Redpill me on Greta Thunberg

Redpill me on Greta Thunberg.

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So she's a kid. So what? You were a kid once, weren't you ever right about something that nobody took you seriously on?

>Greta Thunberg.
Goblin queen

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A useful idiot pawn the 1% of the 1% rolls out from time to time to virtue signal their "concern" about the environment.

Her face looks like ps2 graphics

The fact that there is a dedicated campaign to post this thread multiple times a day, everyday is fucking pathetic.

Whoever is paying your salary must be terrified of her given how often this shit is posted.

Stay mad. Stay scared. Faggot.

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I wish 8 chan would go back.

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Must Watch Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

TLDR Version:
She is being exploited and taken advantage of. She has aspergers, selective autism and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Greta's rise to fame was not organic promoted by a host of globalist elites from day 1 and they met with her mother scouted her 3-4 months before promoting her and did not happen across her protest they were told a week before.

Artificial Massive media Attention, the elites person of choice at the moment because it serves an agenda timestamp She pretty is much scripted .. when something off script happens her image evaporates

34 minutes in you she it not the 1st time they used a girl to sell climate change back in 1992 they did the same thing

they have been screaming doom in 10 years since the 1930’s
and have been wrong over and over and over again.

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Tiny little goblin

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>The Left

Evidence of climate change is irrefutable and is neither "Left" nor "Right".


They never claimed to be experts. They understand the need to act and they are acting.

>Attack on credentials

There has been a witch hunt in the US Federal Government in the EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture and even NOAA and NASA to clear out the government scientists who have documented the facts of climate change.

The IPPC has far more expertise than the tin-foil hat wearing, mouth-breathing neckbeards that are brainwashed by InfoWarts, etc.

She a real life Jesus. She loves all of us and wants to save us from climate change.

post feet


still a scam

that makes the elite richer
and helps their goal of killing 90% of the worlds population so they can have "more"


She's a fucking preteen that said 'how dare you', why take her seriously? She doesn't know a fucking thing about money, economy, how anything works. What if we listened to 12yo you?

Politicians on the "right" are historically funded by big oil...

hmmmm wonder if there's a conflict of interest there

But for real even if you don't agree with all climate science, everyone should be anti-pollution. Nobody wants to live in trash.

She's 16, user

She will grow up to be hot


The more they spam how I shouldn't care about A Thing (industrial pollution in this case)

The more one should be concerned about That Thing

She will grow up to have a dinosaur jaw like she already does

I call bullshit.

Climate change deniers are bankrolled by the fossil fuel industry to keep the elite in power. Poor people have more to lose from climate change than the rich have to gain from stopping it. You got nothing to back you up other than a bunch of half-baked conspiracy theories, you Koch-sucking puppet.

That somehow makes sense to you, but that oil companies and right-wing politicians are funding conservative/libertarian think tanks and institutes to spread misinformation (for which there is clear evidence) to retain an open market for free enterprise is really wild and inconcievable?

No sure, go for infinitely more far-fetched conspiracy theory.

Every side has spokespeople. Nothing new.

Funny how you have nothing to say against her message. Why is that, I wonder?

She wants you to fuck her for climate change's sake.

Besides, it's not like the history is repeating itself and the same thing was done around the tobacco industry.

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Nah, she's got that nice jaw, she will grow into her looks like cunnies like Millie will age like milk

Climate change is a hoax to keep the western civilization down while the chinese build 1000s of coal factories. Anything the west or europe does to prevent or slow climate change is completely undone by developing countries so why bother?

Looks like they ran her face through a filter.

Ask Scientists

>"Hey, is man mad climate change real?"

"WELL, MOST scientists agree it is real user."

>"Cool, where is your empirical data, I'd like to look it over."

"Oh no user dont you know science is now a democracy, we just put things to a vote nowadays."

>"That's not at all how science works..."


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Bitch esseantially wants to stop all economic development. She's a retarded 16 yr old with no grasp of economics who wants to condemn the world to poverty. she has swedefaggistan's welfare state to keep her, fuck the rest of the world as long as it's 'clean'. But of course it isn't. Poorfags care about their next meal. It is proven that as countries get richer they are cleaner.

>implying she hasn't already had all three holes blown out

She's a mong whose head is shaped like an apple. No.

China and the rest of Asia aren't increasing their CO2 emissions due to their own domestic consumption. They're primarily increasing because they produce stuff for other countries, namely developed ones. They're not doing that for no reason; they're servicing a demand and if that demand is reduced, it's pointless of them to carry on as they are now.

We are however in no position to ask them to try alternatives when we aren't doing the same.

