Why are there so many guys bigger then 7 inches on Sup Forums when the average is ment to be so much smaller?

Why are there so many guys bigger then 7 inches on Sup Forums when the average is ment to be so much smaller?

My dick is ment to be above average at 6.5 inches but form every angle I take a photo it looks like shit, I know life is not ment to be porn but so many guys are so much bigger then me and I feel so abnormal, yet the guys with 7 inches plus keep telling me its all in my head.

Can we make a thread with people posting there dick size in it? (dont have to post pictures just your size)

Because I feel like I rarely see dicks hat are smaller then mine its embarasing.

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It's because it's more likely that you would post a picture of your dick if you have a larger dick. The average length of posted dicks is gonna be significantly larger than the actual average.

I dont want excuses, I want to know peoples actual sizes, im not asking for pictures.

You could contriubte with yours.

People lie. Shocking I know

my shit sometimes goes inside of me when i sit down or when im cold. Flaccid, hanging, the biggest it ever gets is like 2- 3 inches, but usually its hanging around an inch.

Boners are max 6.5 and girth is 4.5... I think im tiny, but fuck if i know. Im the same as OP, on the internet, everyone is bigger than me,

Ok so contriubute?

I made another thread earlier and I really dont think everyone was talking shit.

Yeah your in the same boat as me, I would like to know for sure if im small or not because everyone tells you your not but the evedence suggest you are, so what do you beleive?

I Post my shrimp dick all the time. 3.5. Fuck it

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All lot of Catfishing. Fags like to save pics of big cock and pretend its theirs on the internet. Pic related its my cock

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i think were small dicks, but not so small that its unusable. .. like if i compared it to tits, were b cups..

exact same dimensions here,

looks tiny but I haven't had any problems with the 5 girls I've been with

I agree you can still have sex but its so bad, like its so passable

Im OP and I have had sex with 13 girls and IM a good person, but it always feels like im not fully in her its an awful feeling.

And it looks so small from every angle, what gives? why is the average so much smaller then?

This is a good example of why the average is so fucking fake. This looks to be like 8 inches and your jus there in the thread.

Im pretty sure 8 inches is a common penis size.

ive been with 5 also... 2 of them i felt nothing because their pussies were bigger than my dick, but the other 3 were nice and tight. I actually feel my entire dick touching something... the 2 wide vaginas still got off, and didnt complain, but i didnt enjoy it as much as a tight vag... ironically, the 2 wide ones are the biggest whores I know. both been with 20+ guys

I'm 6 inches, 7 on a good day.

Theres a couple positions I cant fuck my girl in because it hits too deep. Granted, that could be something to do with her.. but, trust, OP. You're fine.

thats above average op. mines 7.75 on a good day but an inch of that is hidden in my fat pad. looks small on my 6'4'' frame. Actually it looks small because it is small probably

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i think there are millions of dudes with the same size dick as us, thats why the average comes down so much. .. out of the few friends whos dick ive seen by mistake, locker room, swimming, photos in their phones, etc, they all had the same small dick i do

If an inch of it is inside your body, that inch doesnt count. That's like counting the length of your entire spine as part of the length of your beck

except the fat pushes out of the way and exposes that inch. when its burying in a pussy, that fat gets pushed aside.... dumbass

10 inches x 3.5 inches x 3 inches
Closer to 9.5 because grower + bad blood pressure from being fat means grugo doesn't stand at attention as well.
Ontop of beating it too much.

you dont fluctiuate this much, your 7 if it reaches 7 just get better EQ

What did they say about the sex and what do you think they thought about it?

The whores*

That honestly looks really small and no where near 7.75 inches and you dont even have that much fat.

Post a diffrent picture

Fuck the average, and porn, and everything else that makes little dick dudes question anything. Iv found that most dudes cant fuck. Like either cum to quick or just have poor rhythm iv got a pretty small dick and iv fuck upwards of 30 girls and I can only think of 3 or 4 that didn't cum/come back for more.You just gotta jerk it alot and throw that motherfucker. As long as you beat that shit down with confidence nothing else matters.

