Ask a pedophile anything

Ask a pedophile anything

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Age range you degenerate?

And before anyone has to ask, no, I've never diddled, molested, raped, or otherwise had sexual contact with an underage girl.

how does it feel to be an hero?

Favorite age range?

Serious question, how was your relationship with your parents?

Does it scare you that not only are your interests taboo and illegal, and in the prison system you are the lowest class of people, routinely targeted for beatings and murder/rape, but ALSO that pedophiles are basically incurable and your sexual preferences are now fucked for the rest of your life

How old are you?

Are you attracted to boys or girls or both?

Are you still in treatment?

Why do you call your self a pedophile?

How do you know you're a pedo?

I'm not really sure anymore. Used to peak around 8-12, and I once had a crush on a girl at the preschool I worked at as a teen, but that was years ago and by now I think it's more like 11-15, but I'm still attracted to younger. I know people here will say that makes me a hebe, not a pedo, but only degens care about the difference anyway.

Do you personally know Joffrey eggstein? Plz respond this is import question fuck off thAts why you cheeky cunt monkey plz answer you fucking nigger

OP since cp is illegal and you would never think about viewing it, what DO you fap to? Lolicon? Asians? Midgets?

I get along with my family better than basically everyone I know. It probably helps that my parents are well off and my grandmother moved closer to help raise me, but I just have a good relationship with them in general. No molestation in my family, in case anyone's wondering.

If you could get rid of your sex drive and become asexual would you do it?

I'm not sure I'd say it scares me, so much as it makes me a healthy shade of paranoid. I've made peace with who I am, though, and I don't plan on doing anything stupid enough to hurt someone or get caught.

what about an underage boy

25. Pretty much exclusively girls, but I'll admit there's some elfin, androgynous-looking little boys I've found cute before.

Are you left handed?
Are you short?
Do you have attached earlobes?

whats a good site to get off on?

Do you think its possible that pedophilia will ever be acceptable in society?

Where do you think this is rooted, how did it start? And what is your opinion of your sexuality?

lurking to watch him fall for this shit

lol what treatment
I've knowingly been sexually and romantically attracted to girls half my age since I was a young teen. I have (coded) journal entries from when I was 15 and I already knew by then, since I noted finding 12chan (and I already knew of my attraction by then)

Is there anyone in your life who knows this about you?

if you've never acted on these impulses, why are you wasting my time?

Nope, didn't grow up that rich lol
Eppstein was murdered by Trump and Clinton working together.
Midgets are gross, they look like squashed adults, not kids. Loli is great, especially manga. Asian teens are also childlike enough that they're often good for a fap.
My first serious girlfriend (same age) was half-Chinese half-Cambodian, and she had an arousingly loli-esque body and was into DDlg, which was fantastic.

>lol what treatment
how old are you?

I've considered this a lot, but since I'm not completely exclusively attracted to underage girls, just preferentially, and I greatly enjoy masturbation, I'd have to say no.
No boys either lol

How far ahead of the law are you?

OP answer

do you talk to a mental health specialist of any kind?

Why don't you turn yourself in? Prison is a comfy place, you get free food, don't have to worry about getting caught all the time.

What are your favorite youtube search terms?

No, 6'1"
lol, even if I did get off on CP and admitted to it, I wouldn't post the links here.
Lolibooru and nHentai are great for lolicon, asstr for erotica if you know how to search it, tumblr still has some occasional good content.
I used to be dumb and really think it was inevitable after The Gays got their acceptance, but that was when I was young and dumb enough to not properly understand the harm to a child even from a well-intentioned pedo.
After participating in LGTB spaces for a while (mainly tumblr, but other lefty places too) I've come to realize just how much they still hate pedos, so I don't think so anymore.

Why aren't you getting help while you still can?

>an arousingly loli-esque body and was into DDlg
Muh dick

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Do you really believe sex harms children tho? There really isnt any evidence to support that belief.