The red-pill on Greta is this: she keeps saying "listen to the scientists, I don't know everything; I'm just a child"

The response from tards on the Right is "She's not a scientist! Why is anyone listening to her?"

The response from tards on the Left and Centre is "Everyone should listen to Greta! Children are our future!"

That ironically reveals they haven't listened to a word she's actually said.

Wait...what? An Apple?

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>keep the western civilization down

Where is your evidence of that? Or are you too busy hiding under your mother's bed to go out into the world because you watch too much Fox News? If you look at reality, you will see that western civilization is doing just fine, thank you very much.

>Chinese build 1000s of coal factories

As in six, maybe eight at most?

On the other hand, China is investing billions in solar and wind. China produces twice as much electricity from renewables as the US. What's causing the US to fall behind is that we are stuck in the past with fossil fuels, rather than investing in a future based on renewables.

>so why bother?

Because I live in the real world, and not some made-up fantasy world.

OK GAIS, can someone point out the experiment that proved "man made global climate change"

is a thing....

I wont except computer models, and if I have to tell you WHY I wont except computer model results then you are a dumbass.

>computer models

So if the calculations were on abacuses, you'd accept the results?

What have you got against computers? Aren't you using one right now? Or maybe you are just afraid of technology.

crap in=crap out

I knew there would be one...

anyone recognize the guitar?

If Babbage did the calculations, the user would have sucked his dick and ignored Ada Lovelace.

Your realize that computers....and computer models

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The only crap I see coming out of a computer right now is your diarrhea of the mind. You are really clueless about how science is done.

Models are models.
Computers are a tool used to make models.

Is the argument against using mathematical models to evaluate scientific hypotheses?

The argument is the use of human beings to enter the values on what only that person considers the truth of his model.

There is a reason most/all climate scientists wont release their source code.





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>There is a reason most/all climate scientists wont release their source code.

[Citation needed]

>use of human beings to enter the value

So are you suggesting if we trained apes or dogs to do the data entry, the data would be more "truthful"?

she is literally retarded

Yeah. I personally believe that she was overly emotional but I agree with the premise that we need to take better care of our environment. People are assholes though. So fuck them.

>right-winger doesn't understand "literally retarded" in a literal sense

wow you thick

You cant get empirical data from a computer model.

Lets revisit 8th grade science class eh??

I have a hypothesis

I device an experiment to either prove or disprove my hypothesis

I conduct that experiment.

I gather the data results.

From those results I draw conclusions.

I get those conclusions and data pier reviewed

Hopefully my results are confirmed.

By using a computer model whose code I will not reveal I cut out the pier review aspect.

I guess you'll just have to go on faith....

>"source code"
>"no matches"

>gather the data results

>draw conclusions

Aren't you missing something from 8th grade science?

I'll give you a minute.

Oh yeah. It's analysis. Which requires building a mathematical model.

Or I suppose you think that the data will just "analyze itself".

Talk about going on faith.

I had this fucking faggot of a coworker who told me he had "downloaded all the climate data and created a model and it showed climate change was fake" but he was just a fucking liar who was full of shit

>By using a computer model whose code I will not reveal I cut out the pier review aspect.

Precisely. Show me one peer-reviewed scientific article in a recognized academic journal on climate change that does not make the source code available to other researchers.

That's very different from a wingnut using FOIA to harass scientists based on a political / ideological agenda.

Why the movement?
Politicians (pols) are the ones who make the laws, not the people. The people vote for pols and assume they will make laws that represent the people's interests. If someone likes a pol's message and has the funds, they may send in a contribution. A pol needs lots of small donors like that. Pols need money to get their message out.

Here comes someone (for example coal industry) with lots of money. They recognize pol might win the election (or is in office already). They offer lots of money if pol would just mitigate their stance a bit and not vote for this environmental bill. Just this one. Pol agrees - he's doing so well otherwise, he can afford this slight. Pol can be bought.

Greta comes along and says, "We recognize you can be bought. We don't care what you say anymore - you're a liar, and we have no reason to trust you. We're going to be able to vote soon, and we're going to vote for someone else, unless you start doing something about this shithole world you're allowing industry create. Read the reports!"

That's the message.

On Sup Forums though, the meme of being "retarded" or "fem" kind of loses its punch when a little girl with a mild case of Asperger's manages to command so much attention. Meanwhile, the unaccomplished Sup Forumstard basement dwellers can only denigrate her success in this Echo Chamber of the Wretched with the delusion that doing so will make them feel better about their own shortcomings.

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Sage this thread. I don't have any more time to waste on this bullshit.

Trips of
>I could leave, but I can't resist bait.