Just got a goverment fine for 3000$ that I can't pay

just got a goverment fine for 3000$ that I can't pay
the fuck do I do?
I'm an unemployed loser

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Are you unemployed because you're a retard, or are you just a fucking lazy cunt?

get a job and sell plasma and sell sperm if it;s worth something (which it's not)

Sell your Jew gold

how do you know who I am?

unemployed because I tried getting a job and no one will hire me
sob story of abusive parents and no high school education
24 years old
can't say I tried especially hard, but after trying to get hired for around a hundred times and getting passed over for attractive young blond girls I gave up

been there, just man up and get a job as a laborer at a factory or even a temp agency. it sucks but you will learn a lot of shit and it keeps money coming in. i was hopping around fast food to fast food shit holes until i went to a temp agency and got a job at a factory, and its honestly not that bad for the pay. just wish more people spoke English there

go on a payment plan...

Dont get in trouble
Don't drive
It would be a while before they actually come get you
Get a a job then start the minimum payments up

shit I hate this BS

people got an easy time because parents payed for their education
I try and figure out what to do I gotta drown in debt

>the fuck do I do?
an hero
poor fags deserve the rope

tf job can I get? they wont even hire me for mcdonalds cause I have no high school diploma

Temp agency. Work some cash up, get a GED.

Shut the fuck up. Literally every single time I hear the "I tried but no one will hire me" excuse, they haven't applied anywhere. Literally everywhere has now hiring signs up. You're just fucking lazy and want gimme dats. You're a nigger.

>denied from McDonalds
I think I would an hero if I got denied from a minimum wage job.

sucks when you wanna argue an unreasonable point...

ffs I have nothing why should I slave for others when I had to grow up alone and raise myself?!
fuck this bs

but yeah seems like a plan...

Yea a temp agency
Work enough for a specific company under the agency you might get full time
Try to find a plasma donation center

yeah I am fucking close
so because you saw some place looking for employees I’m wrong? fuck off faggot

You're a retard with no perspective on life. What the hell are you going to do when whoever is taking care of you can no longer do so? Do you seriously not want to live your own life and be able to pay for things?

Getting a GED is easy as fuck. You're mentally deficient if you can't pass that test. You're just a fucking lazy piece of shit who will be a burden on society if you even live for 5 more years. Either do something with your life or off yourself.

You fuck off you fucking moron. In every town I go to, almost every store and business has now hiring signs. There are more jobs right now than I can remember. If you can't find a job, you are the problem. I hope someone beats you to death tonight.

You could move into the woods
Otherwise you will learn work isn't a choice
It's like eating
O you can skip meals but the lack of food will kill you

Write urself a check for 3000, deposit it at the atm, then withdraw the 3000 immediately

yeah I am the problem, because nobody wants to hire me. fucking obviously

now what?

I live on welfare cause I have some mental trauma that has me diagnosed with alot of crap
lets me survive
but I am suicidal and have a hard time keeping at it

Stand on side of road with sign that says need 3k because im gay and have aids. I would believe it OP. Still wouldnt give money, but i would believe it.

You're a lazy worthless parasite. You're not applying to shit, I guarantee it. What town/city and state are you in?

Oh Christ, you're one of those "MUH ANXIETY" people.

Go do some nasty shit like being a garbage man or pest control or like port o potty guy that shit pays well with like no experience necessary but no one wants to do that shit if they're slightly a pussy

I said I gave up earlier in thread looking for job after getting rejected a lot
lol you shit I guarantee I am made of tougher stuff than you

>I can't work because of my mental illness
>I'm tougher than you
lol okay pal

Answer my question. What town, state are you from? I can find a job for you tonight, you're just too fucking lazy to do it.

Santa Barbara Cali

Are you in nyc?

Okay, you're trolling. I found thousands of jobs with a simple Google search. You're just fucking lazy.

are you retarded?

Off yourself you lazy fucking worthless piece of shit.

Don't you fucking listen, he said he got a GOVERNMENT fine, how could a Jew fine himself?

why dont you go get hired as a CEO then dipshit cause I googled it and that position exists