I just need something....
Im asking for your help
Im a female
I have heard of all the thing this community has done, thats why im here
I need to discover the personal information of a girl that ruined my life in internet, she deserves to suffer a lot
I need someone to help me with that, i will do anything in return
Thanks for your attention

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fuck off

minimum age here is 18

Tits and timestamp before anything.
That’s the rules here, whore.

Show some tattas you chiggress
Then we can talk business

First i want the help

No. Rules are tits and timestamp. This is non-negotiable.

First i want the help

Her name?

Tits first retard

Ok, here i go.....

Fuck right off then.
You heard wrong about what goes on here.

Im not going to tell, before i need someone to trust

tits or gtfo

This slut.

Tits/timestamp or gtfo. How many times do you need to be told?

Name or account

On Sup Forums?
Good luck with that.


"I am a female"


Right, OP is obviously a neck beard. Probably furiously trying to photoshop a time stamp on some tits as we speak.

tell a parent or adult you trust

There is, my fucking small breast
Now can i have the fucking help?

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timestamp is missing

Niggers, OP obviously won’t post tits cause he’s a fat piece of shit retarded nigger baby
Who the fuck claims to be a chick on Sup Forums asking to dox another chick?

This shit ain’t holding

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no time stamp tard

Timestamp, whore.
You don’t listen too good, do you?

do you really think Sup Forums is the best place to search for that type of help?
i don't wanna be rude but c'mon.

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needs a timestamp


What is a timestamp?
Sorry but im not familiarized with that vocabulary

Timestamp nigger bitch
It could be anyone’s
Write the date and time
>suck my fat motherfucking dick chigger
For good measures

Piece of paper with date, hour, etc


put date and time on a piece of paper. hold up to tits when taking said picture

Google it, stupid bitch.

Nigger, this place has moved mountains with its weaponized autism
Don’t underestimate the fact that among all the faggots, niggers, normies and redditfags are still some gem posters
Lurk moar newfag

can't tell if these are the wise words of an oldfag or the retarded sayings of a 12 year old who has watched too many Internet Historian videos

True, lives are still fucked up here.
Probably gonna be OPs life, but whatever, as long as lulz are had.

Yes, i am a newfag indeed
And that's why it's hard for me to believe in something like that
Because these days i only see cuck threads on Sup Forums
I'll believe you if op actually gets help with that shit

Can’t help if she doesn’t provide a target.

he is definitely underage

I’ve been here long enough to know wtf i’m talking about
“Sup Forums was never good” but it’s had better eras that had a better ratio of good/funny/habbening threads compared to now

You're right
OP wtf give the target already

this board is dead newfag

She didn’t showed tits and timestamp, calm your penis already

You never know. Oldfags might be passing by sometimes.

Shit is gonna 404 before her dumb ass figures out what a timestamp is.

The you have the wrong site, reddit is the other way

you blew it, there is no girls that refer themselfs as female you neckbeard

It’s not a she you dumb nigger
Haven’t you noticed that when “she” finally posted tits, everyone went on with “show timestamp” and now “she” went silent

Besides, this whole thread smells like farts, read it up from the start, makes absolutely no sense

Here is
Now i cant take more pictures

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Thats not even visible

its blurred but i can see the first number is a fucking 12 kek.
fuck off neckbeard

Illegible garbage.

oh and why not lmao

Whatever, OP.
State your business.

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Here is
My phone battery is really low, tomorrow I will continue with this

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No you fucking cocksucker
OP has failed twice to provide properly therefore OP will suck a fat big black juicy nigger cock til we get a proper tits with timestamp pic
What are you? A retarded nigger baby?

Looks legit

now do we tell her?

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alright thanks for the tits
what do you need?
keep posting tits for motivation and I'm happy to help

You’ll need a new timestamp and tits tomorrow. Don’t waste our time again or we’ll come after you, pinche puta.

keked so hard

how old are you OP?

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Nah, you dont have to tell me, i know

Thank you, pinche pendejo ;)



what do you need. I am willing to help for more of your milk sacks

She had to google translate and write it In a foreign tongue.
Shit takes time, genius.
In cas you didn’t catch it English isn’t her first language.

We are gonna need feet pics next.

>Armpit hair

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Tomorrow i will continue with this, keep an eye on this

ok thanks for the tits now provide fucking target

Suck dick nigger

you're going to need a sharpie next time if you need help tomorrow

use the word nigger in your post tomorrow so i can find it

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Threads expire kek. Good luck.

Try again tomorrow, start with tots and time stamp at the beginning.

Aaah fuck it, you tell us how she fucked your life up and we might be willing to help. After all, justice needs proof, yes? Justice without reason is wrong.

We don't care that you identify as female, bro. Just stream your suicide already.

fuck off
we got tits


we got tits and as payment we doxx.

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Well, i can be here for more time

OP is a hispanic 17 years old bitch living in-

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satanic trips checked

C'mon now, now need to be rude! Surprisingly, I'm more curious in what happened rather than tits. Ain't that a shock?

You’ve satisfied your obligation.
Give us the info so we can get to work.


fuck im out.


im out

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We got tits.

Nothing says that OP isn't a tranny but who gives a fuck. If someone is retarded and desperate enough to come to Sup Forums. Provide tits and timestamp. Then you know what?

Still NYPA. But I want to chuckle at some heartfelt tearful story.

Fill my cup up with your tears OP and state your buisness

Info required for dox. Can’t aim a heat sealing autist at nothing now can you?

OP you niggress, stop farting around and leaving us hanging and tell us what we need to know already