This is me

this is me

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this is me making cringey faces while drinking

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And this is my omelette

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based user


shit quality ampf im disgusted

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you're a faggot and your omelette has AIDS

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im gonna curbstomp your fucking eyes out

im not


I'll tell you what you're gonna do you little pasty-ass milk-drinkin cryass turdwranglin bitch - you are going to kiss my ass and suck the peanuts out of my shit is what you are going to do. I wipe better than you off my crusty asshole every morning. Goddamn cocky fucking flaccid micropenis homunculus ass bitchtits homo.

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Why didn't Tig trust you when you were trying to transfer to SAMCRO?

because i dondt even know who this guy is but it looks like hes some sort of poser gang fag. probably gay

too bad your ass smells like penitentiary and you and your sweet lil ass gonna be locked up there way before i can get to us

Sup ma nigga. How are you tonight?

this me now. Maybe i should try to sleep. Havent slept sinne wednesday or something. I have a bad habbit to touch every single one of my pimples when im tires and coming out of amphetamines

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bretty good bretty good for now but i think im gonna have some after effects in maybe hour or two but lets not go too far ahead

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Alright, bro. Good night and good rest. :)

And this me right now on amphetamines been up 72 hours the voices are getting louder

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thanks m80. Ill try to catch some sleep in a few hours

I have an idea Sup Forumsrother

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wouldnt recommend staying up that long. Feeling of a incoming psychosis is too real :D

lol you look like onision

Crikey! A wild chad, alpha of his pack!

Sorry to hear that

i dont know if i should say thank you or fuck you


You should say fuck you because Onision is a faggot.

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you should remove this right now or i will contact the authorities. nigs only allowed inside my borders, not inside my pixels

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