About a half dozen people? My best friend in high school, and two of our other friends, my current best friend, and the aforementioned first girlfriend. All of them took it pretty well, partly because they all knew I wouldn't hurt anyone.
One of the friends was a little grossed out when he realized all my "jokes" about being attracted to his little sister weren't jokes, but we're still good friends a decade later
My current best friend is 5 years younger than me, and actually sort of guessed - turns out she already had a good friend that came out as a pedo to her.
The loli girlfriend said she thought it was kinda hot when I finally told her one night in bed (so long as I didn't actually molest anyone)

Whats your address?

This is based off what studies?

I second this.


Scroll up
7 proxies ahead
This is a trap, but "morning routine" in Russian (which is currently a blocked tag). Youtube actually has done a pretty good job at protecting kids from pedos lately.
I personally know several victims of CSA; I think it *may* be possible to have sex in a way that won't emotionally harm them, but the chances are so negligible that it's a bad idea to try

OP please dont tell anyone else. It doesn't matter how much you trust them. With that information you putting your life in their hands. Anyone who knows tour secret has the power to destroy you.

Pesos are the most hated people in the world. You could murder a pedophilia on the street and you would get a slap on the wrist at most.

Its obvious you're smart but please stop trusting other people with that info. All it takes is one bitter ex to essentially end your life completely.

How do you know this information. I am very perplexed in this answer since I have been researching about Epstein for more than 3 years now and not once have I come to this conclusion so I am very perplexed and want to know your thought process for this newer that you have written

Sincerely yours


You, are a fucking imbecile.
T. Person with childhood sexual trauma

Good taste. Real pedos can appreciate the beauty of both.

What studies support the idea that sex is inherently harmful?

Sexual abuse is harmful to children. No doubt about that. But that doesn't mean sex itself is harmful to children.

Physical abuse is harmful to children but that doesn't make physicality harmful to children as well.

Why would I "get help"? I'm not depressed and I don't plan on harming kids. Going to a psych just comes with the risk of them turning me in for a crime I won't commit. Plus, that's expensive.
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Have you ever done anything to a kid? If not you're okay in my book, you can't help being mentally ill but you can control if you abuse children or not

Say that person who abused you sexually instead abused you violently. You wouldn't be traumatized?

It's not the sex that harmed you. It's the abuse.

(I'm sorry you went through that btw. You didnt deserve it)

Nevermind I'm a retarded faggot

Twitter just made it a rule to allow MAP's to discuss and post non-pornographic pcitures of children. Even nudes. Look it up. The slope is real.

Yeah, I've basically stopped. I didn't tell my last girlfriend, since she was a victim of CSA and wouldn't have taken it well.
You'd be surprised though. Most people, when faced with the fact that this person they know to be a pretty decent human being is attracted to kids, and obviously not "that guy in a white van", will update their mental model. Of course, what with #metoo exposing regular, attractive dudes as pedos, things may have changed.

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Yeah they won't remove nazis either.


Minor Attracted Person
PC term for pedo.

whats your mbti??

What do you do for a living? Do you want to be a dad?

Femanon who was a victim of csa and is turned on by it..

Are you married? Does it ever make you sad?

Pedophiles can be caring fathers. Wanting to have sex with your offspring it as unnatural to most pedos as most parents. They can't stop you getting married and having kids if you have not done anything and even if you have and are released from prison you are perfectly entitled to that life.

I'm at peace with my sexuality, but I recognize it's not ideal.
I can only speculate as to its origins. I remember finding sexual images online of little girls when I was really young, like 8 or 10, but I don't know if that was cause or effect. I've had what I've come to, in retrospect, recognize as a fetish for light humiliation (for others, not myself) since I was like 6 or 7, that manifest as wanting to see kids' underwear or them wetting themselves, which led to the search terms above and exposed me to the abdl subculture. That was mostly dudes, though, and I immediately switched to girls when I hit puberty, so I'm not sure about cause and effect there. Hard to tell after the fact.
I've also speculated that it's a neurological mixing between the parental instinct to find kids cute and the sexual ones, which was reinforced by my affinity for DDlg.

