What do you think about Trump pardoning Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher?

What do you think about Trump pardoning Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher?

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As opposed to the navy letting him off the hook?

Even if they charged him, no military court was going to punish him, much.
He was going to get a slap on the wrist and maybe loose his Budweiser.

Good. He didn't do anything wrong.

Not judging you but he did kill a sedated and in custody 14 year old boy with a knife. He shot an unarmed girl in the chest. His teammates were so concerned about him that they tampered with his scope.

then why did the Navy try to strip him of his SEAL trident? (well deserved, you can tell he's a guilty faggot)

You have never seen war kiddo. Dont ever judge another man's actions.

also, he threatened his fellow SEALs if they testified against him "allegedly" as if the word of one SEAL is worth more than the word of multiple SEALs

So? Mudslimes are subhuman

Eddie Gallagher should be shot by a firing squad.

I am the judge
>get fucked faggot
>guilty as charged

obvious pandering
questionable timing

I think its great. The navy likes to screw people over.

Having no idea what you're talking about I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's pulling an invite bomb boy to the white house which means there is likely some other huge thing going on you currently need to ignore by fighting over hearsay stories.

Yawn, You mean you did an emergency trachea on an mortally injured ENEMY combatant. Good god you guys are pathetic.

Trump knows best.

I think fuck you.

Mein naggert

Psycho Navy Seal who killed a lot of kids and civilians because he was crazy.

also another SEAL came forward and said he killed the injured enemy combatant. Good gosh, keep up. You have never been in combat.

Jeez you sound like a fucking beta faggot

SEALS have become an undisciplined shit show lately. Navy was trying to do something to get them back in line and try to get them under control. Trump is basically a Korean air-softer with a fetish for the military that is embarrassing. He should have stayed out of it.

Betting he has info Trump needs to takedown Soros, Rothschild or Clintons

that was after he was offered immunity AND he changed his story
why did the rest of his unit testify against this choad? riddle me that fagman

After he got immunity and said that on the stand at the last moment.

What do you want to bet you fucking idiot

>another SEAL who had ALREADY BEEN GRANTED IMMUNITY confessed

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I think everything Trump does is harmful to society. If that’s lost on you, you’re equally harmful.

par for course pandering to the only crowd dumb enough to listen.

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If that's true then he's a traitor, one of the bad guys.

no one disagreed with thst until fox news decided he was actually a stand-up guy.
surprise surprise so of afyer fox and friends pleads his case teh doland shits on justice in a show of obvious pandering

I am just going to save this very useful image. Have......this.

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I doubt it.