with the left
You must be new to this

it's almost like there's some driving force behind how media is portrayed. rather than banding together as americans against some real issue, it's about "people who are rep/dem are retarded and wrong". fight your fellow man, ignore the man behind the curtain.

I'm cordial with everyone. You give Republicans a bad name you fucking inbread faggot. You are stooping to their level. Dems are the ones with all the hate claiming they care. Don't be a dick. I'll be waiting for me apology. Thanks

I'm not that user, but I think it's good to maintain a bit of decorum from time to time. The left seems to have abandoned that edict entirely which is why I abandoned the left. It's nice to see someone proclaiming with pride and respect that they are right wing and then offering up a civil challenge to the opposition.

You are that user

Any other democrats disappointed at our leadership being unable to remove the orange menace?

I honestly think both parties are in cahoots with each other.

I'm going to sit out this election and let thing accelerate, only then can America have it's red revolution

>I can't wait until Trump gets re-elected.

Fuck Trump and fuck the Dems harder but the REEEEEing is going to be glorious.

I think heads might literally explode.

No, it would mean a conservatard trying to sound like a liberal made the meme. Are you retarded?

You are that retarded