WWYD brutal edition

WWYD brutal edition

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Fuck her in the ass doggy style while pulling on her hair until she was nothing but a blubbering mess from all the pain and embarrassment

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Fuck her dog in ass and make a good cuck of her

I'd tie her legs to the bed post and just duct tape a vibrator up against her clit until she reached climax, then I'd let it continue until she begged for it to stop as it felt too intense

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Tie her down and tease her for hours until she's completely broken and begging for release. Then have her dog fuck her like a bitch in heat and record it.


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Fuck her in the ass in the pool, then force her to suck me off til I cum underwater

Stay the fuck away, that's for damn sure

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fuck and mutilate

Tie her hair to a tree and advertise free blowjobs. Tell her the only thing she's going to be able to eat for the next 3 days is cum

>2020 nears
>these guys still being attention whores by proxy

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She doesnt have a gag reflex...

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Bump a line of coke off her ass then alternate between pounding her pussy and facefucking her

Why were Goths so popular in school?

Smash her face until she cries, begging me to stop, I then deepthroat her as I shave her head. She doesn't know but all is filmed and I can after that make her my slave if she doesn't want to see her humiliation posted to her family.

WWYD to Alice?

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I don't know why, but we had emo's as well. Just pussies.

Why else user

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All high schools has cliques. Goths are just a cultural cringe.

Fuck me they were annoying. Always listening to British pop crap.

Human League. Cure etc. Good times user, good times.

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Luuuuv 80's brit pop. Great music. RIP.

80's were terrible for music. Except to the Clash.

*The Clash


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Mmmm more. Not sure why but I’d chow on her pussy for hours.

Long live punk and all the golden days. The lead singer of The Clash passed a few years ago.

Joe Strummer. Genius. I saw him play live.

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With The Clash!?

wwyd to my cousin

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I saw Mick Jones and BAD. Fantastic.

monkey sniper has arrived.

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brutal wwyd pls

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Shit! It's a snip-

bend her over the sink rip those shorts down and pump that ass. More

Monkeys can't shoo-

wwyd to Vanessa

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Big Audio Dynamite. Mick formed it after the Clash.

Jesus, We are fuc-

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He's too far away to hit any-

WWYD to Alice?

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Just move slowly. He won't be able to see yo-

Monkey's can be snip-

make her pay my taxes and disappear

fuck every fucking thing even his very own soul

Shit! That's a baboon, they have great ai-

Does anyone want to be brutal with this bride?

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I bet she’s great at sucking, more

Look at this samefag acting like he's getting shot by a monke-


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It can't even pull the trigg-

ask her if those have ever fall off once

I hate samefag-

Ask her how many aids she has


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They have fingers. they could pull a trigger.

i'd smash her head against the table and tear this whore's wedding dress right off.


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I will make it suck my co-

But hold a rifle?

would love to get that stupid fucking expression off her face and throatfuck her till she dropped

That's enough Kevin, mom said you have to turn the computer off now.


I think this is a 'brutal WWYD with the baboon' thread.

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Great! And after that?

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I want to hold hands and watch the sunset aggressively

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He can't hit anything over 500 yar-

holy shi-


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But she seems to like that, you should be more brutal if you want her to stop smiling!

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ur mom

trigger her

Five don't lie. Checked and keked.

put her in a chokehold and slap her face as i force my cock into that little asshole

Like the sniper monk-


Choking her while deepthroat her. When her face become purple, I let her breathe a little, and then do it again until she passes out.

Like she couldn't kick your ass

Trigger her?

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Another wwyd

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Love the samefagging OP.