Ylyl boios

Ylyl boios

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I will partake.

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>Give me male attention or you're a bigot!

>women who confuse refusing to shave their pubes for feminism reasons with having a personality

are those all man?

But bush is hot user

the fact that "emotional support pets" are a thing makes me hate this timeline.

she should just fucking kill herself if she can't even handle going outdoors.

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>1619 european cocaine


i find everything in this completely hilarious. the smiling asian man who sells bavarian hotdogs and has little bowls of condiments, the douchebag with the facial hair, the ugly, overly made up bitch, the many followup shots of the dipshit with the hotdog, the slow delivery of every line... this is the lamest shit.

>following weird queers and screenshotting their twitter feeds
you + them = dunzo so the rest of us can live in peace

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Without zero hesitation
Without zero

Support animals being a fucking joke aside... if I was told to flush my pet hamster down the toilet just to get on a plane there is no fucking way I'd do that. That cunt is a monster.

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She doesnt even stand for anything

fuck you.

Yeah I've been wondering why she followed through with it. The story is probably bullshit.

shes TRANSport?

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Sorry son, you've got the wrong thread. Cringe is two doors down.

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Zher isn't wrong. Only white supremacists really care about 4th of july.

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>It’s symbolic of her struggle against reality.

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No one told her to flush it down the toilet. Someone told her she couldn’t bring the hamster on board. She decided to flush it like a dumpster baby because
>muh flight leaves in 20 minutes.

Not as huge as that lady

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It looks like the fat bitch in the wheel chair and her spawn are digging out of the 'ice cream' as well.

Servers should be allowed to refuse people who have had too much food, like bartenders can cut off people they think have had too much alcohol


So do I just cut a hole in the seat to fuck her or something?

Snorlax weighs over 1000 lbs. That thing isnt life sized its like 33% the size of snorlax.

lets bump this shit guys, instead of seeing "misc tranny thread 5006" or "trump finna be impeached" thread 1 million, why not get some actual keks? wtf?

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Oh look, it's the same pictures posted by the same user either to try to convince someone to hate the left due to some extremes he found on Twitter, or he genuinely thinks it's funny for whatever reason

Y'all got jokes!

Got a problem with progress you shitlord nazi?

Not what she's saying at all

If you're trying to be funny, you're failing miserably

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what a bunch of niggers right there

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That's not true

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Nice save pedobro. Nice save indeed.

I remember this was all the le rage seven years ago XD

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Lmao found the tranny loving faggot. This behaviour is the opposite of progress

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>tfw you want something so bad that it manifests physically around you.
She's soooo desperate for the white D. So desperate.

If you touch a penis that isn't yours, you're gay. I don't know what fucking mental gymnastics these jewish professors are coming up with but pedophiles are disproportionately faggots the same way niggers are disproportionately criminals

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Then explain why Norway is number one in the world for the human development index, and has been for years. Ireland has climbed much higher in the HDI since Fina Gael has gotten more socialist

Do you have proof that she isn't the gender she says she is?

You didn't read it, did you?
Also, do you have proof black people are much more likely to commit crimes?

Sorority girl's lips make me think somebody's been diddling her...

Low population
Lots of offshore oil money
Socialism works if you are extremely wealthy per capita.
But remember. It's capitalist system with socialist undertones. Not the other way around.

50% of the crime
13% of the population.
>FBI crime statistics.

Sorry mang. But it is reality.

remember this one?

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They leech off of the EU, UN, and NATO, which is funded almost entirely by American tax dollars. Venezuela doesn't do this and therefore is a hellhole.

Also, this is a YLYL, not Sup Forums, so why you even started this topic here is beyond me, faggot.

almost lost'd
can't laugh when niggers are involved

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Norwegians have social services system and unlike in burgerland they aren't absolute shit. Same with the Fingolians.

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The FBI has proof. Now get the fuck off my board.

Let me guess

>the FBI statistics are about arrests and not crimes the police are profiling people of color due to systemic racism trust me I learned this in my niggers studies class at liberal arts college and I have never had to deal with black people in my life

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No, the fbi statistics (which don't even match what you posted) prove they're charged for higher amounts of crime, not that they commit more crime.
If you don't think there's a disparity, black people and white people smoke weed at similar rates, yet black people are charged much more

>Total Recall
FUCK I lost it so hard I started choking.

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Haha I saw that thread on reddit.

10% of them are committing 50% of the crime, mainly targeting each other in the ultimate expression of american freedom and pursuit of happiness.

why do you care?


Why didn't she just release it? It's a small furry land creature, not a goldfish. Are women really that stupid?

Social services and socialism are two very different things. The fact that you can't tell the difference is tragicomic.

So socialism never works, except when it does, but when it does it's not true socialism

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Yeah, because the nigger is probably dealing it on the side too while on probation.
Could also argue that because nigger hoods are more prone to crime, they have higher police presence. So either more small time thugs gunna get hit by cops, or they're gonna get hit for small shit because the cops know he did worse and are hoping he'll take the plea deal and rat on his homies.

Haha nice, get out

I'm not the one that brought up politics, also those nations are not leeches

Here, I want you to read this.

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Holy fuck you're hilarious... But we're laughing AT you, not with you.

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I can tell the difference, can you? Because norway is absolutely a democratic socialist country, America after the implementation of the alphabet agencies by FDR was a capitalist nation with social services

Are you really arguing that NIGGERS are not more prone to criminality?? Holy shit that's a new one

Exactly! Which is why 1930s Germany was so great!

I like that guy. I like the way he comes here, to our website, and does not know about crime statistics. Good thing he has us to help educate him. Eventually, he'll figure it out, he's just a slow learner.

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And don't you see the self fulfilling prophecy that is the cops having a stronger presence (even by population percentage) in urban areas is

Nah man, there's been proofing done to control for rate of being charged w/ a crime or found guilty vs rate of simple reporting, and the stats come from the latter. It's not "the system", it's a general culture of being violent pieces of shit who blame others for being pieces of shit.

I lost

If it is a genetic truth that black people are more violent than white people, then why is it that white people had enslaved them and destroyed their land?
If black people are more violent than white people, why is there no black King Leopold? A ruthless ruler that takes the land of another nation in another continent and would commit those atrocities

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>double negative
Ok so is everything (s)he said invalidated then? It's so retardedly worded that even with the double negative I can't tell.

Nazis were not socialist, hitler was entirely pro-capitalism

just meet 10 niggers - you'll keep your distance

havnt seen that message style since the pre 2014 update

Dude, look at Africa on google earth. Tell me these people have their shit together. Africa is rich in natural resources, and yet, they don't produce, they fight, starve, and rape. Just face it, they aren't like the rest of us.