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See this is fucking bullshit the average is much bigger then what were lead to beleive, I wouldnt have gotten so invested in girls if I knew this.

And a legit 10 inches wtf?
I might consider killing myself today and leaving my creditcard info so people can spend my money.

I cant go on with having a gilrfriend who I love who I cant satasfy.

hence the caveat. But measuring from the bone is how they collect survey data to come up with average lengths.

average is 7" for white dudes

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Wait really? So I've been measuring my dick the wrong way this whole time?

Dude my dick is over four times longer then it is girthy, I aint exactly making the girls shiver and shimmy myself either.
Takes hand skill and knowing how to rock the boat to satisfy.


the first one couldnt get enough of it. She came every time, and we fucked 300+ times... the other one wanted more, she texted me alot, but i only ever fucked her twice because it was literally like sticking my dick in a gatorade bottle. there was nothing in there. but she liked it or she wouldnt have wanted more i guess.

my cock is 17" long hard, 9" not hard

you have 3.5 inches girth?

Thats imposible

5in....im from old parents

Bro that's a great cock, and at 6.5 it's above average.
This board and the people that post their cocks isn't/aren't representative of all cocks out there.

And to be honest, so long as you've got a cock at or over 5 and a half inches, it's more about how good you are in bed that matters more. Of course having a big cock is a bonus, but a lot of women don't even like 8 inch cocks because they're too uncomfortable.
Basically stop worrying bro, you got a great cock and a great body too.

6" here, it does the job

1. Liars

2. Angles

3. People with bigger cocks are more likely to post

how do you measure girth...?????

girth == circumference... so 3.5" IS POSSIBLE

you dont have a 10 inch dick with 3.5 inch girth thats statisticly imposible

Okay maybe closer to like 3.8.
user I'll be real as a grower that's jerked off at least twice a day for 10 years I haven't even been rock hard since 2017. Hard sure, but it's more in stages.

don’t beat yourself up op

7.5 inches. Not massive but not small. Girth is fine. Never had a problem but never thought about it that much.


Oh, and I'm only 5'5" too.

My dick is slightly over 7" but I never post it. You're fine. Big dicks are fun to look at, and suck, but most people actually prefer average sized dicks.

You know how many bottoms can't handle more than 6"? Most of them.

Oh, surface length (from across), and general shape (overall girth).
That's just how I do it though.

girth is all that matters

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I believe the asian population brings down the "average size"

mines about 7.5-8in with something like a 5-6in girth but I would gladly lose an inch if it meant i got my foreskin back

yeah never said it was big, ill bust a ruler out. like i said i have a giant body

imagine living as a dicklet

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So everyone in this thread is a masive fucking liar or the most common dick size is around 7.5 inches. See this proves my point.

Why are the guys who are bigger giving advice to? You dont understand how much smaller 6.5 inches looks compared to 7.5 inches and how much less they feel. Pic related thats my dick at 6,5 inches vs 7.5 inches

7.5 looks normal 6.5 looks fucked

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two more, what reason do they have to lie to?

Im fucking 100% positive the normal penis size is around 19cm or 7.5 inches.

Thers no way my dick is anything but small.

7" long, about 5.5" circumference, 5'5 height

i've seen a lot of cocks because i encourage guys to send me theirs (big homo), you just severely underestimate the amount of men with small cocks because they don't flaunt them on the internet

looks like around 7", probably bigger than mine
10/10, looks like legit 8"
op has a very nice cock, and a very nice body - you have nothing to be shy about, that's certainly above average - 6.5" seems to be perfectly accurate based off the image
nice dick, weird angle, probably 6.5-7"

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10 inch guy again.
Restating I'm closer to 9.5 because fat grower is suffering.
Also my first sexual experience was when I was 12, a max of like just under 4 inches erect.
Dong size really is irreverent. Honestly I'd post a pic but I'm flaccid as hell due to jerking off 6 times in the last 30 hours.

