Hi My name is Chase McVicker! I am throwing a party for all members of Sup Forums! The party is at my house 6808 Monroe...

Hi My name is Chase McVicker! I am throwing a party for all members of Sup Forums! The party is at my house 6808 Monroe Avenue West Mifflin PA! Also the bitch parents aren't home so do anything you want! I also have a 22 year old sister who is a virgin looking to fuck at the party! just knock on my door and i will let you in!

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Watch the news tomorrow, OP.

My sister is bringing her friends also! They have huge tits!

I hope you come!

At least specify when.


K omw

Woooorrrrrdddddd I'm in Jersey omw neeeeoooooowwwww!!!!!! Are drugs allowed I've got some weed coke and booze

Yes drugs are allowed! Please bring as much as you can we wanna get fucked up tonight!

Niggers I'm close enough to this. Might go watch the shit show ensue

Is this it?

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Can you bring some drugs my nigga?

It sure is! you gonna come can you bring some booze since we got drugs and shit now my nigga

Sure, Carlton.

I feel like this is your neighbor and ur gonna watch this shit go down from your living room window

thanks homie!

Pic with timestamp ouside home otherwise im out

nigger its cold out you can suck my dick


>25 F
Fucking pussy, I thought Americians would be more adapt than me

I will watch you sleep

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My sister has her friends over so we getting this shit started bitches!

did anyone come yet

You know they’re handing out jail time for swatting these days...
Basically same thing you’re doing.
Hope you enjoy Juvie...

That house number is not even registered

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With that lovely image who wouldn't?

imagine being a fucking pussy

Shits fake, mutt wont even go outside for 10 second

Chase McVicker and his dad...
OP is butthurt 13 year old.

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my dad died in a car accident 4 years ago what are you on about

Can I snort blue biker meth at the party ?

Are you a Britbong?
Dude, you’re really butthurt to troll across the pond.
Tell me it’s not over some vidya shit...

Someone should knock on the door and post results but don't hurt them just knock lol
Probably tell them too

fuck the brits they are niggers

Tell us a little about this chase person

Thanks user

You're actually a huge faggot for posting someone's address on b like this OP

So you’re Irish?

This level of trolling puts you at around age 15, probably male, skinny, and moderate to severe acne.
Am I close?

someone should message these people and let them know someone is trying to ddos them.

I'm on route 51 now
Is midnight too late
We're 45 minutes away now

You forgot severely autistic and mentally I'll, did this guy delete blowup your diamonds in minecraft or something OP?

Dad’s Facebook.

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no midnight is not to late we are doing this until at least 4am

tell him someone autistic is trying to get them killed

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user hasn't typed in a while lol, I wonder if he's shitting his pants right now thinking about what gonna happen when we warn the family.


Looks like the dad knows how to handle himself. I’ll let it play out.

fb says this kids name is aiden, wrong account fag

Holy shit, I used to live and work live five minutes from there.

Doxxing the wannabe doxxer is always more lulz.

Pics or it didn't happen

Lurk moar, faggot...

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Cool! I used to live and work 5 minutes from somewhere, too!

Not your personal army, faggot

Hey OP, me an some of my niggas are near you. We're black if that's alright. Hit me up with a pic and timestamp of your hand or something so we know it's legit.

Do you say shit like that to people irl user? This why you have no friends man smh

>chase and dad
>was only dad
also it turns out his dad has been a victim of a lacking online cyber security for awhile, pic related

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Hey OP, is this a “clothing optional” party?

Wow, the butthurt...

Dad looks like he got fit between pictures.

>6808 Monroe Avenue West Mifflin PA

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This is Chases dad, we know who is doing this and have alerted the authorities. Thanks for giving me the heads up.
Just FYI, anyone who’s shows up at our home will have some new orifices installed in them.

But hurt? I'm trying to help you

Thanks, I’ve been hitting the gym.

pic and time stamp or i give you and chase both a new orifice

Help me what?

Sure you will, kid.
I think enough of my personal info is on here as it is.
Also, you never know who uses Sup Forums;)

Diffrent user
I call black people nigger to their face in real life
never been punched for it either

Dude that is so cool of you, if I met you irl I would shake your hand and congratulate you on your bravery for doing so, frankly user... good job bud!!!

Pleas I have to take a poop

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Fuck I deleted the 4
I came in your moms mouth faggot

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no ones going too your gay ass party chase.

That’s clever.

Who is doing it?

is this true or just a leddit moment?

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Awww lol they are gonna cringe at this when he is older but still awww

It's not that hard
Get a feel for their humor(some people are stupid sensitive) and obviously treat them with respect

If it comes down to it, be honest in addressing the history of racism in this nation and what minioriteis should do to fix it


is that what you imagine? lol being a fucking pussy?

you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

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Some little shit who will be getting an unwelcome knock on the door shortly.

This thread has produced some of the poorest insults/comebacks I’ve ever been witness to. Man, people just have no idea how to insult each other due to all this tranny faggot PC shit...

>aye tyrone cut da shieet there a cops infront of da dam house naw

post a pic of him so we can put a face to this retard

Where is this door located?

Right behind you.


Trips checked

And people say Sup Forums has changed for the worse. This is classic.

It would be if we actually doxxed OP, but once again we come up short.

Where’d Op go?

Damn if only I lived closer. I’m a Harrisburg area guy and fuck if that wasn’t way too far a drive for me

His mom cut off his screen time for the night.

Found the newfag

New party location... My pants!!!

I can get behind that.

Night, Sup Forums
I’ll make a post of the outcome of all this. Haven’t been here in years, place has gone to shit, btw.

bye gregg