Whats their gift /b?

Whats their gift /b?

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Spicy kimchi!

I hope it's a puppy


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They’d eat it first

my dick

Just some socks

Korean freeuse whores?

We can only hope

A “comical” book spwhich is mostly pictures and dumb quotes

Korean bbq

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A bomb

Kim gives all NK a blow job then heros as hes a true pos.

Maybe they’ll make peace with south korea and unify

Probably a music video for all to see

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Its possible

The spirit of the season.

And a nuke.



Join this discord server for some awesome porn and lit tits and shit.

Let's bomb them first just to be sure

Cheese pizza

K-pop pseudo-porn.

A Nintendo Switch

Also what if he genuinely wants to give us a gift but we are scared of him so it seems scary

Dick pics

maybe he's returning all those retarded commemorative coins trump had printed up.

maybe the hoplite trojan but that's already on the scan so FUCK NK


Nuff said

Nuking of China

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>donald trump considers kim his good friend
>nice try trumpfag
>north korea is nuclearizing while Trump fumbles like a twelve year old with Ukraine and his own corruption

They only do this because they know America has to prepare for it, even if it's a 0.001% chance they actually try something.

Chuking of nina