It’s happening again. The numberstation/bots/whatever it is. There’s a lot of traffic going on it...

It’s happening again. The numberstation/bots/whatever it is. There’s a lot of traffic going on it. I found multiple threads discussing this all the way back from August:


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what is it exactly?


correct now fucking explain it to me you faggot

its why everything on Sup Forums is porn and everything on Sup Forums is trying to start a race war.


Why is x such a shit board? It could be really cool with discussions about mysteries and spooky shit but it's all 16 year olds who just found out about creepy pastas LARPing about fucking a succubus and shit

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That’s what we wanna know user

Someone said it could be related to this news

Tbh more interested in this than all the schizo dream threads on /x/

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>Sup Forums is more /x/ than /x/

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Yeah too bad that's like 90% of /x/

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There literally no way to decode what information shit like the number stations contain, if any. It might just be a diversionary/obfuscation/info screening/misdirection tactic to occupy the effort and attention of those interested away from whatever info stream and communications structure they're actually using.

This is why psych medication is widely prescribed, it's an attempt to diminish our internal decoders.

No, it's not. That is some next level bullshit you've fed yourself. But of course you will never realize that because you'll assume everyone trying to talk sense into you is secretly some disinformation agent or some shit.

What frequencies are you hearing the numbers stations on? What languages? Are they starting at the top of the hour?

You cannot succeed using reverse counter shill backwards trolling. I see through you. You are a falsehood.

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No but your mom is starting at the top of my dick