Yup and not fucked up about it. It's never held me back so I dont sweat it. I'm alittle over weight too. You got a nice dick. Fuck what you see on here or any other website. If you throw it they will cum lol

think about it like this. say the average height is 6 foot. a 7 foot tall person mogs the fuck out of the 6 foot standing side by side. a 7 inch dick vs 6 inch dick is like an adult standing next to a child. an 8 inch dick turbo mogs a 5.5 inch dick.

Bitch, it's practically the same picture. I'm glad my dick isn't 5.5 but that doesn't mean I'm blessed to be 7.

Half the dudes I try to fuck can't even take my dick, and that's after fingering and bullshit. The best fucking I've ever had was from a guy who was 5 inches. As it turns out that's the perfect length to just completely pummel my prostate. Go figure

You edited a picture of your dick to do size comparison.

Read that again out loud.

Dude you are totally tripping and being waaaay to extra about your average cock. Just be happy you don't have a micro.

go ahead and add an inch to your range boyo

7.5 inch fag here. I've got no reason to lie on an anonymous board. Average doesn't mean all. It means it's the most common. At 7.5 inches hard, my dick doesn't look massive. It looks okay and proportioned. Not really concerned if you believe it because you're not sucking or fucking it.

Every day amazing research like this is done on Sup Forums. I'm surprised that this dick research has not already been published in one of those science journals... this dick size problem must get SOLVED!!!!

What are you talking about?
you just added to the statistic of being way bigger?

And you look way bigger then 7 to? this shit does not add up.

but its smaller then most men? How do you maintain a girlfriend if your dick is to small and be happy with yourself? Its fucking imposible and I cant get past it.

The more I love the girl the more awful I feel every time i get into a relationship. I never let it ruin the relationship but I feel like shit allt he time.

Thats what I mean, your not a liar so the average is not what they say it is.

Even 6.5 inches is not a normal size its smaller then most men. Because Im one of the smallest here.

So why does everyone keep pushing the false narative that its normal?

its not the same, one picture looks like a normal guy, and the other looks like a subhuman.

Girls are diffrent to guys.

your not blessed to be 7 either because 7 is from what we learned here a COMMON SIZE

bro, your cock is perfectly fine - it looks good, it's aesthetic, your body is good, and you're healthily above average. with 6.5" you can do literally anything with your cock bro, you're in the goldilocks range of dick length where it's not too big and not even close to small

your perception on dick length has been warped by the internet, people with dicks under 6" generally don't go into dick threads and post theirs

also, yes i am 7" - not any bigger than that, like i said i'm 5'5" tall so it might seem bigger in comparison, here's another pic
again, your dick is totally fine dude, you have nothing to worry about - it's all in your head, guys with dicks half the size of yours can still make girls cum with it, and you're absolutely above average anyway

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idk but if a look at my half boner thats already 5.5 (the supposed average for asians) i cant imagine fucking with only 5.5

you keep saying that but dude, just realize you are the biggest problem to young kids growing up.

I had the idea that I was normal but going from normal to small is such a harsh fucking drop to realising your small is fucking brutal especcialy when you have expectations for yourself.

Are you not looking at this thread? You dont need to add picutures to post and the average like 7.5 inches.

I literaly cant have good sex with my dick and I have had 13 parthers and had sex over 1000 times, its only ever passable nomatter what I do and its a length problem..

Why do you keep saying its above average with so much evedence againt you?

thx mate and yea its really 8" and pretty thick. Its pretty curved tho, make it shorter

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You figure out what they like. Dude my (now) wife told me she loved me after the 2nd time we had sex. It wasn't bc I was pretty or rich. Its bc she had never came so hard before and her emotions were fucked. Bc the first time we hooked up I spent over 2 hour figuring out what she liked. You gotta get out of your head. Idk if you watch too much porn or if you've listened to too many sluts talk shit about little dicks or what but that shit doesn't matter. All you need is girth and confidence. you've already got the girth.

