I'm a 26 year old man and I want to become a bimbo

I'm a 26 year old man and I want to become a bimbo.

How do I achieve my dream?

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this to be honest. Stop being a faggot user and just go to church and talk to someone about your issues.


what do we do?

Lose weight, tan, grow your hair, take female hormones, learn to do makeup, buy sexy clothes eat right, etc.

What is the easiest way to get female hormones?

You're a brain dead faggot. Just be a normal person

I'm naturally tanned. Half white/ half sri lankian

I already found the answer myself

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Gay ass advice

Go to gay clubs, post hands on gay chat rooms.

I’m sure you won’t struggle to find plenty of guys willing to destroy you

Go to church

not slutty enough

Do you have the body for it?

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Go to a mental hospital


never seen kalindra?

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no, I have nice long legs and a small clitty but I'm chubby. I have to lose weight. I also have small arms.

lose weight then and find out. try out the look

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Here are my pros and cons:
long legs
small clit
small arms
big lips
tan skin

big feet
chubby tummy
small butt

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Lock your dick up, shave and dress up. Your prostate will become more sensitive and within a week, you'll be a cock-craving bimbo.

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Listen to bimbo hypno recordings

I do, my favourite is mistress stella

I plan on buying a cute pink chastity belt

Do you just wanna get fucked like a bimbo? Or do u wanna like go thru daily life as a bimbo, like grocery shopping as a bimbo, and doing other mundane shit as a dude in a drrss?

you can change everything except the feet

yes, I plan on working on it all when I move out. I can't wait to buy outfits, a wig and other girly stuff

fucked only but I wouldn't mind going out with men dressed as a bimbo and being treated like a girl in public.

Well if the time when you feel most like being a bimbo is when ur jerking off then u should prolly focus on being a super attractive crossdresser... and maybe avoid the surgeries etc... the benefits of being a dude in normal life are just too awesome

i mean if you take hormones, get smooth skin, long hair, and start acting feminine. even if you still end up looking like a man who tries to be a woman. there are gonna be millions of people willing to fuck your brains out and date you.

I know I love it. So many men want me already.

Yeah, I'm just going to get silicone breasts and become a sexy crossdresser.

I can post old pics of me if people are interested

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show bobs and vegana

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my future

Just blow your fucking brains out. Traps are useless past 26.

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Long torso is long.

This. Fucking based user.

please post bimbos that i should aim to become

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>try a dating app
>dozens of replies
>"muh you are perfect" and all that
>most are just closeted fags and want you to top them
>others are just disgusting junkies
>find the few guys that seem kinda normal
>they talk a lot but are afraid of anything real
>finally find one that is ok with going out
>after a couple of dates you discover that he is married and you are just a side ho
rinse and repeat, everytime I try to find a man to fuck my sissy ass

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The irony is that this meme is the other way around.

Faggot sissy discord gg/NmfjHK

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omg yesss

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Honestly, best advice I can give is to not put yourself under the microscope. Enjoy your fem side, don’t let anyone else judge you & most importantly don’t judge yourself!

As far as starting out & building your feminine wardrobe, Amazon is a great resource & if you have amazon locker delivery near you, it’s the most discreet way possible. Experiment with what you like to wear and what looks nice on you. Watch some videos on makeup basics (you don’t need to go nuts - just a little foundation, mascara, blush & lipstick go a loooong way)! Experiment with wigs & don’t be afraid to trim them to suit your face.

Think about whether you want to share your bimbo side with anyone else. I’ve found many girls are VERY accepting and understanding, and a ridiculous amount of guys WILL hit on you, if you’re into male attention. Grindr is great for meeting guys, just use common sense.

Last thing I’ll say is that at 26, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore FULLY! Jump all in & You won’t have any regrets later in life.

Oh - and also anyone who tries to bash you either here or elsewhere is 100% closeted & can only deal with their inner turmoil by acting out that way. Psychologically speaking, it’s classic projection. Be confident in yourself.

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will always look like men though...

OP here, I plan on being Black exclusive

Damn! My dream girl right there...

unless they dont

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Thanks a lot, this was really nice to read

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look up the average transwoman and realise that no transition can fulfill your fetish

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I like chubby and small clitty. Wanna chat in kik?

Bimbofication is the only way to salvation

Bimboism is our new religion

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This you??

So hot

I would probably eat Kalindra's shit.

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hi this is OP. picture is from a few years ago

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Op are you still here? Do you like this comic?

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yes it's so wonderful

here's my clitty

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being a bimbo is hard work. nobody is gonna do it for you.

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>white and black nails instead of pink

Wow this isn't very BIMBO of you

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theyre pink here

Hair has to be light blonde and clothes have to all be pink or bimbofication doesn't count

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Find a dom have he/her force feminize you become their property

Suck start a shotgun

it's hard to check all the boxes...

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Have to be a HOT pink and your have to wear HOT pink lipstick or lip gloss too. You need to look like A TOTAL BARBIE SLUT

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