Chill bro, I'm sure you will make a great scout leader. They are all about that now.

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Loving your answers in this thread OP. Really thoughtful and measured.

Not OP. But thanks anyway. I have young female relatives and have never had a seexual thought about them. Pats on heads and hugs is as far as it goes. Children deserve love not abuse.

The way I explain it to people is:
You liked video games as a kid and you like video games as an adult. It works the same way. I liked little girls when i was little and i still do.

Having ugly cousins doesn't really prove your point, but you confirmation bias yourself to whatever fantasy world you want to live in.

They are cute and you are biased. Everyone deserves compassion even non-offenders.

The good always die young. That and OPVA was the best that could happen to me... in some twists of fate lost my precious drives to a niggery i.e. they were stolen.

Anyway, I would like to know from a fellow degenerate; Have you ever considered grooming a wife? Or having a real relationship?

Off course people are likely to find out no matter what, this is more true considering we are in the technological era and there are many nanny states so I wouldn't risk it, but what about you OP?

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In Germany there is a Treatrment in Prisons, called BPS , Behandlungs Programm Sexualstraftäter.

The Therapy takes about 2 Years on average and has lowered that reoffenses of the same Type by over 70%.
If you got basic human Empathie your treatable , wont work on Psycho- Sociopaths.

Have you been raped in prison if not are you prepared to take a lot of bbc?

Nope, I'm not depressed, unlike everyone I know, and I don't need a therapist's help to handle my urges in a way that doesn't involve touching kids.
Different girlfriend lol, I said I /didn't/ tell her. I do know several CSA victims and rape victims online (and one in person) who use CSA/rape fics to cope, though, so it's not unusual.
Not married, currently single, software engineer.
I like kids in general, and I've always wanted to take care of kids of my own.
Mostly I get sad because it's hard to find a partner my own age that I'm attracted to.
That isn't me, but I mostly agree with the sentiment - except I'm not sure I trust convicted child molestors to have kids.

Everyone is biased but my bias is closer to reality than yours as evidenced by the fact that many parents are sexually attracted to their kids, provided that their kids are hot. Many parents have raped and or molested their kids. Most would not consider themselves pedos, but when little sally gets that sexy ass body at 14 dresses super slutty that is going in dad's spank bank.

I am a femanon that is a victim of csa that is turned on by it, asking if you are single.

My apologies if that wasn't clear.

It's not an illness it's a sexuality. You can't cure homosexuality. Why would you expect pedophilia to be different?

If I am an autist and degenerate, how do I know am not mentally derranged?

Am not OP and don't self identify as pedophile since I had never in my life tried to act on my feels. But normies don't give a damn.

Sex is not always harmful. Even emotionally so. It's only when people tell them society tells them (either directly or indirectly through the media and other peoples opinions) that it causes mental anguish. I am not saying there is no harm. Because forced sex is forced sex. But not everyone is harmed at the time. It's when they grow up and learn from the world around them that they are seen as a victim that it becomes an issue. Still. The law is the law (depending on the age of consent in your locality which is hypocritical really) considering it differs by region).

Your opinion is not proof. You are projecting again.

I mean, of course I've considered it, but I'd rather not hurt someone, and I'd prefer find someone my own age who I'm attracted to the way I was that one girl. I'm non-exclusive, just preferentially attracted to younger girls.
Ah, sorry. I am indeed single. I'll be blunt and say I only really like thin, flat girls, just so I'm not wasting your time if that's not the case.

>Because forced sex is forced sex

Exactly. Forced anything is harmful. If someone were tied down and forced to eat cake then they would traumatized by that experience. That doesn't mean cake is evil.

Both are mental illness. The only point to sexuality is procreation. Just because there is no cure does not mean it is not a disease. Frankly, because it is a taboo, the research necessary to find a cure is impossible. But there is no reason to think that in the future there will not be some drug aided cure that can bring the brain back into the plastic stage and reset the circuitry.