Here's the thing, bud. Yeah I am a fag, but that just means that I've seen waaaaay more dicks in person than you have.

Guys who post their cocks online are bigger because only bigger cock guys Post online. They don't have to worry about being ridiculed, they have big cocks.

But if my "research" is worth anything I can tell you right now that most dicks are around 5.5" irl.

And again: dick size is overrated. Good for aesthetic and confidence but regularly impractical. Most people/girls are not size queens...

I mean.. I'm a size queens but I'm a greedy little cum piggy so I don't count

I’m like 5-5.5 inches and decent girth just small flaccid. I am still working on getting a gf and getting laid but honestly as long as you can hard and work it, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem.

The best thing iv read in this thread full of fucking liars lol

You really wanna know other men’s dick sizes? Why are you this insecure. Mines 14 inches. Faggot.

SIgh.... if anything guys understate there length proof to

How the fuck am i ment ot please a girl if my dick is not as big as this guys?

And not even the idea of just a dick in a vag but like the emotonal aspect of it is gone because im to small its fucking trash.

you should open a drive in theatre with all that projection

Guys with bigger dicks are more apt to photograph them.

OP if that's you pic, you're fine. You've a nice physique too.

Why are there so many guys bigger then 8 inches on Sup Forums when the average is ment to be so much smaller?

My dick is ment to be above average at 7.7 inches but form every angle I take a photo it looks like shit, I know life is not ment to be porn but so many guys are so much bigger then me and I feel so abnormal, yet the guys with 8 inches plus keep telling me its all in my head.

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Absolutely not. 5” at best. More like 4”

You mock me but most guys her are 7.5 inches, I think you are just trying to make a joke so you can contiune to claim that 7.5 inches is above average when its just normal.

You just fuck up everyone else by doing that.

Sampling error of course. Small guys don't go around posting.

Just posting to make you guys feel insecure. Dont mind me

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hand a female a 7.5 dildo and ask her if most guys are that size

dont be discouraged OP pic is me soft im 6'5" and 7" hard and i look small no matter what i do cause i have a huge body, and its not fat either im 190lbs ony 9% fat some people arent meant to send dick pics

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what length

They would most likely say yes?

Your still in the range where you can actually have sex, im to small to OP still here

7 but pretty thick

why would you post this without feeling embarased?

the only reason ur not falling out of her is because shes ontop.

Whats the girth? Does not look that much thicker then me and Im small.

Weak attempt. She pretty much never got higher than 4.5-5 inches. You're probably a woman and have no concept of measurement because the only thing you understand is money.

Let me put this in terms you can comprehend, then.
That dick is probably only four or five stacks high, or roughly the cost of a crap boob job.

Ye Im op and it looks the same when a girl is riding me like that, again why would you post that.

Diff angle btw, this is the angle I use to send dick picks if im force to (also an awful experence)

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if you say so dicklets

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Why are you calling me a dicklet lol it looks exactly like mine just with forskin and mine is small by this threads standerds.

Whats the girth?

Forgot pic

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Look I have been with a few very whorish women that I talked to about dick size with. They all said I was the biggest they ever had (another 8 fag here) but they said most guys are really small like >5 inches.
Seriously op. Stop feeling so insecure about having a above Average dick.

6" girth

This guy probably fucks

Yet another guy with a 8 inch dick trying to lecture me.

They probbaly think 7 inches is 5.5 inches and they think 5.5 inches is like shrimp micro mode.


Ahh well your lucky the girth saves you...

Any bulls with thick uncut dicks wanna message my ex? Leave your kik

Pic of dick would be good too

My dicks about five inches. Haven’t had a problem with it

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when you say havent had a problem with it have you made your partner orgasam every time you have sex?

They lie, to almost everyone they fuck. You were probably not that good

im the legit 8 incher
whats your ex kik?