Post your hands and anons guess your profession

Post your hands and anons guess your profession

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A thread died for this...

you pull eggs out of chickens asses?

glory hole masturbator

Shut up coomer your porn threads will always be here unfortunately


Who the heck is coomer?

Chek but lurk more

What do I do ?

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fried chicken chef

Cheked. Probably a neet or fast food worker

Nice trips
Idk, are you a salesman or something close to it?

Professional wanker

Assistant Manager at a major retail chain...I am 37 and I have a 21 year old sort of sugar baby girlfriend...she is half white and half Japanese am I a loser?

Not with those trips ur not

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Hmmm...So he was behind that

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finally something fun

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Construction maybe?

close enough i work for a general contractor my calluses are healing a bit since its winter and im wearing gloves more

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Did you put your fingers in a butt

Maybe a truck driver...