Not OP, but a fellow degenerate. No, I wouldn’t consider actually grooming or having a relationship with a young girl. Consent matters to me and I find the manipulation involved and the inherent power imbalance due to our ages and overall life/sexual experiences to be too great. It’s fine as a fantasy though. But even as a fantasy, I imagine them behaving like someone who is sexually experienced. So the reality just wouldn’t measure up.
I like hebe range btw

sorry faggot, but the person who can actually give logical reasons is far more likely to be closer to the truth. You are the one with nothing besides your feelings and personal anecdotes. Parental child abuse is a documented fact.

OP here, gonna copy-paste something I replied to a thread the other day with.

>Is it necessarily wrong to behave sexually with a child, though? Would there be a circumstance where it would be ok for me to act on my urges?

Okay so this is a really complicated question to answer.

The short answer is, while, yes, there are hypothetical circumstances in which it would not be harmful to the child to perform sexual acts with them, but those circumstances are so unlikely, and likely to get you caught, that it's a terrible idea to even consider it.

The major problem is the power dynamic. Legally, children can't consent even if they want to, and this is mostly a good thing. Kids are both emotionally immature, and lack life experience to make informed choices. They're used to respecting older authority (even if they're "rebelling" against it, they'll go to older role models of rebellion for validation), so this gives an older partner extreme control over the younger one. At absolute best, this power difference forces the older partner to spend a ton of effort (if they want to be ethical) in making sure the younger partner is actually doing what they want, and not just being pressured into something/doing something because they think it will make their partner love them. Kids are extremely easy to emotionally manipulate and are extremely impressionable, which makes for a real risk of long term damage.

Add that to the fact that sex is inherently a cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitter that's practically as effective in rewriting your behavior as recreational drug use, the culture of shame around sex, especially for girls, and teens constantly hearing that sex is bad and if anyone older does it with you they must be abusing you, and you've got a really good argument against letting kids have sex with older partners even if they think they want to.

Not OP here, how do you know this?

I mean, I used to love a distant cousin of mine until she grew up into a obnoxious partying cunt.

How can you even tell you are not gonna try anything on your offsprings? I feel very anxious on this very thing so I avoid dating allthesame.

How do you feel about other pedos losing control and ultimatley hurting children? Do you think you will always be in control?

Uh, wrong. Procreation is only one possible purpose for sexuality. How can you possibly be so ignorant?

Anyone who wants to have sex for purposes other than procreation is mentally ill?

If there is no force or pain involved and they both enjoy the experience I really see why there is a problem. It's always seen as rape because it is believed the adult either initiated or used coercion/threats/bribery etc. I understand it because it's a protective parental response. Most studies are flawed because they interview kids and treat them like a victim and most studies on pedophiles are peopple who have been put in jail for forced molestation. Most child rapists are not even pedophiles. Just opportunist nutjobs.

Well, considering my sister is hot and I saw her grew up... I never got any kind of urges or feelings for her and there were plenty opportunities for pretty much everything.

So, no. Your opinion is shit and you should feel like shit.

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come shitpost

It must be a natural biollogical function of our species then. Evolution is always open to experimentation with animal behaviour.

>but those circumstances are so unlikely, and likely to get you caught, that it's a terrible idea to even consider it.
There's the rub. It's the threat of exposure and public ostracization that causes the act to become harmful. Not the act itself.

if you want hebe stuff you can go to bing and search up as many pics as you want. No need to maintain a library, it's all sitting out there indexed by microsoft for your consumption

Not op but when heteros lose control they rape too. Being a pedo doesn't mean you're more at risk of raping someone.

>the culture of shame around sex, especially for girls, and teens constantly hearing that sex is bad and if anyone older does it with you they must be abusing you, and you've got a really good argument against letting kids have sex with older partners even if they think they want to.

Again. This is the problem. Not the act itself.

So you believe that a sexual relationship at that age will have no adverse effects on that child later in life? Because they "enjoyed" it at the time?