I'm pretty drunk right now and smoke a cigarette after another

I'm pretty drunk right now and smoke a cigarette after another.
Is there really no one left?
No family, no friends, there is just me and that is just not enough anymore. I'm 32 years old and. Still a pathetic Loser.

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Bros, come on, I don't want to be alone right now and I've only got you left, like always.

Calm down, nigger

Drink some water, user. It's good for you.

I can't, it feels like the epilouge of a story that's taken way too long.

It is not, I just want the courage to end it it finally and embrace oblivion. Male me please.
I know I can count on you because all of you here feel the same, just in a different point of time.

If you dont like the way shit in your life is then do something about it.
Go join a local boxing club or something. Its exercise and it gets you out of the house a few hours a week at least.

I'm feeling similar user. What's your life situation? Also, what constitutes a loser to you? It's fairly subjective and tbqh I don't want the picket white fence life and all that bullshit as I see those people as being compliant losers, not always, but in many cases.

I don't have discord, I isolate from any human being because of so much pain I've caused. B is the only family I have left
My parents are gone, my loves left me every time they knew who I really am. I just want tot die and stop. Existing

come chat

Is that a discord code?


I don't have discord bit I have this bottle of gin and a sharp kniv3. I've failed at everything 8n live maybe fate tells me to just let go already.

I don't care about anybody else.
When I think about you I touch myself.

Yeah I want to stop existing a few times a week, like very seriously. But what do you do? What are your hobbies other than Sup Forums? You have to do something outside of your room in general user and like someone else already said in this thread joining a boxing gym or anything is a good start.

The way I see it, one good thing produces another good thing. Same like if you start drinking and then end up ordering shitty pizza cause you're drunk, just in the opposite way. Start going to the gym or exploring news hobbies. Where do you live more or less?

Fuck me! Sort yer shit out. Put the fag down. Start going for runs. 1) you’lol get a sense of achievement 2) you’ll lose weight 3) you’ll be less depressed coz your outside. If you can’t be arsed doing that then just end it now and stop whining

Yea... Welcome to the club pal

I tried to gym, to Fi d new Hobbys but I feel like nothing matters anymore, like I'm walking reverse and no one is stopping. Me. 8 just want to stop exist. B is this the right way? You're my only family since I've lost my real parents. Tell me please.

Dunno. Try dmt.

I've Reid, so many times, too many. I've Reid everything I could and still it feels like I can't be a good person it still feels like i deserve waht I get.

Just tell my something nice. I 2ant to believe in the Lies it's easier.