Character hasn't taken a shower since September

>character hasn't taken a shower since September

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anyone who doesn't shower at least 4 times a week should be executed

Based but bluepilled

Wake me up when September ends.

i shower every day but i only wash my asshole once a month
i love the smell

havent showered since april

twice a day you mean
once in the (before your daily poop) morning, and once at night before bed

haven't showered since april of 2008

what's a "shower"?

People poop daily?

I love these race-to-the-bottom/gross-out competition threads

>falling for the Shower Jew
Yessssss goyim, buy our shower gel and shampoo products, and then buy our skincare and conditioner products to try and mitigate the damage they do to you.

fuck off smelly poo poo man

Poop BEFORE shower? Absolute madman

>character has an intelligent culture of bacteria living peacefully on the beautiful terrain of that has formed eons ago all over his skin. an entire ecosystem thrives on it, with lush forests of mushrooms dotting the landscape and mountain peaks protruding where the skin folds meet.

like an exe file? what happens?

>I'm gross isn't that cool?

Is this you? Dude, how bad do you smell? Do you live alone? You must be able to scrape the grease off your skin at this point.

>he doesn't poop liquidy yellow excrement 4 times a day

doesn't your skin dry out

I often have to shit while I'm in the shower... The dilemma then becomes whether to continue the shower or to jump out, shit, then, jump back in. The latter is the way to go but sometimes it's cold...

showers are a meme, they rid your skin of its natural protective oils

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dont have to shower when you dont go out
simple as

Supposedly it's healthy to shit even after every meal as long as it's not diarrhea or something like that.

I shower every time before I go outside and every time immediately after I return home.
I'm paranoid about tracking outdoor dust into the home.
Sometimes I shower three to five times a day if I go out several times.
But I rarely leave the house, like on average twice a week.

Your place will stink and breed bacteria. Someone is going to have to come in there eventually. Cleaning yourself and your space regularly is the bare minimum you should be doing just for self-preservation.

>before your daily poop
you shower after you poo retard

dont worry i shower once a week

The fact that you've tracked the last time you showered says that you know that you're doing life wrong.

I shit like 3-4 times a day.

just shit in the shower and pick it up later

>he doesn't enjoy taking a shower
It's one of life's simple pleasures

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>character fapped into the same rag for several years

Based poomer.

I'm a bath guy myself no homo

Nah. The steam makes that stench into a stink bomb. Better to jump out of the shower and flush the shit as it hits the water.

what does unwashed vagina smell like

This. I get an extra ten minutes sleep leaning against the shower wall in the morning. It's like a warm blanket.

put the jet spray on and blast the turd into a million pieces

problem solved

A fish market

>hot showers

Pretty similar to an armpit, but more acidic

Sweat, the same as any unwashed crevice...unless there's some vaginosis situation going on.

Shut the fuck up, Reddit.

when you don't shower a protective layer of dead skin shields new baby skin cells therefore giving you healthier skin, you can slough off the dead skin from time to time for doing it to often only damages your skin

don't fall for the shower jew meme

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Not good, but not bad. Like BO but different. Something about it just makes your dick hard, idk

imagine milk, but put salty sand into it

based! based! BASED!!

Cast him

take a damn shower

Based, I no longer fall for the soap merchant tricks either

>character doesn't use soap in the shower and brushes his teeth without toothpaste

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>wake up
>shower, shampoo 2/week (sulfate-free shampoo), body wash 3/week (same)
for me, it's that

I have a bowel movement like once a week...

literally me

man i shit all the time
its so annoying
>go for a piss
>uh oh its shits again
all solid shits so its not like im sick but why

Very based. This thread is based offtopic shitposting too, keep it up.

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>Takes a shower
>Sits dripping wet on a towel infront of computer

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>he hasn't transferred those swaps

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You should go outside and walk more my friend, or you're on your way to an anal fissure

Fellas I got a problem, if I don't eat high fibre cereals I get bad constipation. Except the high fibre causes bad gut pain and over active bowel movements.

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stop eating

>asking for hemorrhoids

>don't fap for a week
>shits become noticeably larger, more regularly spaced, and cleaner

I'll die

unless you look like this then no you will not

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Malnourishment is terrible for the body fastfag. You just want me to slow my metabolism down so I'll get fat. You're an evil person.

there's some college professor who actually believes this and he sells some bacteria spray for your skin. I think he just cums in it and gets a couple gullible students to buy it and every day he asks if they used the spray and if they say yes he furiously masturbates immediately after class

i think a lot of people do this type of shit. women especially, with their liquid outputs. thats why i dont go outside

Do some actual research into fasting before knocking it.

>showers are a meme, they rid your skin of its natural protective oils

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stop eating carbs faggot and fix your gut juice

semen facials are unironically the best form of facial skin care, all women should have them regularly

>fix your gut juice
How do I do this?


enjoy having your expert diet opinions vanquished by your own ailments L O L

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by not eating carbs and eating fermented probiotic stuff

I go by the fact that eating has kept me alive.

But then I'll be constipated from lack of fibre.

What is your go to shower beer?

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lol fucking fatass can't put down the spoon

Papa Nurgle is pleased by this thread

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Jesus, I'm a skinny man. I simply don't buy into your fasting bullshit.

can't take a bath without getting distracted and feeling myself up

After the poop, and only shampoo every other day

>i-i'm gonna die if i don't eat
you're a literal retard

Take psyllium husk tablets, once a day before breakfast. Life changing. Every shit I take now is dense and satisfying and completely ghost wipes

>hop in shower
>soap up and clean butt
>slide hand in buttcracks for a sniff
>still smells of poop
potent poops. i have to pre-wipe

I will get sick and then die.

Fucking lol

Why haven't you bought a bidet yet Sup Forums

Yeah real funny.

How much do you weigh?

How fucking dry is your skin

It smells like your unwashed balls after a day. You know that sweaty musky smell? Just like that, and with a bit of pee. Of course, this smell pretty much drives your brain nuts and your libido skyrockets, it turns you into an animal in heat, in other words, it makes you diamonds instantly. I suspect it is due to pheromones and the association of pussy smell and sticking your dick inside a pussy. If there's any other smell, like fish, then she has an infection. Personally, I don't stick my dick in fishy, nasty pussies, I don't want my dick catching the cooties from a putrid coochie.

Disgusting, I bet your nails are full of fecal matter. I hope I never meet or have any form of contact with the lots of you, dirty degenerates.

87 kg at 184cm

theres no worry if you use lukewarm or cold water. steaming hot water is what causes problems, or just having shit skin genetics to begin with

>not showering before you poop, again after you poop, again after you pre-poop (eat), and a fourth time before bed

>There are people in this thread right now with dirt under their finger nails
Wash your fucking hands, plague starting motherfuckers.

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Normal people poop daily. Try having some fiber, drink more water and less junk food